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Colorado Springs drivers have it relatively easy. The city was ranked America's 16th safest city to drive in according to the Allstate America's Best Drivers report. Despite the potential for rain and snow as well as population density, drivers in Colorado Springs are simply less likely to get into an accident than drivers in many other American cities.

Of course, even in a safe driving city like Colorado Springs, there's always a chance that you'll get into an auto accident. But you can improve your odds with a defensive driving course that teaches you how to avoid collisions, dangerous driving situations, and traffic tickets. A defensive driving course can improve your driving skills, make you a safer driver, and potentially save your life.

Defensive driving courses may also be required for remedial driver training in Colorado. In this case, completing a defensive driving course can help drivers avoid a suspension or other more serious punishment for traffic violations. In addition to satisfying court orders, Colorado drivers can often complete defensive driving courses for auto insurance premium discounts of up to 20%.

In our list, we have 10 of the best defensive driving schools in Colorado Springs. They have excellent instructors and qualified staff to teach students how to become safer drivers, whether you're a new teen driver or an adult improving skills. Each school is experienced, trusted, and a great choice for your defensive driving education needs.

As every school on our list is excellent, we've listed them without ranking order. But we know that one of them has to be the best. We encourage you to vote in our poll at the end of this article to tell us which Colorado Springs defensive driving school you think is the best in the city. We'd love to hear from you, but don't wait to vote: the poll closes in 30 days!

Driver Safety Consultants 
4327 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80918 
(719) 277-0001

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Driver Safety Consultants is one of the leading defensive driving schools in Colorado Springs, providing exceptional driving instruction for drivers of all ages. Owner Tom Antkow has been in the field of driver safety since 1973 and has been personally responsible for training and evaluating more than 20,000 students, clients, and patients in defensive driving and independent driving. Antkow is frequently called upon as a traffic safety specialist, appearing in the Woodmen Edition and Colorado Springs Gazette and on Channels 13, 10, and 5.

1st Drive Colorado 
6055 Lehman Drive, Suite 100 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918 
(855) 570-0700

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1st Drive Colorado is a leading Colorado Springs defensive driving school. They are committed to effectively serving their employees and students. 1st Drive Colorado offers students quality training and exceptional value. Courses offered by this school include full teen driving classes, behind the wheel sessions, home study, and more.

MasterDrive Experience 
3280 E Woodmen Road Suite 100 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 
(719) 260-0999

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The MasterDrive Experience was founded in 1986. Founder Ronn Langford has a background in racing and coaching national race drivers, and was affected by a personal tragedy that pushed him to create an extensive driver training program. The MasterDrive Experience uses proactive driver safety training to reduce the risks of teen drivers. The program increases awareness, skill, and the personal confidence of every driver. Ultimately, drivers who complete the program form more appropriate driving attitudes and mentalities while developing a higher level of driving enjoyment. Today, more than 90,000 students have completed the comprehensive MasterDrive Experience training program.

Academy School of Driving 
5585 Erindale Dr Ste 103 Colorado Springs, CO 80918 
(719) 278-3748

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Academy School of Driving is a comprehensive defensive driving school. They offer classroom instruction as well as behind the wheel sessions and testing facilities. Instructors are respectful, low key, and informative. Students learn defensive driving techniques including following distance, skid recovery, laws, avoiding road rage, active scanning, road courtesy, and more. Skills courses also including turning, braking, and parking techniques.

National Driver Institute 
2439 N Union Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80909 
(719) 266-4700

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Founded in 1998, National Driver Training Institute is dedicated to making American roads a safer place. With award winning curriculum, interactive training, support, and materials, National Driver Training Institute sets high standards for quality in driver education. Every behind the wheel trainer is certified, and parents are always encouraged to get involved.

American Driving Academy 
2441 N Union Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80910 
(719) 442-0400

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American Driving Academy offers high quality driver education programs with an array of courses including defensive driving, traffic school, home study, and traditional driver's education. The school has taught tens of thousands of students to be safe, successful drivers and they've been in business for more than 14 years. American Driving Academy is committed to delivering the best driver education programs at competitive rates, creating safe drivers and saving lives.

Driver Training Academy 
1710 Briargate Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80920 
(719) 465-3004

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Driver Training Academy is a driving school committed to teaching students a safe, enjoyable, and effective approach to driving. The school has certified professional instructors, many of whom are former or current police officers. Students build confidence and skills behind the wheel using proven driver education techniques. Driver Training Academy offers driving lessons for students of all ages and skill levels with classroom and behind the wheel training.

Affordable Driving School 
4807 N. Industrial Way Castle Rock, CO 80109 
(720) 502-4896

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Since 1996, Affordable Driving School has educated students with effective defensive driving skills. This school's instruction aims to prevent collisions and traffic violations before they occur. Their courses, including behind the wheel training and driving lessons, are useful for teenagers and adults. Students can also complete the Colorado driver skill test with Affordable Driving School.

In & Out Driving School 
51027 Highway 6, Ste 137 Glenwood Springs, CO 
(970) 319-3525

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In & Out Driving School takes pride in delivering excellent driving instruction. Each instructor of the school is professional and highly trained, and many are former and current law enforcement officers. All have completed an intensive in house training program. Students can complete classroom and behind the wheel instruction with In & Out Driving School, then complete the Colorado road test as well. In & Out Driving School also offers the motorcycle skills test.

Drive Right Academy 
317 E. Cache La Poudre, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719) 282-9755 
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Drive Right Academy turns students into successful drivers. The school is locally owned and has taught teens and adults how to become successful drivers for more than 11 years. They teach every student the skills necessary to become a successful driver with a quality, skills based driver's education program. Drive Right Academy is committed to saving lives by developing excellent safety skills in each and every student.

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