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Unlike most other large Texas cities, El Paso is an incredibly driveable city. El Paso Drivers are among the safest in the nation, ranked the 50th safest driving city out of the top 200 cities in America. Typically, El Paso drivers will go 9.8 years between accidents. And with cheap gas prices and a low incidence of traffic jams, El Paso is one of the 10 most driveable cities in America.

El Paso's status as a great place to drive is in large part thanks to its smaller population density, but its excellent driver education opportunities also play a part. With good driver education, people on the road are safer, more conscientious, and confident behind the wheel. El Paso's streets and highways have excellent defensive drivers, and they've been educated at some of the city's leading driving schools.

El Paso drivers should learn how to drive safely with a qualified defensive driving school. By taking a state approved driver education or defensive driving course, you can learn how to be a safer driver, avoiding accidents, tickets, and more. And you'll contribute to making El Paso's streets that much safer.

If you happen to get a ticket, El Paso's defensive driving schools can help you out. In Texas, drivers are typically able to dismiss minor traffic tickets by completing a qualified defensive driving course. This will avoid having the ticket placed on your record -- and subsequently help you avoid insurance hikes related to the ticket. You can also enroll in defensive driving for a lower auto insurance rate.

Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in El Paso

If you happen to get a traffic ticket in El Paso, defensive driving can help you out. In most cases, Texas drivers are able to have their tickets dismissed by successfully completing a state approved defensive driving course.  It can even be done online.  Check out these top 5 defensive driving providers.  All are approved by every court in the state.  There's nothing better than an online defensive driving course.  It allows you to avoid a hefty penalty without leaving the confines of your home.  We think that's a pretty sweet deal.

Online Defensive Driving Course Cost
ApprovedCourse.com $25
Aceable $25
Defensive Driving TX $25
I Drive Safely $25
MyImprov $25

In our list, you'll find the 10 best defensive driving schools in El Paso. At these schools, you'll find experienced, passionate instructors that care about helping you become a safer, defensive driver.

We've listed El Paso's leading defensive driving schools without ranking order. Of course, we know that one of them is the best, but we want you to choose. Simply vote in our poll at the end of the article to let us know which El Paso defensive driving school is your favorite. Vote today, as the poll closes in 30 days!

Adult & Teen Driving School 

3100 McRae Blvd Suite C El Paso, TX 79925 
(915) 591-4311

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Adult & Teen Driving School El Paso is committed to helping drivers get on the road safely and confidently. As their name implies, they welcome both new and experienced drivers. Whether you want to learn how to drive, or you want to learn better skills and safety tips, Adult & Teen Driving School is a great resource. They offer flexible schedules, private lessons, and supportive instructors. This school also offers specialized instruction for drivers with disabilities.

A2B Driving School 

4520 Tetons Drive El Paso, TX 79904 
(915) 308-8501

Since 2005, A2B Driving School has offered driver education courses. This school has been recognized as a trusted leader in driving schools by the El Paso Award Program since 2012. Combined, this school has more than 45 years of experience in the industry, and boasts the best driver's education at the lowest prices. Drivers can count on this school for the education they need to be confident on the road. Teen driver as well as adult driver courses are available.

West Texas Driving Academy 

1613 N Zaragoza Ste 111 El Paso, TX 79936 
(915) 921-1700

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West Texas Driving Academy offers experienced, knowledgeable driving instruction. Instructors with the West Texas Driving Academy are TEA certified and licensed, and the owners have several years of experience in education and customer service. This school offers multiple locations as well as community events to offer driving instruction. Ultimately, their mission is to develop safe drivers for El Paso's roads, and to teach the values of defensive driving.

ANP Driving School 

657 Horizon Blvd Ste J Socorro, TX 79927 
(915) 858-6259


Since 2003, ANP Driving School has served the El Paso area with professional driver education instruction. They are a leading provider of driver education courses for teens and adults. With thousands of satisfied customers, they credit their dedicated staff of driver education instructors with their success, allowing them to deliver the best driving instruction available. Teen driver's education courses are available, as well as adult driver's education. Defensive driving ticket dismissal courses are regularly available throughout the week.

Behind the Wheel Driving Academy 

12430 Edgemere Blvd Ste 209 El Paso, TX 79938 
(915) 373-9926

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Behind the Wheel Driving Academy was established in 2011, and since then, has delivered a high level of driver education to students on El Paso's east side. They're proud to provide a high quality of driver education with competitive tuition and affordable payment plans. Behind the Wheel Driving Academy is locally owned and operated, gives back to the community, and puts students first. They are TEA regulated and licensed, and have instructors with years of teaching experience in both public and driver education.

Hawkins Driving Center 

9915 Montana Ave El Paso, TX 79925 
(915) 772-1997


Hawkins Driving Center specializes in defensive driving ticket dismissal courses. The instructor is a retired veteran with experience in the Sheriff's Department and as a Patrol Officer. They take pride in offering excellent service, including 24 hour emergency service. The team is TEA certified, and offers both English and Spanish classes for the convenience of students.

Aprenda a Manejar Driving School 

7408 Gateway Blvd E El Paso, TX 79915 

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Aprenda a Manejar Driving School provides students with quality driving instruction for both adults and teens. Instructors are calm, professional, and licensed by the TEA. They are proud to provide students with the tools they need to enjoy the freedom of driving. Courses are available in teen driver education, adult driver education, and adult driving lessons. Students will learn how to become a safer driver, whether they're just starting or experienced on the road. Classes are available in both English and Spanish.

Sun City Driving School 

12300 Pellicano Dr El Paso, TX 79936 
(915) 858-0080

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Sun City Driving School is a full service driver's education school serving east El Paso. Their goal is to get drivers on the road safely and confidently in a fun environment. Sun City Driving School's instructors are El Paso School District licensed teachers and are committed to making driving education fun, safe, and engaging. Teen and adult driver education programs are available in both English and Spanish. Sun City Driving School also offers a specialized Impact Texas Teen Drivers program designed to save lives through awareness and education.

Academy School of Careers 

9001 Cashew Drive Suite 100 El Paso, TX 79907 
(888) 988-6631

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The Academy School of Careers offers a DWI course. This course fulfills the court mandate for students in El Paso, Socorro, Horizon, and surrounding areas. Students of this school will learn about the downfalls of drinking and driving. The Academy School of Careers offers multiple availability options for the DWI course, as well as bilingual classes.

5 Star Driving School 

5 Star Driving School 1212 Yarbrough, Suite #104 El Paso, TX. 79925 
(915) 598-1898

5 Star Driving School in El Paso offers a state approved six hour course for newly licensed drivers. Students will learn about highway signs, traffic laws, drug and alcohol awareness, and more from experienced, caring driving instructors. With this course, you'll feel confident driving on the road, and can develop the skills and reflexes you need to be safe behind the wheel.

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