Car Seat Safety Basics

Every parent knows that it’s important to use a car seat for their children, but did you know that nearly half of all car seatsare installed or used incorrectly? Or that of the children aged 12 years and younger who died in fatal crashes in 2013, 38% of them were completely unrestrained? That’s not all. Consider these important statistics for car seat … Read More

19 Pedestrian Safety Tips for Drivers

Every seven minutes, a pedestrian is injured, and one is killed every two hours. Walking in or near traffic can be dangerous, and it’s up to both pedestrians and drivers to help walkers on the road stay safe. Pedestrians are at a clear safety disadvantage, and drivers have a responsibility to practice safe driving habits and vigilance to keep walkways … Read More

18 Tips for Reducing Your Car’s Carbon Footprint

Vehicle emissions make up more than 50% of the average household’s carbon footprint. That’s more than appliances, heating and cooling, and waste combined. As a result, highway vehicles release about 1.7 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year and contribute to global climate change. While it may not be practical for every household to simply stop driving to … Read More

17 Ways to Save Money on Car Maintenance

Maintaining a vehicle can be expensive. There’s gas, oil changes, scheduled maintenance, new tires and brake pads, and even the odd check engine light to take care of now and then. If you’re running to the dealership or the most expensive shop in town for every task, you’re spending too much. But you’re also asking for trouble if you’re completely … Read More

Defensive Driving for Students

Young drivers are just getting started behind the wheel, and although this is the most exciting age to be driving, it’s also the most dangerous. Thousands of 15 to 20 year old drivers are involved in fatal car crashes each year. In fact, young drivers are involved in fatal crashes at a rate that is double that of all other drivers. … Read More

Defensive Driving for Seniors

Seniors are experienced drivers, typically with decades of successful driving behind the wheel. But that also means it’s probably been decades since you’ve completed any formal driver training, and at a mature age, you may face new physical challenges that change the way you approach driving. Defensive driving courses can offer you an update on essential driving skills that can … Read More

Defensive Driving for Parents

Parenting a new driver is often both exciting and nerve wracking. While your son or daughter may enjoy the new freedom they feel behind the wheel, you’re probably more concerned about keeping them safe and avoiding accidents or traffic tickets. That’s normal — and not unwarranted. As new, inexperienced, and sometimes reckless teen drivers hit the road, mistakes are inevitable. … Read More

Drunk Driving Education Courses

If you’ve been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), you may need to complete drunk driving education courses, also known as DUI school or alcohol education programs. Similar to defensive driving courses, drunk driving education is most often used to reduce an offender’s sentencing or penalties. Drunk driving courses are designed to educate the … Read More

The Impact of Drunk Driving

We all know that drunk driving is dangerous, and most people would agree that it’s a good idea to avoid driving drunk. But even with this knowledge, people drive drunk nearly 300,000 times per day, and nearly 4,000 people are arrested for drunk driving every day. You’ve certainly heard that drunk driving can be deadly, and that DUIs are expensive, but do … Read More

The Ultimate Car Seat Safety Guide

Car seat use can reduce the risk of death for children in motor vehicles by as much as 71 percent, but unfortunately, many parents simply don’t know how to use car seats safely. As many as 95% of parents make at least one error in car seat use when leaving the hospital for the first time after having a baby. With practically … Read More