Hawaii Defensive Driving

In Hawaii, drivers can take advantage of defensive driving programs to become safer drivers. Taking defensive driving will allow you to fulfill Hawaii traffic court requirements or dismiss a traffic ticket. You can also simply take defensive driving to improve your auto insurance rates. Some Hawaiian drivers with multiple or severe violations may be directed by the court to enroll … Read More

Georgia Defensive Driving

Georgia drivers can take advantage of defensive driving programs for safety, points reduction, license reinstatement, and insurance premium reduction. These courses teach drivers about safe, responsible driving, and can offer useful benefits for those who are able to complete them. Drivers in Georgia who have been charged with a traffic offense may be ordered by the court to complete a … Read More

Florida Defensive Driving

Florida drivers who enroll in driver improvement courses can benefit from driving education. Driver improvement courses in Florida are a good idea for drivers whether you need to get help with a ticket, habitual driving violations, or simply want to save money on your auto insurance premiums. If you’ve been charged with a traffic ticket in Florida, you may have … Read More

Delaware Defensive Driving

Delaware drivers can benefit in a number of ways from completing a defensive driving course. Drivers facing a suspension for accumulating points may avoid losing their license, others who have been issued a traffic ticket may have their violation dismissed. Another option: drivers can learn safe driving habits and earn a discount on auto insurance rates. Delaware drivers are assessed … Read More

Connecticut Defensive Driving

Connecticut drivers can become safer and more informed on the road with a defensive driving program. Enrolling in a defensive driving course can allow you to comply with a Department of Motor Vehicles requirement, improve your driving skills, and help you save on auto insurance. Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles has an Operator Retraining Program that focuses on drivers with … Read More

Colorado Defensive Driving

Drivers in Colorado can improve safety, avoid accidents, and become better drivers with defensive driving courses. Colorado drivers may enroll in a defensive driving course to fulfill a requirement of the court, earn a discount on insurance premiums, or simply learn how to become a better, safer driver. Unlike many other states, Colorado does not have a statewide program that … Read More

Massachusetts Defensive Driving

In Massachusetts, drivers may be required to complete defensive driving or traffic school for certain traffic violations and actions. Massachusetts drivers may also choose to complete a defensive driving course for a discount on insurance rates. In Massachusetts, defensive driving courses may be mandatory and ordered by the court. Drivers who have earned too many points on their driver’s license, … Read More

Maryland Defensive Driving

Maryland encourages drivers in the state to participate in the driver improvement program. This instructional program offers driver rehabilitation to drivers who have been identified as in need of further driving education. The program is also available on a voluntary basis to drivers who would like to earn a discount on car insurance premiums. Drivers in Maryland may be referred … Read More

Maine Defensive Driving

Maine offers drivers the opportunity to improve their driving skills with a defensive driving course. Taking this course will allow you to dismiss a traffic ticket, remove points from your driver’s license, or get a discount on your auto insurance rates. In Maine, drivers are assigned demerit points for traffic violation convictions. They range from two points for minor violations … Read More