Stockton Defensive Driving

Many California cities are not ideal for driving safety, and Stockton is no exception. Stockton is ranked 118th out of 200 in Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report, placing the city firmly in the bottom 50 percent of American cities. The good news for Stockton is that it’s not nearly as difficult to drive in as Los Angeles, Glendale, or San Francisco. … Read More

Virginia Beach Defensive Driving

Virginia Beach doesn’t have the worst drivers in the nation, but ranked at number 111 on the Allstate America’s Best Driverslist of cities, they aren’t the best, either. Virginia Beach drivers are unfortunately 12.7 percent more likely to have an accident than the national average. With a greater likelihood of accidents, Virginia Beach drivers need to be on the alert. That’s … Read More

Washington D.C. Defensive Driving

There’s no question that driving in Washington, D.C. can be hazardous. The nation’s capital has been highlighted as having the some of the worst drivers in America by multiple sources including Allstate’s Best Drivers report and WalletHub. Washington, D.C. is decidedly not driver friendly, with issues including high average gas prices, high annual traffic delays, high rates of car theft, and an average … Read More

Seattle Defensive Driving

Seattle drivers often find themselves in challenging driving situations. As a city known for its rain, Seattle streets are often slick — and more dangerous. And according to collision data, Seattle drivers rank among the 20th worst in the United States — worse than they’ve ever been before. You’re 40.7% more likely to get into an accident in Seattle than the … Read More

St. Louis Defensive Driving

St. Louis is not one of the worst cities to drive in. Ranked 109 out of 200 in Allstate’s Best Drivers Report, the city is about average when it comes to safe driving. But although St. Louis is not among the worst cities for drivers, the risk of getting into an accident is slightly higher than many other cities in the … Read More