Arizona Defensive Driving

Arizona drivers can participate in the state’s defensive driving program to improve their safe driving skills, dismiss a traffic ticket, and even save on insurance rates. Drivers charged with a traffic citation in Arizona may be eligible to complete a defensive driving course rather than receive a conviction for the violation. Drivers who participate in the program will not have … Read More

Mesa Defensive Driving

Mesa, Arizona is one of America’s safest cities for driver safety. They ranked 22nd in Allstate’s study of the best and worst cities for driver safety. Mesa drivers are 11 percent less likely than the average American driver to get into an accident. They typically go 11.2 years between crashes. Overall, Arizona drivers have a lower risk of auto accidents … Read More

Phoenix Defensive Driving

In sunny Phoenix, it can be a real challenge to drive safely on the road. Whether you’re driving through the valley or the city, speed is always a factor.  Many drivers dangerously exceed the posted safety speed limits.  Road construction, road hazards that include desert animals, and blazing temperatures on the highway are all part of what make Phoenix such … Read More

Tucson Defensive Driving

Drivers in Tucson are among the nation’s worst. As a state, Arizona’s drivers are the sixth worst in the country.  Many of these Drivers come from Tucson.  The city is Arizona’s second largest.  There are over 500,000 people who live in Tucson.  That means there are a lot of bad drivers within the city limits. Arizona drivers have earned a reputation … Read More