California Defensive Driving

In California, drivers are encouraged to complete traffic school, otherwise known as defensive driving. These schools offer the option to dismiss a traffic ticket and avoid adding a moving violation to your driving record, or get a discount on your auto insurance. If you’ve received a traffic ticket in California, you can choose to handle the ticket outright, or, you … Read More

Bakersfield Defensive Driving

Like many California cities, Bakersfield is not among the safest locations to drive. But unlike many of their neighboring cities ranked among the worst cities for driving in the United States, Bakersfield is in the middle of the pack, ranked 94 for safe driving. That means Bakersfield is about average when it comes to safe driving. While dangerous driving conditions are … Read More

Fresno Defensive Driving

Fresno, California’s drivers are about average, coming in at the 50th spot out of 100 for the nation’s best and worst cities to be a driver. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy or safe to drive in the city, as Fresno earned a D- grade for the nation’s worst drivers based on data on fatal accidents and crashes caused by speeding. There is … Read More

Riverside Defensive Driving

Like many other California cities, Riverside is not among the best cities to drive in. In fact, it’s ranked 116th out of 200, in the bottom 50 percent of the safest driving cities in America. Although Riverside is certainly not among the worst cities to drive in (we’re looking at you, Los Angeles), drivers in Riverside are more likely to get … Read More

Sacramento Defensive Driving

You likely think of Los Angeles and San Francisco when you are thinking of cities with the worst traffic.  You may not think to add Sacramento, but you should!  The capital city of California has been recognized as one of the worst cities to drive in.  In recent years, Sacramento has had the most fatal and injury inducing collisions in California.  If … Read More

San Diego Defensive Driving

A sprawling city with scenic drives and desert plains, San Diego isn’t always an easy city to navigate. While it doesn’t have the epic traffic of Los Angeles or the tricky streets of San Francisco, San Diego does present its own challenges, and it’s smart to be prepared with excellent defensive driving knowledge and skills. To drive safely in San … Read More

San Francisco Defensive Driving

San Francisco is a tough city for driving. With hills, winding streets, a dense city center, pedestrians, and practically no parking, San Francisco is a true urban driving challenge. And making matters worse, San Francisco has some of the worst drivers in America with significant road rage incidents. Drivers in San Francisco are 55.6% more likely to get into an accident. Though … Read More

Long Beach Defensive Driving

Long Beach drivers don’t have it easy. This city is among the top 20 worst cities to be a driver, primarily due to costs, traffic, and road conditions. In fact, Long Beach area roads are among the worst in the nation, costing area drivers $1,031 in vehicle operating costs every year. This is due to increased maintenance, fuel consumption, and tire wear. … Read More

San Jose Defensive Driving

The Bay Area has some of the worst traffic in America, and it continues to increase each year. Typically, drivers in San Jose will spend an extra 24 minutes per hour during busy traffic hours every day. In fact, San Jose’s traffic is ranked seventh for congestion, behind fellow California cities including Los Angeles and nearby San Francisco. Staying safe and minimizing traffic … Read More

Oakland Defensive Driving

Oakland certainly isn’t the worst city for driving in California. Rather, drivers in San Francisco and Los Angeles have a much worse time with difficult traffic and higher accident rates. But Oakland still isn’t an easy drive through the park. It’s in the top 10 cities in America for the worst drivers. Unfortunately, drivers in Oakland are 42.6% more likely … Read More