Texas Defensive Driving

Drivers in Texas can benefit from enrolling in a driving safety course, commonly known as defensive driving courses. These courses enable drivers to learn more about driving safely in Texas, and may offer eligibility for dismissing a traffic ticket or saving on car insurance premiums. Texas drivers who have been charged with a traffic offense may be eligible to have … Read More

Corpus Christi Defensive Driving

Good news: Corpus Christi is one of America’s safer driving cities. Ranked 46th out of 200 cities in America, they are in the top quarter of safe driving cities. That means drivers in Corpus Christi are less likely to get into an accident than they are in many other cities in the United States. This is reassuring, but drivers should still be … Read More

Dallas Defensive Driving

Driving in Dallas can be incredibly dangerous. With aggressive drivers, sprawling freeways, and jaw dropping traffic, it’s often hazardous to drive around town in the Dallas area. In fact, Dallas was recently named the city with the second most dangerous drivers behind St. Louis. To stay safe on Dallas roads, you’ll need to have a good foundation of defensive driving education. By … Read More

El Paso Defensive Driving

Unlike most other large Texas cities, El Paso is an incredibly driveable city. El Paso Drivers are among the safest in the nation, ranked the 50th safest driving city out of the top 200 cities in America. Typically, El Paso drivers will go 9.8 years between accidents. And with cheap gas prices and a low incidence of traffic jams, El Paso is … Read More

Fort Worth Defensive Driving

Driving in Fort Worth can be an adventure. With some of the worst commutes in the United States, drivers in Fort Worth face more traffic jams daily than many others in the country. On top of that, Fort Worth Drivers are more likely to get in an accident with a 26.1% accident likelihood rating. But while driving in Fort Worth can be … Read More

Houston Defensive Driving

With few public transportation options, driving is a way of life in Houston. And in this sprawling city, a trip across town could take 15 minutes — or two hours. Legendary traffic, construction, and status as the unofficial capital of road rage and drunk driving make Houston’s roadways among the most dangerous in America. With a defensive driving course, you … Read More

San Antonio Defensive Driving

With historic streets, an urban river, and lots of tourists year round, San Antonio can be a difficult city to navigate. And unfortunately, driving in San Antonio is becoming more dangerous and deadly. With an increase in traffic deaths, now is a particularly dangerous time to drive in San Antonio, and it’s a good idea to be prepared. To stay safe … Read More

Arlington Defensive Driving

Arlington can be a tough city for driving. It is ranked the second most dangerous city for driving in Texas. In Arlington, drivers are 36.7 percent more likely to get into an accident than they are in the average American city. Cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area including Arlington tend to be accident prone, as they are large and fast growing … Read More

Austin Defensive Driving

Driving in Austin can be pretty tricky. The capital city of Texas has a booming population, and with it, miserable traffic. In fact, Austin is among the 20 worst cities for traffic, and drivers in this city have a 30.3% higher likelihood of getting into an accident. If you want to drive safely in Austin, you’ll need to learn how to … Read More