Kansas Defensive Driving

In Kansas, drivers can take defensive driving courses to dismiss a traffic ticket, satisfy court requirements, avoid a deiver’s license suspension, or earn a discount on auto insurance rates. The course also offers and opportunity to improve driving skills and become a safer driver. Kansas does not operate on a driver’s license points system like many other states, but there … Read More

Missouri Defensive Driving

Drivers in Missouri can learn and benefit from defensive driving courses offered within the state. The course will teach you about safe driving, and can even be used to avoid having a traffic violation added to your driving record, or for insurance discounts. If you’ve received a traffic violation in Missouri, you can attend and complete a driver improvement program … Read More

Kansas City Defensive Driving

Kansas City holds the distinct honor of being the city with the safest drivers in America. In a ranking of America’s drivers, Allstate found Kansas City to be the #1 safest city for drivers. Drivers in this city are 24.8% less likely to get in a wreck than other cities in the United States. But even in a city like Kansas … Read More

St. Louis Defensive Driving

St. Louis is not one of the worst cities to drive in. Ranked 109 out of 200 in Allstate’s Best Drivers Report, the city is about average when it comes to safe driving. But although St. Louis is not among the worst cities for drivers, the risk of getting into an accident is slightly higher than many other cities in the … Read More