Pennsylvania Defensive Driving

Drivers in Pennsylvania may be required to take a driver improvement course if they accumulate too many points on their driving record. However, unlike many other states, defensive driving is not an option for avoiding conviction for a traffic citation. In addition to driver improvement courses for points accumulation, driver improvement courses are available to mature drivers for insurance discounts. … Read More

Pittsburgh Defensive Driving

Pittsburgh is among the worst cities for drivers. The city is ranked 178th out of 200 in Allstate’s Best Drivers Report. In Pittsburgh, drivers are 35.9 percent more likely to get into an accident than the average American city. Pittsburgh drivers typically go about 7.4 years in between accidents. Pittsburgh drivers suffer from steep streets, confusing directions, and difficulty sharing the road … Read More

Philadelphia Defensive Driving

Philadelphia is among one of the worst large cities to drive in. This city consistently ranks among the top big cities with bad drivers, and Philly drivers have car collisions more frequently than the average American. Residents believe this is due to aggressive driving and road rage, which can contribute to dangerous accidents. On the tough roads of Philadelphia, you’ll need to … Read More