The 20 Absolute Worst American Cities to Drive In

Think your city has the worst drivers? These cities really do. According to the Allstate America’s Best Drivers report, the cities on this list are ranked among the bottom 20 cities for safe driving in America. They have the shortest time in between accidents and the highest likelihoods of experiencing collisions — all of them far higher than the national average. … Read More

11 Tips for a Safer Daily Commute

The average American worker spends about four hours a week commuting to and from work, and much of that time is often spent in traffic. Traffic can make you anxious on your way to work, and unhappy on your way home. But for many, daily commutes are simply a fact of life. Spending four hours or more on the road every week … Read More

35+ Tips and Resources for Reducing Stress on Your Daily Commute

There’s no denying it: traffic stinks. But it’s a fact of life for many American workers — a stressful fact of life. Sitting in traffic day after day for hours (or what seems like it) can really wear you down. It can cause health problems and just downright ruin your mood. But you don’t have to live with a frustrating … Read More