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Aceable Defensive Driving Reviews

Over the years there have been plenty of drivers ed providers.  The defensive driving and drivers education spaces have moved from a classroom setting to an online and application-based world.  Space has shifted away from the driving schools where we took classes as kids. They are becoming less and less available. Much like retail stores, DriversEd and defensive driving have become Amazon-esque industries, it can be hard to know who to trust in this digital world. So Is Aceable Legit?? Plenty of pretenders have come and gone in the driver’s education space. Aceable is one of the providers that has become known for shifting the quality of education.

The Aceable brand is available in a number of different states.  When it comes to top drivers ed reviews, the Austin, Texas-based brand ranks near the top.  At you can educate your child in a 3D setting. It’s one of the coolest things in education technology today.  Can you beat your kid parallel parking in virtual reality before he or she ever gets behind the wheel of a car? We don’t think so.  For more information on Aceable, check out their site below or read on for more details on Aceable Driving below.

Price: ★★★★★
Tech: ★★★★★
Overall: ★★★★★

DMV Approved States and Courses

Drivers Education: Texas Parent Taught Drivers EdTexas Adult DriversEd, Texas Instructor Taught Drivers Ed, California Drivers EdFlorida Drug and Alcohol Course (TLSAE), Georgia Drivers Ed, Illinois Drivers EdNevada Drivers EdOhio Teen Drivers EdOklahoma Parent Taught Drivers EdPennsylvania Teen Drivers Ed

Defensive Driving: California Traffic SchoolTexas Defensive Driving,  Florida Basic Driver Improvement


You can find Aceable Drivers Ed Reviews on a number of sites.  The site also reviews well for Aceable traffic school reviews. No matter what course you’re looking for, Aceable reviews are overwhelmingly positive.  The only real complaint the company receives is an elevated level of cost. As they say, you get what you pay for.

At they use trust pilot to get a general sense of how people feel about the course.  Results are overwhelming and will make you comfortable with buying and trusting their educational courses.  With over 20,000 reviews from customers and a rating of “Excellent,” the company ranks in the top 10 for “drivers ed review” rankings nationwide.  It’s surprising and quite the achievement for a “little guy.” Aceable INC doesn’t have a full national presence. They’re one of the best on the web in the states they’re in and is constantly expanding its offering.  It’s really not too surprising when you consider who backs the company financially.


There are plenty of savvy investors behind the concept at Aceable.  Since its creation in 2012, Aceable has grown to over 100 employees.  It is rumored that the company has made several acquisitions as part of its 55 million in capital in both the Drivers Education and Real Estate Training spaces (Aceable Agent review).

CEO Blake Garrett has made Aceable Austin a part of common knowledge in the startup community.  The company has achieved far more than just financial success. Aceable managed to capture several “top places to work awards” while providing a top-level of quality education.


Aceable Inc provides state-approved courses in a fun-sized mobile app.  You can find it as part of the famous Approved Course list that has stood the test of time in Texas.  It lists all of the approved course providers in the State’s most populous area for drivers.

The Aceable app allows you to take the full course on any mobile device.  Take your classes on iPhone, Android, tablet, or on any web browser. The Aceable experience is fully responsive.  It’s one of its best in class advantages.

Aceable was the first Drivers Education course to offer an online application in the states where it is offered.  It started in California and Texas. The course hasn’t stopped there. It’s constantly updated to remain best in class both on the app and web experiences.  The attention to detail is unmatched in Drivers Education. It’s what makes them the #1 technology provider in the space.


The real aspect of that shines through is the customer service.  A company like this has to be elaborate with its customer service arm. Drivers education and defensive driving are so much more than just managing one product.  With every state approval comes a different set of rules. With every new course approval, Aceable Customer service goes through another round of training. When it comes to the education industry, we find Aceable customer service agents to be some of the most friendly and insightful groups on earth.

Aceable customer service is available through email, live chat, or social media.  They are always interacting with customers on Aceable Facebook and Aceable Instagram. While they’re no Wendy’s, they’re still one of the funnier and more creative accounts on the web.  We find them to be well worth a follow.

In the event that you need to talk to an Aceable representative, you can always call the company at their Austin based number: (512) 522-4174.


The price of an Aceable course varies by state and course type.  For Defensive Driving, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15-$35 for your course.  Each course has specifications based on state regulations. Make sure you are eligible for the right course on the Aceable website. Check with your local court to make sure ticket dismissal is right for your situation.

For Drivers Education, Aceable is a bit pricier but well in line with normal Drivers Ed rates.  Expect to pay anywhere from $49-$149 based on state, course, and course type. Don’t forget to read up on behind the wheel hours.  It is not likely that Aceable will be able to provide these to you. It is normal for Aceable drivers education students to transfer to another physical driving school for appropriate behind the wheel hours and completion.


One of the easiest parts about this course is the ability to get your money back without talking to anyone.  A complete guide to the Aceable refund policy can be found on their website. For a full Aceable refund, submit an application here.


If is available in your state and you plan on educating your teen online, we think this course is well worth the price.  The work they have put into their course merits your hard-earned dollar. Aceable is legit. In a world where online means faster and less quality, Aceable isn’t afraid to be the opposite of expectations at a greater cost to themselves.  It’s a quality, technologically advanced solution to drivers education. Enjoy the course or check out more on drivers education reviews here.