The Safe Driver’s Guide to Auto Insurance

Last Updated: July 31, 2023 |
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Good driving means great car insurance rates: it’s as simple as that. If you’re a safe driver, you can save money on car insurance. Demonstrate your good driving habits with a spotless driving record, and you can earn lower rates from your auto insurer with discounts that pay off year after year as you continue your safe driving habits.

Save Money on Car Insurance in Your Area

You can easily save money on car insurance in your area by paying attention to the top providers.  Always get a free car insurance quote with as many providers as you can.  Car insurance companies spend more than almost any other business to acquire you as a customer.  As a result, changing providers regularly and making sure you aren’t being overcharged is a must.  Search your zip code below for the best place to save money on car insurance in your area.

Safe Driving by the Numbers

Consider these facts that illustrate the importance of committing to safe driving:

Safe drivers often avoid becoming a part of these dismal statistics as they practice good driving habits that help them avoid accidents and traffic violations. As you can see in these statistics, driver behavior has a significant impact on accident risk:

Why Car Insurance Companies Love Safe Drivers

Car Insurance companies want the same thing you do: to avoid the risk of accidents, traffic violations, and other incidents on the road. When you get into an accident that’s your fault, it costs the insurance company money. And while unfortunate accidents are the reason why you have insurance, it’s always better to have insurance available just in case rather than to get into an accident and actually have a need to use it. This is something safe drivers understand, and insurance companies are always happy to support them as they continue their good driving habits.

Their claim-free status easily identifies safe drivers. They’re the ones who may have never experienced an accident in their lives or who have gone several years without an at-fault accident.

Given a long history of avoiding accidents and traffic violations, insurance companies are typically safe in their assumption that safe drivers will continue to do their best to avoid accidents that can drive their rates up.

Safe drivers are also less likely to receive traffic tickets, as safe drivers follow traffic laws carefully. These are not drivers who are dinged for speeding, texting while driving or DWIs. Rather, they follow the speed limit, brake carefully, and pause at every stop sign.

How Much You Can Save as a Safe Driver

As a safe driver, you stand to earn as much as 45% off your insurance premiums simply by avoiding violations or accidents. Safe driver discounts are offered by practically every major insurance company and can range from 20% to nearly 50%, or more.

To qualify for a safe driver discount, you’ll need to demonstrate your commitment to safe driving over a certain period of time. Typically, you’ll need to go at least three years without an accident or traffic violation. Continued safe driving over more years may earn you even higher discounts.

On top of safe driver discounts, you can add even more savings by participating in safe driver incentives, such as defensive driving, teen driving education, or the installation of a telematics device to record driving behaviors. Defensive driving insurance discounts alone typically range from 3% to 10%.

How You Can Be a Safe Driver — And Prove it

Anyone can say they’re a safe driver, but only you know how you truly perform behind the wheel. Of course, if you want to snag a safe driver discount, you will have to prove that you’re a good driver. There are a number of ways to demonstrate your safe driving commitment, including: