How Much Can You Save on Insurance with Defensive Driving?

Last Updated: August 5, 2023 |
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We’re all looking for ways to save money.  One of the most apparent options for conserving a little bit of cash is by lowering monthly car insurance rates.  So, does defensive driving lower insurance? The answer is that it depends! Unfortunately, defensive driving insurance discount courses are on a case-by-case basis when it comes to rate cuts with insurance companies.  One of the things that make getting an insurance discount with a defensive driving course difficult is making sure that it’s a thing your insurance provider actually honors.  In many cases, it is not.

Don’t get discouraged.  Every car insurance provider is different, and there are so many of them out there.  Some providers really do apply a discount for customers who complete a defensive driving course.

If you’re here, we can guess that you’re interested in saving money on car insurance.  Here’s a great way to save with or without a course.  At the same time, you can see if completing a course will actually get you the insurance rate discount you desire.

Request a Free Car Insurance Quote to Compare Price and Eligibility

Before we start, it should be noted that everyone should begin this process by requesting a quote from numerous providers.  The easiest way to do this is by using a service called Gabi.

The Gabi Insurance Company is a certified insurance broker in all 50 states.  Their certification helps negotiate the best offers for everyone, and they use technology to leverage the power of crowdsourcing.  In simple terms, Gabi Insurance bands you and your fellow customers together to increase your buying power.  They use this on your behalf to get you the best rates.  There are no phone calls or spam.  It’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever seen in the insurance space.

On average, Gabi customers save $961 per year on their car insurance.  It’s a number we’ve verified.  For the amount of effort required, always request a free quote.  Do it now with Gabi.  Not only will you likely save a bunch here without any reduction in coverage, but the company should also be able to give you an idea of what insurance companies will help you with a discount in the event you complete defensive driving.

Discounts on Auto Insurance for Defensive Driving

Defensive driving discounts offered by insurance companies can vary significantly. Some companies do not offer discounts, while others may offer discounts of up to 20%. Most often, drivers can expect a discount of about 10%.  Car insurance companies would always like you to be a safer driver.  You should also want this for yourself.  Consider taking a defensive driving course just to brush up on vital driving skills.  It could save your life.

Requirements for Earning Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Most insurance companies have specific requirements for earning a premium discount by completing defensive driving.  Some may have age requirements.  We often see teen or senior drivers.  Your insurer will also typically require that you complete a qualifying defensive driving course.  Prerequisites may include a minimum number of hours, a document of course completion, and state certification.  Most will honor both classroom and online defensive driving courses as long as the course is approved by local jurisdictions.

Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Exclusions

Discounts on auto insurance for defensive driving are not automatic.  You’ll need to check your eligibility before enrolling.  Again, we emphasize that because you’re attempting to save money, it might be time to shop around with a free quote from Gabi to see what else is out there.  The company can also tell you who may honor a defensive driving course discount.

Insurers do not traditionally offer a discount if you’ve taken defensive driving to dismiss a traffic ticket.  This also includes courses that are taken as part of a court order.  Based on your state of residence, discounts may only be available or excluded based on age groups.  In rare instances, you may find that defensive driving insurance discounts aren’t available in your state or with your insurance company at all. It’s best to find out if you’ll be able to earn this discount before you make plans to take a defensive driving course.  Gabi is the easiest way to do this, in our opinion.

Renewing Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Once you complete a defensive driving course for an insurance discount, you’ll need to keep up with it. This is not a lifetime discount.  Insurance companies want to make sure you’re refreshing your safe driving skill set regularly. Most insurers require that you retake a course every two years.  Taking a course on a consistent bi-yearly basis is the only way to keep your defensive driving course discount active.

Shop Around for the Best Defensive Driver Insurance Discounts

As insurance discounts for defensive driving can vary significantly by company, you may find that you’ll need to shop around to find the best rate and discount.  One insurer may offer a lower initial rate but not offer a discount, while others may have a higher rate but a better discount, ultimately making your premium lower. If your current insurance company does not offer defensive driving premium discounts, consider getting quotes from other companies to find out if you can save.

Which Insurance Companies Have the Best Defensive Driver Discounts?

Find out which leading insurance companies offer defensive driver discounts by using the Gabi widget below.  Brands compared by the company include some of the most reputable agencies in the business at budget prices. Don’t forget to ask them and see how much you could save just by completing a defensive driving course.

Car Insurance Company

Possible Discount

GeicoGEICO offers up to 10 percent on applicable coverage for drivers who have completed an approved defensive driving course. All eligible courses will be accepted. It should be noted that GEICO has partnerships with defensive driving course providers who offer a discounted price and convenient processing for GEICO policyholders.
NationwideIn select states, policyholders aged 55 and older can qualify for discounts after completing a qualifying course.
AllstateAllstate offers a discount to drivers who are 55 years old or older. Drivers must complete six or more hours of defensive driving courses. They must have no violations or at-fault claims. Allstate’s discount is up to 10 percent.
State FarmState Farm offers car insurance discounts for taking driver safety courses. Customers may also qualify for driver training discounts.
FarmersFarmers insurance offers a senior discount to drivers 55 or 65 or older. This depends on your state of residence. Drivers must complete a driver education course approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The course must have a certificate of completion.
Esurance by AllstateEsurance offers a defensive driver discount of up to 10 percent for three years. It is most often applied to drivers ages 50 or olderwho have completed a defensive driving or driver improvement class. In New York, New Jersey, Georgia, and Oklahoma drivers of all ages can claim Esurance’s defensive driver discount. Drivers in South Carolina have an age requirement of just 25 and older.
SafecoSafeco encourages drivers to complete an accident prevention course. In most states, drivers 55 and older can get a discount for three years after completing an approved defensive driving course.