How Much Can You Save on Insurance with Defensive Driving?

by Brandon Myers | Last Updated: November 28, 2020

Auto insurance companies love safe drivers, and often, they show their appreciation for safe drivers in the form of discounts. Most often, that means drivers who complete defensive driving and other specialized driver education programs may be eligible for significant discounts on auto insurance premiums. Just think: you can save money by learning how to be safer on the road!

This is one of the easiest and effective ways to earn an auto insurance discount. You’ll improve your driving skills and save money with a discount that may last for a year or more. Read on to learn how defensive driving insurance discounts work — and see how much you can save with some of the leading auto insurers today.

Discounts on Auto Insurance for Defensive Driving

Defensive driving discounts offered by insurance companies can vary significantly. Some companies do not offer discounts, while others may offer discounts of up to 20%. Most often, drivers can expect a discount of about 10%.

Requirements for Earning Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Most insurance companies have specific requirements for earning a premium discount by completing defensive driving. They may have age requirements, such as teen or senior drivers. Insurance companies will typically also require that you complete a qualifying defensive driving course with a minimum number of hours, as well as show document of course completion. Most will honor both classroom and online defensive driving courses as long as they are approved by authorities in your state.

Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Exclusions

Discounts on auto insurance for defensive driving are not automatic, so you’ll need to check your eligibility before enrolling. Typically, insurers will not offer a discount if you’ve taken defensive driving to waive a traffic ticket or as part of a court order. In some states, discounts may only be eligible to elderly or teen drivers. Or, you may find that defensive driving insurance discounts aren’t available in your state or with your insurance company at all. It’s best to find out if you’ll be able to earn this discount before you make plans to take a defensive driving course.

Renewing Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Once you complete a defensive driving course for an insurance discount, you’ll need to keep up with it. This is not a lifetime discount, as insurance companies want to make sure you’re refreshing your safe driving knowledge on a regular basis. Most will require that you retake the course every two years or so to keep your defensive driving course discount active.

Shop Around for the Best Defensive Driver Insurance Discounts

As insurance discounts for defensive driving can vary significantly by company, you may find that you’ll need to shop around to find the best rate and discount. One insurer may offer a lower initial rate, but not offer a discount, while others may have a higher rate, but a better discount, ultimately making your premium lower. If your current insurance company does not offer defensive driving premium discounts, consider getting quotes from other companies to find out if you can save.

Which Insurance Companies Have the Best Defensive Driver Discounts?

Find out which leading insurance companies offer defensive driver discounts. Plus, see how much you could save just by completing a defensive driving course.


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