Improv Traffic School Review Review - Best Online Defensive Driving - Course Review
Improv Traffic School Review - Review - Defensive Driving Course Online

You have likely been to an improv comedy show at one point or another in your life.  The setup is pretty typical and usually includes comedy. Improv Traffic School has been utilizing the improv comedy concept in their defensive driving and ticket dismissal teachings since before online traffic school was established as a “thing.” Now you can take defensive driving courses on your computer. Improv Traffic School has transitioned into this strange digital age in an admirable fashion and can now be found at  It is also known as MyImprov. It is one of the top defensive driving schools in the nation. Improv Traffic School is offered in more states than 90% of online driving schools.  

By combining a good drivers education with an online course that is available on almost any mobile device, we think you’ll enjoy your experience with  Read our Improv Traffic School Review below.

Price:  ★★★★★
Tech: ★★★★★

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Improv Traffic School DMV Approved States

Not every Improv Traffic School course is approved by the DMV.  The states and courses below are DMV approved and part of the offering.

  • Improv’s Aware Driver Arizona Defensive Driving Course
  • California Mature Driver Course
  • California Teen Driver Education Course
  • Aware Driver California Course (traffic school)
  • Delaware 6-Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • Delaware 3-Hour Refresher Course
  • Florida 4-Hour Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course
  • Improv’s Aware Driver Florida 8 Hour
  • Improv’s Drive Safe Florida 4 Hour
  • Florida Mature Driver Discount Course (not yet available)
  • Improv’s Aware Driver Georgia Defensive Driving (traffic school)
  • Georgia Teen Driver Training Course
  • Idaho Online Defensive Driver Course
  • Hoosier EZ Course – Driver Safety Program
  • Indiana Driver Training Course (not yet available)
  • Michigan Driver Improvement Course
  • Missouri Driver Improvement Course
  • New Jersey Point and Insurance Reduction Course
  • New Mexico 5-hour Defensive Driving by Improv Comedy Club
  • Nevada 5 Hour Online Course
  • Nevada 8 Hour DUI Course
  • Nevada Teen Driver Course
  • Improv’s Aware Driver New York PIRP Online Course
  • Texas Defensive Driving by Improv Comedy Club
  • Texas Parent-Teen Driver 32-Hour Education Course (not yet available)
  • Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic Program

                         Review - Best Online Defensive Driving - Course Review
                                  Fleet Training Courses

                                  Improv Traffic School offers fleet and corporate driving safety courses.  These courses are excellent for training professional organizations. A good example is delivery drivers or public transport representatives.  Government organizations are also urged to check out Improv Traffic School.

                                  Click on the following links for a state by state list of defensive driving courses. Courses by city are also available.

                                  Improv Traffic School Quiz Answers

                                  Did you think you would find the Improv Traffic School quiz answers here?  Think again (and about cheating)! What we do know about Improv Traffic School and their quiz process is that they’re fair and considered to be easy in terms of difficulty.  These concepts will stick with you and make you a safer driver when you’re on the roadways. We think it’s worth taking the time to answer these questions. Put your best foot forward.  Don’t cheat.

                                  Improv Traffic School Reviews and Reputation

                                  We think that Improv Traffic School is an enjoyable experience.  They are mobile friendly, funny, and fairly easy. We find all of these to be imprortant factors in enjoying a ticket dismissal or insurance discount course.  MyImprov Traffic School does a good job of keeping us engaged. We felt like Improv Traffic School helped us learn more than a few concepts that will assist with our driving.  Some insights on parallel parking have already assisted in my day to day activities.

                                  Don’t just take my word for it.  Improv Traffic School is well reviewed on almost every network where reviews are available.  It has a 4.7 rating out of 5 with ShopperApproved. A staggering 132,317 people have taken time to review the course as of today’s publishing.  It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. With fair pricing and DMV certification in a number of different states, this is one of the good defensive driving schools online that you can rely on.

                                  MyImprov Traffic School Money Back Guarantee

                                  Most of the top traffic schools out there offer a 100% money back guarantee in their terms and conditions.  Improv Traffic School is one of those top schools. You are guaranteed your money back up until you take the final exam at the end of a course.  Don’t sign up with a course provider without this type of guarantee in the contract terms.

                                  My Improv Customer Service

                                  Some providers aren’t open 24 hours a day.  That can be a burden if you’re up against a tight deadline with a state court system.  MyImprov Traffic School is not one of these schools that leaves you hanging. They have customer service representatives staffed and ready to help you 24/7 and 365 days a year.  Even on Christmas and New Years Day, you can count on them to help you out.

                                  MyImrpov Defensive Driving Review - Improv Defensive Driving School

                                  Content Updated Regularly

                                  MyImprov Defensive 
                                  Drivng courses are one of a handful of courses online that get updates their content on a regular basis.  They take education as seriously as the improv entertainment they love to combine their offerings with! The interface on is fresh and updated.  Many schools are outdated with their online offerings, especially when they’ve been around as long as this one. Improv Traffic School continues to defy the odds and evolve quickly to remain on top of the online defensive driving school world.  Fun and engaging content along with a technologically savvy enterface make passing this course a breeze.

                                  Free Comedy Club Tickets with Defensive Driving

                                  Want free comedy club tickets with defensive driving and ticket dismissal courses?  You’ve come to the right place. When you take an Improv Defensive Driving course you’ll receive a pair of free tickets to one of the many Improv Comedy Clubs.  You can find a list of these clubs here. These tickets can run as high as $50 depending on the act you land. It’s a wonderful perk to go with a wonderful course.

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