Alabama Defensive Driving

Drivers in Alabama can benefit from taking a defensive driving course. Enrolling in defensive driving will allow you to improve your driving skills, dismiss a traffic ticket, and potentially save on auto insurance premiums.

Defensive Driving Courses in Alabama

Drivers who have been charged with a moving violation may be eligible to enroll in a defensive driving program to have their charge dismissed. This program is typically available for those with a minor charge. Drivers who have completed the course successfully will be able to avoid having the violation added to their driving record, and will avoid having insurance rates go up as a result. Additionally, drivers will learn potentially life saving information about driving safety and Alabama traffic laws.

Alabama Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Nearly all drivers with a moving violation in Alabama will be eligible to have their traffic ticket dismissed by completing a defensive driving course. Very few exceptions exist, and they include:

  • drivers without a valid Alabama driver's license
  • commercial drivers
  • drivers with a criminal moving violation
  • drivers who have a prior DUI conviction

Individual courts or municipalities may have other specific requirements for eligibility. Before enrolling in a defensive driving course, be sure to contact the court to verify your eligibility and get permission to complete the course. Drivers who enroll in a defensive driving course without permission to participate may not receive credit for completing the course.

Alabama Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

Alabama's defensive driving program is administered by individual courts. Drivers who want to participate in the program will need to receive permission from the court to have their case dismissed by attending defensive driving school.

To enroll in defensive driving, you will be required to register with the court, pay standard fees and court costs, as well as registration fees with the school. The court will set a deadline for completing the course that you must meet. After the course is completed, drivers will receive a certificate of completion from the school. You must return this certificate to the court to get credit for your course. If you do not complete the defensive driving course, or your fail to return the certificate of completion to the court, you will not receive credit for enrolling in the defensive driving course, and you will be required to pay the fine for the ticket, the violation will be added to your driving record, and your insurance rates may increase.

 Defensive Driving Courses Available in Alabama

Alabama defensive driving courses vary in length and delivery depending on your individual situation. First time offenders typically complete a four hour defensive driving course, while repeat offenders may be required to take an eight hour course. Drivers under the age of 25 will be required to take an Alive at 25 course, which focuses on driving concerns specific to younger drivers.

Alabama defensive driving courses may be offered in the classroom or online. They offer the opportunity to learn more about driving and improve your driving skills, while also getting an update on Alabama traffic laws and regulations. Curriculum for defensive driving courses will vary depending on the individual traffic school, but most courses include instruction in:

  • collision avoidance
  • safe driving techniques
  • passing, stopping, and proper following distance
  • proper use of safety restraints including seat belts, air bags, and car seats
  • avoiding aggressive driving and road rage
  • avoiding distracted driving
  • avoiding drunk or impaired driving
  • defensive driving techniques
  • Alabama traffic laws and regulations

 Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Alabama

Many Alabama drivers complete defensive driving to dismiss a traffic ticket, but defensive driving is available to drivers who simply want to improve their driving skills as well. And often, insurance companies will offer a premium discount to safe drivers who have voluntarily completed a defensive driving course.

Alabama Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Alabama drivers can earn a significant discount for completing a defensive driving course. Your actual discount will depend on the individual insurance company, but most drivers can expect a liability insurance discount between 5% and 20%. Typically, drivers will be offered a 10% discount in most situations.

 Alabama Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

In Alabama, all drivers may be eligible for a defensive driving discount. While some insurance companies only offer defensive driving discounts to mature or new drivers, others extend a discount to all policyholders who have completed the course without any age requirements. Contact your insurance company or competing insurance companies to find out if you may be eligible to earn a defensive driving discount on your insurance.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Alabama

Typically, defensive driving courses completed for insurance discounts will be the same courses that drivers complete for traffic ticket dismissal. These courses offer potentially life saving curriculum that will teach you how to be a better, safer driver while avoiding moving violations. Most of Alabama's defensive driving courses will include curriculum such as:

  • adjusting to driving conditions safely
  • avoiding driving distractions
  • collision avoidance techniques
  • driver responsibilities
  • avoiding road rage and the dangers of aggressive driving
  • the importance of avoiding alcohol and drugs while driving
  • proper use of safety restraints
  • Alabama traffic laws and regulations

 Enroll in an Alabama Defensive Driving Course

Ready to enroll in an Alabama defensive driving course? Protect your driving record, improve your driving skills, and even earn an insurance discount by enrolling in defensive driving with a qualified, state approved course provider in our directory today.

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