Arkansas Defensive Driving

In Arkansas, drivers are able to benefit from completing defensive driving school. Enrolling in this school allows drivers to keep moving violations off of their record, and can even offer a discount on auto insurance for drivers who have not received a ticket. Plus, with excellent instruction in defensive driving, drivers will learn how to become safer on the road.

Defensive Driving Courses in Arkansas

In Arkansas, receiving a ticket for a moving violation typically means paying a fine, and having the ticket reported on your driving record. Usually, once your insurance company finds out about the ticket on your record, you'll experience an increase in auto insurance rates. However, you can avoid the fine and insurance rate hike by enrolling in and completing defensive driving.

Defensive driving programs in Arkansas will vary by county, and each court has their own way of doing things. Generally, defensive driving school is offered as an option to drivers who have no recent driving offenses and have committed minor moving violations. Some counties require defensive driving as part of a traffic probation program.

Arkansas Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Defensive driving in Arkansas is typically available to drivers who have not received any tickets within the past few years. This means many drivers will qualify to enroll in defensive driving school to dismiss their tickets. Requirements for taking defensive driving usually include:

  • drivers must not have received a ticket for a moving violation within the last three years
  • drivers must not have completed defensive driving school for citations within the last three years
  • citations that require a mandatory court appearance will not be eligible

It's essential that you check with the traffic court handling your case to determine eligibility before you enroll in defensive driving school. Often, courts have specific requirements for completion, and many will require that you request permission before enrolling in a defensive driving course. If you start or complete your defensive driving school program before you receive permission from the court, you may not get credit for your enrollment.

Arkansas Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

Provided you meet eligibility requirements, you should be able to attend defensive driving school to dismiss your traffic ticket and keep the violation off of your driving record. Typically, you'll be required to pay a court fee, as well as the course enrollment fee. Once you've completed the class and sent confirmation to the court, the charge will be dismissed and not added to your driving record.

Some court systems offer defensive driving as part of a traffic probation program. Under these programs, drivers who have a clean driving record can avoid having the moving violation added to their record. Typically, these programs require that the driver have no recent traffic tickets, probations, DWI or DUI. The drivers are required to attend a defensive driving school, pay a program fee, and remain moving violation free for the next six months.

Whatever the requirements, be sure to follow them exactly. Defensive driving school in Arkansas is a privilege, and failure to follow requirements or fully complete the course on time may cause you to not get credit for taking the course. That means you'll have to pay the fine for the ticket, plus, the violation will be added to your driving record and you may experience an increase in insurance rates as a result.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Arkansas

In Arkansas, defensive driving school courses are usually between four to eight hours long, depending on the course provider, court, and program you're enrolled in. You may be required to take the course in person, or your may have the option to complete your course online. Some defensive driving schools will allow you to complete the course over a single session, while others have multiple sessions, particularly online.

In Arkansas' defensive driving school, you will learn how to become a safer driver. This curriculum offers potentially life saving instruction in avoiding accidents, spotting dangerous driving situations, avoiding bad driving habits, and more. While curriculum will vary depending on the defensive driving school you enroll in, you can expect to learn about topics including:

  • defensive driving techniques
  • accident avoidance
  • establishing safe driving habits
  • driver expectations and responsibilities
  • proper passing technique
  • safe following distance and driving speed
  • using vehicle safety features
  • dangerous driving habits including distracted driving, drowsy driving, and drunk driving
  • avoiding dangerous road rage situations
  • recognizing and managing road hazards including rain, snow, ice, and traffic
  • current Arkansas traffic laws and regulations

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Arkansas

In addition to defensive driving school for traffic violations, drivers in Arkansas are able to complete defensive driving courses to improve their driving skills. The course can teach you how to become a safer driver, and in some cases, can even earn you a discount on your auto insurance premiums.

Arkansas Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Arkansas drivers who voluntarily enroll in defensive driving school to improve their driving knowledge are likely to earn a discount on auto insurance premiums. Most insurance companies will offer drivers a 5% to 20% discount on auto insurance liability premiums for completing a defensive driving course, with most offering 10%. The discount is usually good for up to three years, when drivers will need to enroll again to earn a new discount.

Arkansas Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

Arkansas does not place any restrictions or requirements on insurance discount eligibility for drivers who have completed defensive driving. That means it's up to the insurance companies to determine how much of a discount you will receive on your premiums, if any. Some insurance companies will restrict discounts to elderly or teenage drivers, while others offer them to all drivers who enroll in defensive driving voluntarily.

It's best to check directly with your insurance company to find out if you're eligible for a defensive driving course discount. And if your insurance company doesn't offer defensive driving discounts, consider shopping around to find another company that does.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Arkansas

In Arkansas, you'll enroll in the same excellent defensive driving course offered to drivers with moving violations in the state. In the course, you'll learn about important topics in driving safety and behind the wheel habits, and have the opportunity to improve your driving skills, reduce the risk of an accident, and avoid traffic tickets. Your actual curriculum will depend on the school, but typically, you can expect to learn about the following topics in defensive driving courses:

  • how to drive defensively and avoid accidents and other incidents
  • minimizing driving risks such as speeding, aggressive driving, impaired driving, distracted driving, and drowsy driving
  • the proper use of passenger safety features including seat belts, car seats, anti lock brakes, and air bags
  • current traffic laws and regulations in Arkansas

 Enroll in an Arkansas Defensive Driving Course

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