Colorado Defensive Driving

Drivers in Colorado can improve safety, avoid accidents, and become better drivers with defensive driving courses. Colorado drivers may enroll in a defensive driving course to fulfill a requirement of the court, earn a discount on insurance premiums, or simply learn how to become a better, safer driver.

Defensive Driving Courses in Colorado

Unlike many other states, Colorado does not have a statewide program that allows drivers to complete a defensive driving course to have traffic citations dismissed. However, some individual municipalities may offer this resource, so it's best to check with your specific court to find out if it is available. If defensive driving is not available in the court where your case is being handled, you'll have to simply pay the fine and have the traffic violation on your driving record, along with additional points.

Colorado drivers with serious safety issues may be required to complete a defensive driving course by the court. This is typically applied when the court identifies a need for remedial driver training. Often, courts require traffic classes as a sentence for serious accidents, major citations, DWI convictions, or drivers who have multiple minor traffic violations. You may also be required to complete defensive driving if your license has been suspended in order to get your license back.

Colorado Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Colorado drivers who are required to complete a traffic class due to a suspension, violation, or accident will be notified by the court of the requirement. Remember that each court has its own eligibility requirements, and they may vary depending on your individual situation. If you're not sure, it's best to contact the court directly to be clear on traffic school requirements.

Colorado Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

Colorado does not offer a statewide program for dismissing traffic tickets with defensive driving. Defensive driving is, of course, available voluntarily to drivers who would like to improve their safety and driving skills. In some courts, your fine may be waived or reduced by attending defensive driving school. You may also be able to reinstate a suspended license by completing a defensive driving course.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Colorado

Colorado defensive driving classes may be available in the classroom and online, and may be offered in a single day session or multiple sessions. The defensive driving course will teach you how to become a safer driver with defensive driving techniques, accident prevention, and a review of Colorado traffic laws. Actual curriculum will depend on the individual traffic school, but most defensive driving courses in Colorado include instruction in:

  • collision avoidance
  • dealing with traffic conditions
  • the effect of alcohol and drugs on driving
  • avoiding driving distractions
  • safe driving techniques
  • following distance and speed
  • the use of safety restraints including seat belts, air bags, and car seats
  • aggressive driving and road rage dangers
  • Colorado traffic laws and regulations

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Colorado

Even if you're not required by the court to take a defensive driving course in Colorado, you may want to complete one voluntarily. These courses are especially helpful for mature drivers, who may be eligible for a discount on auto insurance premiums for completing the course. Typically, the courses are designed to offer mature drivers resources for safe driving.

Colorado Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Colorado drivers who complete a defensive driving course voluntarily are typically eligible for a discount on auto insurance premiums. Most auto insurance companies will offer a discount between 5% to 20%, but typically, the discount is 10% for the average driver. The actual amount will depend on your specific insurance company and your individual situation.

Colorado Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

Colorado defensive driving discounts are usually reserved for mature drivers aged 50 and older, however, drivers of all ages may be eligible. Contact your insurance company to find out if you're eligible for a discount before enrolling in a defensive driving course.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Colorado

Colorado's defensive driving courses are available in the classroom and online. The course teaches safe driving techniques and defensive driving, and is designed to help prevent accidents in mature drivers in particular. Colorado defensive driving curriculum for insurance discounts may include:

  • how physical changes impact driving skills
  • aging's effect on driving
  • the importance of vehicle maintenance
  • accident avoidance techniques
  • medications and driving
  • alcohol and driving
  • defensive driving techniques
  • the use of safety restraints
  • Colorado traffic laws and regulations.

Enroll in a Colorado Defensive Driving Course

Are you ready to enroll in a Colorado defensive driving course? Fulfill a court requirement, earn an insurance discount, or simply improve your driving skills by enrolling in a defensive driving course with a state approved provider in our directory.

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