Delaware Defensive Driving

Delaware drivers can benefit in a number of ways from completing a defensive driving course. Drivers facing a suspension for accumulating points may avoid losing their license, others who have been issued a traffic ticket may have their violation dismissed. Another option: drivers can learn safe driving habits and earn a discount on auto insurance rates.

Defensive Driving Courses in Delaware

Delaware drivers are assessed points for each traffic conviction, and if you add too many points to your driving record, your driver's license will be suspended. Drivers who accumulate 12 points will be required to complete a driver improvement course or face a suspension.

Before facing a suspension, drivers can remove three points from their driving record by completing a Delaware defensive driving course. This option is available once every three years.

Drivers who have a problem with aggressive driving may be asked to take an additional driver improvement course. If you're convicted of aggressive driving by committing three aggressive violations or more, you will be required to take an aggressive driver improvement course within 30 days of your conviction. Fail to complete this program, and your driver's license may be suspended, which will require completion of a driver improvement course.

Some Delaware drivers may also be able to take defensive driving to dismiss a traffic ticket. This is offered on a case by case basis by individual courts. You'll need to contact the court handling your case to find out if you're eligible to take defensive driving to have your case dismissed.

Delaware Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

If you'd like to reduce your driving record points, you'll need to verify your eligibility with the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles. You can expect that you'll need to meet certain eligibility guidelines to participate in the program, including:

  • drivers must hold a valid Delaware driver's license
  • drivers may only complete defensive driving for points reduction once every three years

Before you enroll in a defensive driving course to reduce your driver's license points, you'll need to contact the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles to verify your eligibility and ensure that you can get a points reduction for completing the course. Don't skip this important step, as completing the course without permission may result in not getting credit for the course.

Delaware Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

Keep in mind that defensive driving traffic dismissal is offered on a case by case basis in Delaware, and may not always be available. However, if the court grants your request to take defensive driving to dismiss your traffic ticket, you will be given a set of specific instructions you'll need to follow, usually including a deadline for completion, approved course providers, and how you can notify the court when you've completed the course.

Be sure to follow the court's instructions exactly, as failing to meet the requirements may mean that you do not get credit for the course. In this situation, you will not receive a refund from the defensive driving school, and you may end up with the traffic ticket and resulting points on your driving record. You may also have to pay the fine for the ticket, as well as potentially higher auto insurance rates.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Delaware

Take Delaware's defensive driving course, and you'll learn how you can become a safer, more defensive driver by improving your skills and knowledge. Upon completion of the course, you'll be prepared to reduce your risk of traffic accidents, tickets, and other incidents.

Delaware's defensive driving courses are between four to eight hours long and may be offered in the classroom or online. You may have the option to break the course up into multiple days, or simply log in and log out at your leisure if you're taking an online course.

Actual curriculum will vary depending on the school where you take your defensive driving course, but you can expect to learn about topics including:

  • using protective equipment in your vehicle such as air bags, seat belts, and anti lock brakes
  • driver attitudes and responsibilities
  • learning to predict driver actions
  • the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • dealing with dangerous driving environments such as traffic, bad weather, accidents, and construction
  • managing emergencies on the road
  • avoiding collisions
  • driving with defensive strategies
  • avoiding distractions including texting and driving
  • a review of Delaware's current traffic laws and regulations

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Delaware

Delaware encourages drivers to voluntarily complete defensive driving courses by offering a discount on auto insurance rates. That means you don't have to wait for a court order or points accumulation to enroll in defensive driving and learn important safety information. Any time is a great time to get started with defensive driving, and it can really pay off!

Delaware Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

In Delaware, drivers can earn a discount of 10% off a portion of your auto insurance for three years. When it's time to renew, if you take your refresher course within 90 days of your discount expiration, your discount will be increased to 15%. That can add up to hundreds of dollars each year.

Delaware Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

All drivers in Delaware are able to qualify for the defensive driving insurance discount. All you'll have to do is enroll in an approved defensive driving course. If you'd like to take advantage of the higher 15% discount, just be sure to complete your refresher course within the 90 day period just before your initial discount expires.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Delaware

Delaware's insurance rate reduction defensive driving course teaches drivers how to be safer, more defensive drivers. The course is designed to make you safer on the road and reduce the risk of being involved in an accident, or being convicted of a traffic violation. Actual curriculum will vary depending on the school you enroll in, but you can expect to learn about the following topics in your Delaware defensive driving course:

  • defensive driving techniques
  • maintaining your vehicle for safety
  • avoiding collisions
  • developing safe driving habits
  • avoiding dangerous driving situations such as drunk driving, road rage, texting while driving, and drowsy driving
  • using your vehicle's safety features
  • an overview of Delaware's current traffic laws and regulations

Enroll in a Delaware Defensive Driving Course

Retain your driver's license, reduce points and insurance costs, and possibly even dismiss a traffic ticket by enrolling in a defensive driving course in Delaware. View the defensive driving schools in our directory to find the course that's right for you.

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