Delaware Defensive Driving

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Are you ready to earn up to a 15% discount on your car insurance? Maybe you want to take Delaware defensive driving for a three-point credit on your driving record. Whether you take the course voluntarily or because the court ordered it, you can choose an online course.

With an online defensive driving course in Delaware, you won’t have to drive to a classroom. No more wasting an entire afternoon to complete the course. Instead, you can complete it on your schedule, at your own pace.

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Top Benefits of an Online Delaware Defensive Driving Course

There are many benefits of choosing to complete your defensive driving course online. Some of the benefits have to do with the course, but others are specific to the online course. Benefits include:

Along with these benefits, you’ll become a safer driver, which can save you thousands of dollars in the future. As a safer driver, you’ll be less likely to get a traffic ticket or get into an expensive car accident.

Basic Defensive Driving Course in Delaware

Offering the first level of defensive driving, this course will help you get the three-point reduction and an insurance discount. If you haven’t taken this course within the past five years, this will likely be where you start.

This course will cover many different topics, including:

This course is designed to help motorists drive safer and learn the proper techniques to avoid accidents. Preventing certain situations will help to ensure the roads remain safer.

Learning the Delaware traffic laws, including the different violations, can help you become a better driver. This course will also help you learn how to deal with road rage, crash dynamics, the effects of speed, and more. It’s a complete course designed to make you a safer and better driver.

Refresher Defensive Driving Course in Delaware

Completing this defensive driving course is only necessary if you’ve completed the basic course before. This course offers a three-hour advanced option to help extend your benefits. It comes with a 15% insurance discount and offers many other benefits.

The refresher course will cover similar topics as the basic course but takes less time. It’s also considered an advanced class, so some of the topics will be expanded upon.

Delaware Aggressive Driver Course

Another course you may need to take is the Delaware aggressive driver course. This course is court-ordered in Delaware and will take eight hours to complete. You can still take this defensive driving course online, but it will take longer than the other courses.

You don’t need to take this course unless the court has ordered it. It’s commonly ordered if you’ve received specific traffic citations. When you have to use this course, the courts will require you to complete the coursework within 90 days of your citation.

The aggressive driver course in Delaware has a final exam you just pass. It starts when you attend your court hearing. If you’re given instructions to complete the aggressive driving course, you will need to enroll in an online course. Then, just complete the course, pass the test, and submit your certificate of completion.

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Typically, this course is used to help you avoid license suspension. Make sure to check your driving record after completion to ensure you were given credit for taking the course.

This defensive driving course in Delaware will cover:

You will need to score a 70% or higher on the 25-question final exam to complete the course. If you don’t pass, you can retake the test until you do pass.

Classroom vs. Online Defensive Driving in Delaware

You could sit in a classroom and waste an entire Saturday afternoon to complete your Delaware defensive driving course. If you choose to sit in a classroom, you’ll need to drive to the location and show up on time. This is the traditional way to complete the course and might work for some.

However, taking any of the Delaware defensive driving courses online provides an easier way. You can work on the course when you have time. Whether it’s 15 minutes before bed or you want to knock it out in one day, you get to choose.

With an online defensive driving course in Delaware, you get to work at your own pace. You can choose where and when you take the course. Of course, if it’s court-ordered, you will have a deadline for completion.

#1 Online Traffic School in Delaware – IDriveSafely – State Approved Ticket Dismissal

If you want to work on your defensive driving course at your own pace and on your own schedule, an online option is right for you. Plus, you can work from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. There’s no reason to go to a classroom to complete this course.

The online version tends to be cheaper, as well. You can pay less and work the way you want with an online defensive driving course.

Make Sure Your Online Course is State Approved

The state approves several Delaware defensive driving course providers. When you want to make sure you take the right course, you can usually check the website. They will tell you if the course has been approved by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles.

If you’re not sure, you can always check with the DMV to ensure the provider offers approved courses. A course that’s not approved won’t provide any benefits.

Why should I take defensive driving in Delaware?

Taking a defensive driving course that’s approved by the DMV in Delaware provides many benefits. Insurance discounts offer one of the best reasons to take the course, but you can also earn a three-point credit on your driving record. The best reason to take this course is to improve your driving skills.

With better drivers on the Delaware roadways, you’ll be able to help make the roads safer. Accidents happen, but good drivers can minimize the damage caused or even avoid getting into an accident.

How long is the Delaware defensive driving course?

The basic defensive driving course is six hours long. If you need to take the refresher defensive driving course, it’s three hours long. The court-ordered aggressive driving course is an eight-hour-long class. You will only take this course if ordered by the courts.

Can I get an insurance discount with Delaware defensive driving?

Yes. By taking the basic or refresher course, you can gain a discount of 10% or 15% on your insurance policy. This is a state-mandated insurance discount, and all insurance providers have to give you a discount upon completion of the course.

When will my insurance discount expire?

When you take the basic defensive driving course, you’ll gain a 10% discount on your auto insurance for three years. Complete the refresher course within 180 days of the end of your discount period, and you may receive a discount of up to 15%.

How does the three-point credit apply?

When you complete the Delaware defensive driving course, you will receive a three-point credit to use for future violations. It won’t work for all situations, but it will work in some situations. After about 48 hours of completing the course, you’ll receive your three-point credit.

What is the cost of an online defensive driving course?

Most online courses will cost around $20, but they can be a bit more or a bit less. Some providers offer discounts, while others use a straightforward pricing model.

If you’re ordered by the court to take the Delaware aggressive driver course, the cost is much higher. Online providers offer this course for around $100 to $125.

Do I have to stay online to complete the course?

No. You can save your work, sign off, and pick up where you left off when you log back in. It doesn’t matter which device you use or if you switch from one device to another.

Do all drivers on my insurance plan have to complete the course?

No. However, if only one driver completed the course, then you will only receive a portion of the 10% discount. For example, if your policy includes two drives, you will get half the discount. It’s best to have all drivers on your insurance policy complete the course for the full discount.

Whether the court has ordered you or you want to gain an insurance discount, taking defensive driving is a great option. You’ll become a safer driver and gain many benefits. Delaware defensive driving is perfect for you if you want a three-point credit on your driving record and a nice insurance discount.

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