Hawaii Defensive Driving

In Hawaii, drivers can take advantage of defensive driving programs to become safer drivers. Taking defensive driving will allow you to fulfill Hawaii traffic court requirements or dismiss a traffic ticket. You can also simply take defensive driving to improve your auto insurance rates.

Defensive Driving Courses in Hawaii

Some Hawaiian drivers with multiple or severe violations may be directed by the court to enroll in a defensive driving course. However, you may be able to take defensive driving to dismiss a traffic ticket even without a court requirement.

Hawaii's courts will offer defensive driving to traffic violators on a case by case basis. You'll need to work directly with the court to determine whether you're a good candidate for defensive driving based on your violation and driving record.

Hawaii Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

As Hawaii assigns defensive driving to traffic violators on a case by case basis, ultimately, the traffic court will determine your eligibility. However, most courts are looking for basic eligibility to grant a traffic ticket dismissal with defensive driving:

  • drivers must hold a valid Hawaii driver's license
  • drivers should not have serious traffic violations
  • drivers should have a relatively clean driving record

If you're interested in dismissing your traffic ticket with defensive driving, it's essential that you contact the court to make arrangements. Ultimately, the traffic court will determine your eligibility for defensive driving ticket dismissal, and you will need their permission to enroll and get credit for your course. Enrolling in defensive driving without court approval may cause you to not get credit for the course, and not have the ticket dismissed, even if you're already paid for and completed the course.

Hawaii Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

If the court grants you a traffic ticket dismissal with defensive driving, you will be given specific instructions for completion. The court will give you a deadline for when you need to have the course completed as well as instructions for returning your completion certificate so that you'll get credit for the course.

It's very important that you follow the court's instructions exactly. You'll need to meet deadlines and have your completion certificate turned in according to instructions. Otherwise, you may not get credit for the course. That means your ticket won't be dismissed, you'll have to pay the fine, and your ticket will go on your driving record -- which can lead to a hike in insurance rates.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Hawaii

Defensive driving courses in Hawaii offer drivers the opportunity to learn how to drive safer. After completing your defensive driving course, you'll be better prepared to avoid accidents and traffic violations and become a safer driver.

Your defensive driving course will be between four to eight hours long depending on traffic court requirements and what the school offers. Some defensive driving schools offer courses in the classroom, others offer them online. For longer courses, you're likely to have the option to complete the course in more than one session. If you take your course online, most schools will allow you to log in and log out as many times as you'd like.

Each school is different and develops their own individual curriculum. However, you can expect to learn about the same general topics in defensive driving no matter what school you attend. Most defensive driving courses in Hawaii will teach you about topics including:

  • defensive driving techniques
  • predicting driver behaviors
  • developing safe driving habits like maintaining proper speed and following distance, yielding right of way, and passing appropriately
  • the potential dangers of driving near large trucks and how you can avoid them
  • safe vehicle maintenance
  • the importance of avoiding drunk, distracted, or drowsy driving
  • recognizing and avoiding road rage and aggressive driving habits
  • potential road hazards including traffic, inclement weather, accidents, and construction
  • collision avoidance techniques
  • what to do during a blowout, accident, and other emergencies on the road
  • using your vehicle's safety features
  • an update on current Hawaii traffic laws and regulations

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Hawaii

Many Hawaiian drivers will complete defensive driving to comply with a court order or to dismiss traffic tickets, but you don't have to wait until you get into trouble with the law to enroll in defensive driving. Defensive driving courses are a smart idea for all drivers, as they teach you potentially life saving skills that will keep you safer on the road. If you decide to enroll in defensive driving voluntarily, you may even earn a discount on your auto insurance rates.

Hawaii Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Earning a discount on your auto insurance with defensive driving is easy in Hawaii. You'll be able to get a monthly premium discount simply by showing proof that you've completed a defensive driving course. Most companies will offer a discount on liability rates between 5% and 20%, but usually, the discount is about 10%. That can add up to hundreds each year!

Hawaii Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

There are no state restrictions on who can be eligible to earn a defensive driving discount in Hawaii. But you may find that insurance companies do not offer this discount to every driver. Some will only offer defensive driving discounts to drivers with a clean driving record. Or, they may simply offer discounts to mature drivers, or even new teenage drivers.

It's best to check directly with your insurance company to determine your eligibility for an auto insurance discount using defensive driving. Verifying your eligibility will ensure that you can earn the discount, and you'll also find out how much you can save.

It's essential that you contact your insurance company prior to enrolling in defensive driving with the intention of earning a discount on auto insurance rates. Taking defensive driving without eligibility or permission may result in not getting credit for completing the course -- and you're not likely to get a refund from the defensive driving school in this situation. Working with an insurance company that doesn't offer defensive driving discounts? Shop around, as many insurance companies will extend this offer that can save you money each month.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Hawaii

If you're taking a defensive driving course for insurance rate reduction in Hawaii, you can expect to take the same excellent course that's offered to those with a traffic ticket. This course offers information on how you can become a safer, more defensive driver. You'll learn how to avoid collisions, become a more courteous driver, and ultimately, be safer on the road. As each school designs its own curriculum, what you learn will be different depending on the school you attend. But you can expect to go over material in your course including:

  • reducing your risk of collision
  • avoiding driving distractions
  • never driving drunk or impaired
  • using vehicle safety features properly
  • avoiding excessive speed, unsafe passing, and unsafe following distance
  • maintaining your vehicle safely
  • avoiding aggressive driving and road rage
  • yielding to Hawaii emergency vehicles
  • defensive driving techniques
  • predicting driver actions
  • an update on Hawaii's current traffic laws and regulations

Enroll in a Hawaii Defensive Driving Course

Start your safe driving course today. Enroll in a defensive driving course with a state approved school in Hawaii to dismiss your ticket, earn an insurance discount, and stay safe on the road.

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