Kansas Defensive Driving

In Kansas, drivers can take defensive driving courses to dismiss a traffic ticket, satisfy court requirements, avoid a deiver's license suspension, or earn a discount on auto insurance rates. The course also offers and opportunity to improve driving skills and become a safer driver.

Defensive Driving Courses in Kansas

Kansas does not operate on a driver's license points system like many other states, but there are certain circumstances which can cause you to lose your license or experience a suspension. Violations such as vehicle battery, homicide with a motor vehicle, reckless driving, and motor vehicle felonies will typically involve a driver's license revocation. To have your license reinstated, you will typically have to complete a defensive driving course and other requirements.

Even if you're not facing a driver's license revocation, it's often a good idea to complete defensive driving. Drivers who have received a traffic ticket can use defensive driving to have the ticket dismissed, avoiding major fines as well as the insurance rate increases that typically happen after a ticket goes on your driving record.

Kansas Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Defensive driving program eligibility will vary depending on the court or jurisdiction that is handling your traffic ticket, as Kansas does not have statewide standards for defensive driving eligibility. You may have to appeal to the court or directly to the judge handling your case. Typically, you can expect to have eligibility requirements including:

  • drivers must possess a valid driver's license
  • drivers must not have any other recent moving violations
  • drivers must not have completed defensive driving for ticket dismissal recently
  • major moving violations, felonies, and other serious offenses can not be dismissed with defensive driving

If you're considering defensive driving, you should be sure to contact the court before signing up to complete defensive driving school. You'll need to verify your eligibility and receive permission to complete the course. Enrolling without approval may cause you to not receive credit for your attendance or completion.

Kansas Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

Like many states, Kansas offers drivers the option to dismiss minor traffic tickets by completing defensive driving. You will need to pay court fees as well as the cost of the class. The course must be completed before the deadline, and documentation must be sent to the court. Once the court receives your certificate of completion, the ticket will be dismissed and will not be added to your driving record.

It's important that you comply with all deadlines and requirements for defensive driving. If you fail to turn in paperwork, do not complete the course, or otherwise fall short of requirements, you may not receive credit for completion of the course. If this is the case, you may be required to pay the fine for the ticket, and it will be added to your driving record -- and you'll likely have higher insurance rates as a result.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Kansas

Defensive driving courses in Kansas offer a comprehensive understanding of safe driving techniques and current state traffic laws and regulations. The course is usually between four to eight hours long and may be available either in person or online. Most schools, particularly those offering online courses, will allow you to take the course in multiple sessions if you'd like. Your curriculum will vary depending on the defensive driving school you attend, but you can expect for most Kansas defensive driving programs to provide instruction in topics including:

  • safe driving habits
  • managing hazardous driving sitations such as weather, accidents, and traffic
  • comprehensive defensive driving techniques
  • collision avoidance
  • the importance of avoiding drunk driving
  • the dangers of distracted or drowsy driving
  • recognizing and avoiding road rage and aggressive driving
  • using vehicle safety features
  • Kansas state traffic laws and regulations

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Kansas

Defensive driving is a great way to get your driver's license reinstated or dismiss a traffic ticket, but it's also useful for simply learning how to become a safer driver. And if you enroll in defensive driving voluntarily, many insurance companies will offer you a discount on your auto insurance premiums in Kansas.

Kansas Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Typically, Kansas insurance companies will provide drivers with a discount on auto insurance rates when they complete a defensive driving course. Most insurance companies offer a discount ranging from 5% to 20%, but typically, you can expect to receive about 10% off of your auto insurance liability rates.

Kansas Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

In Kansas, anyone can be eligible to receive a discount on insurance for completing a defensive driving course, as Kansas does not place any restrictions on eligibility. Insurance companies will determine who they extend the discount to, and while some will restrict this benefit only to mature drivers or teenage drivers, potentially all drivers can qualify.

Contact your insurance company to find out if you're able to earn a discount on auto insurance by completing defensive driving. If you don't qualify, consider shopping around for another auto insurance provider that can offer you a discount.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Kansas

Kansas drivers who take defensive driving for insurance purposes will enroll in the same great course taken by drivers with traffic tickets. This course provides students with a comprehensive education in defensive driving and safe driving techniqes, and is potentially life saving. Your curriculum will vary depending on the school you enroll in, but most defensive driving courses in Kansas will include topics such as:

  • safe following distance
  • right of way
  • speed as a factor in collisions
  • dangerous driving habits such as drinking and driving, distracted driving, drowsy driving, and road rage
  • collision avoidance
  • pedestrian and biker safety
  • Kansas traffic laws and regulations

Enroll in a Kansas Defensive Driving Course

Ready to take your defensive driving course? Check out our directory of state approved defensive driving schools in Kansas.

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