Louisiana Defensive Driving

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The Louisiana defensive driving course can help you dismiss a ticket, earn an insurance discount, and keep your license from being suspended. You can take the online course voluntarily, or the court may order it. Your insurance company or the courts will determine your eligibility.

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Topics Covered by the Louisiana Defensive Driving Course

There are many different topics found in the defensive driving course in Louisiana. Whether you take it online or in-person, the course will cover:

You will also get some tips for vehicle maintenance. With this type of course, you’ll gain plenty of skills to help you become a safer driver.

Benefits of Attending an Online Defensive Driving Course

There are many benefits you can gain from taking a Louisiana defensive driving course. Of course, you can use it to help you appeal a traffic citation from getting added to your record. It can also provide you with an insurance discount.

The biggest benefit you will gain by taking this course is the ability to drive safer. With safe driving skills, you can avoid accidents and traffic tickets in the future. This can help save you thousands of dollars, and you might not even realize it.

Keeping the traffic violation off your record is a big deal. You will need to get approved by a judge in Louisiana to take the course. If you don’t get approval, there is no guarantee the ticket will be removed.

However, if you get approval, the judge will give you a citation. This citation is used to register for the online defensive driving course online. When you do this, it ensures the courts are notified when you complete the course.

Getting an Insurance Discount with Defensive Driving

Before registering for online defensive driving in Louisiana, make sure you know the discount you can get. If you take the course voluntarily, you can earn a discount on your annual rates.

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Choosing Online Louisiana Defensive Driving

With an online version of defensive driving, you’ll be able to gain many benefits. You can work at your own pace and take your time with the course. If you prefer not to sit in a classroom, the online version is a better choice.

You’ll get 24/7 access to the course materials. This means you don’t have to complete the course all in one sitting. Instead, you can complete one section at a time when it’s convenient for you.

It’s even possible to use your mobile device to take the course. You can pick up where you left off and work through the course on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

#1 Online Defensive Driving Course in Louisiana – IDriveSafely – State Approved Ticket Dismissal

Frequently Asked Questions About Louisiana Defensive Driving

Will a speeding ticket impact my insurance rates?

Yes, a single moving violation can be enough to increase your rates by as much as 20% per year. If you can use Louisiana defensive driving to dismiss your ticket, you should consider taking this course. It’s offered online, which makes it a convenient way to keep your insurance rates from going up.

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When do I need to complete defensive driving online by?

The deadline to finish the program will depend on the reason you’re taking it. If you’re taking the course for a discount on your insurance rates, your insurance company will give you a deadline. When it’s court-ordered, you will be given a deadline by the courts.

How long will the Louisiana defensive driving course take?

If you choose to take the online version of this course, you can take your time. You don’t have to complete the course in one sitting. Instead, you can work at your own pace.

The state of Louisiana requires the defensive driving course to be at least four hours. For most students, it will take four to eight hours to complete.

What’s the cost of defensive driving in Louisiana?

The defensive driving course will range in price based on the provider and the version you choose. Whether you choose an online version or a classroom version, you should be ready to spend $200 to $400 total. This will include the fees and fines you have to pay and not just the course.

The actual course will cost around $25. Some are a little higher in price and others are a little lower with discounts.

What type of discount can you earn on your insurance in Louisiana?

The discount on your insurance will depend on your insurance provider. Typically, you can earn a discount of up to 10%. This can save you several hundred dollars over the next few years.

Will I need to pass a final exam?

No. However, you will need to pass quizzes at the end of each section. These quizzes have to be passed if you want to move on to the next section. You get unlimited attempts to pass these quizzes before you can move on.

Is the course fee and the court fee the same thing?

All the fees you pay for the course are different from the course fee. Courts may refer to a fee you pay them as a driver improvement fee, but it’s actually an administrative fee. You will pay for the course and pay the course provider separately.

Choosing the right online Louisiana defensive driving course makes a big difference. With a good course, you will gain many benefits. Whether you’re using the course for an insurance discount or to dismiss a ticket, this course will help.

You will also learn how to drive safer. If you want to save money and get rid of a ticket, using Louisiana defensive driving online gives you the right option.

#1 Online Defensive Driving Course in Louisiana – IDriveSafely – State Approved Ticket Dismissal