Maryland Defensive Driving

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Maryland encourages drivers in the state to participate in the driver improvement program. This instructional program offers driver rehabilitation to drivers who have been identified to further driver education. The program is also available voluntarily to drivers who would like to earn a discount on car insurance premiums.

Defensive Driving Courses in Maryland

Drivers in Maryland may be referred to the district court’s driver improvement program for certain driving situations, including traffic violations, accumulation of driving record points, or moving violation convictions while holding a provisional driver’s license.

Maryland’s point system applies points to most moving violations. Most will have a point value of 1, while others can have values of 5 or higher. For example, speeding 1 to 9 miles per hour over the speed limit assesses a point value of 1, while speeding 40 miles per hour or higher over the speed limit will have 5 points. Drivers who have accumulated 5, 6, or 7 points will be referred to the driver improvement program.

Unlike many other states, Maryland does not allow for the use of driver safety programs to defer or remove moving violation convictions from your record. However, you can remove the resulting points from your record with a driver safety program course.

Maryland Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Drivers who are required to enroll in the driver improvement program will be notified by a Motor Vehicle Administration referral letter. Most Maryland drivers will be referred to the driver improvement program by a judge or directly by the Motor Vehicle Administration for points accumulation.

If you are referred to the program, you will be required to enroll in a driver improvement program course and attend your selected class. You will need to bring your Motor Vehicle Administration referral letter with you. You must complete the program by the due date printed at the top right corner of your referral letter. If you do not attend and complete your course by this due date, your driving privileges will be suspended, and you will be instructed to surrender your driver’s license. You will be able to apply for a new license after you complete the driver improvement program.

Maryland Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

Maryland drivers are not able to dismiss traffic tickets using the driver improvement program. However, if you take the course electively, you may reduce your driver’s license points. Contact the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to verify eligibility for points reduction with the driver improvement program.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Maryland

Driver improvement program courses in Maryland are between four and eight hours long. They are available both in the classroom and online. Many classroom program providers will offer courses with multiple sessions, or you can complete the course in a single day if you prefer. Online courses can be completed at your convenience. Your curriculum will vary depending on the individual school. Still, typically, the course offers an overview of defensive driving and safe driving techniques, as well as current traffic laws in Maryland. Most programs include curriculum in:

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Maryland

While often, Maryland drivers enroll in a driver improvement program because the court or Motor Vehicle Administration has referred them, you can complete the program voluntarily if you’d like. The course offers an excellent education in driving safety and can even help you get a discount on your auto insurance.

Maryland Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Indiana drivers may be interested in completing a driver safety program even if they haven’t had any moving violations. Some insurance companies in the state offer a discount on auto insurance premiums for safe drivers who voluntarily complete a driver safety program.

Maryland Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

Most drivers in Maryland will be eligible for a defensive driving discount on auto insurance. However, policies may vary depending on individual insurance companies. Some will limit discounts to mature drivers or teenage drivers, but others offer discounts to drivers of all ages. It’s best to contact your insurance company to determine your eligibility.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Maryland

Maryland drivers who complete the driver improvement program voluntarily will enroll in the same course as those referred to the program by the court or other entity. This course will teach you about driving safely under any condition and can save you from an accident or moving violation. Most courses will include curriculum in:

Enroll in a Maryland Defensive Driving Course

Become a safer driver, fulfill a court order, or simply save on your auto insurance by enrolling in a Maryland driver improvement program. Contact a qualified driver improvement program in our directory to get started today.


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