Mississippi Defensive Driving

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Dismissing a traffic ticket, getting an insurance discount, or becoming a safer driver requires the Mississippi defensive driving course. A defensive driving course, also known as a ticket dismissal course, will allow you to gain the necessary benefits you prefer.  Most end up taking driving school for a speeding ticket or some other minor traffic infraction.  An online defensive driving course is most popularly used to achieve Mississippi ticket forgiveness.  It’s the easiest and most convenient way to get out of a speeding ticket in Mississippi.

Defensive Driving for Busy People


Online Defensive Driving Course for $38

Our course helps you learn quickly and easily, using state-specific questions and easy-to-understand answers.

  • Dismiss your ticket online, on your schedule
  • Upgrade and print your certificate from home
  • Approved by all Mississippi courts

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An online version of a defensive driving course in Mississippi offers a hassle-free experience with many benefits, including:

As long as you can connect to the internet, you can take an online Mississippi defensive driving course with GoTo Traffic School. For just $38 you can get rid of that Mississippi Speeding ticket and the points that come with it.

Eligibility for Defensive Driving in Mississippi

There isn’t a standard for eligibility throughout the state in Mississippi. Some cities will allow you to take the course to dismiss a ticket, which is up to each judge. While the rules on eligibility vary from one area to another in the state, it’s necessary to understand the general guidelines, which include:

It’s necessary to contact the course if you plan to use defensive driving in Mississippi. Enrolling in a course without getting permission from the court could lead to you not getting credit for completing your course. Make sure a judge has issued you permission before enrolling in an online Mississippi defensive driving course.

3 Top Benefits of Taking a Defensive Driving Course

1. Keep a traffic ticket off your driving record

When you complete a defensive driving course in Mississippi, you can dismiss a traffic violation. This helps keep your driving record clean and gives you peace of mind knowing there will be no points on your driving record due to the ticket.

2. Satisfy a court order

Drivers under the age of 21 may end up being required by a judge to take an online defensive driving course. If this happens, you will need to complete the course to keep your driving privileges. Once completed, you will have fulfilled the court order, and you will avoid penalties for not complying.

3. Learn to drive safely

Defensive driving courses offer an ongoing benefit of helping you drive safer in the future. You can save quite a bit of money without realizing it by using the tips, tricks, and techniques this type, of course, will teach you. Every time you avoid an accident or a traffic citation due to the topics covered in the course, it saves you money.

Topics Covered in Defensive Driving in MS

When you decide to take a defensive driving course in Mississippi online, you will be taught many different topics, including:

You will learn many things to help you become a safer driver and to help you avoid future accidents and citations.

Choosing the Online Version Over the Classroom Version

There are many reasons to choose an online version of the Mississippi defensive driving course instead of the classroom version. If you want to work from wherever you can get an internet connection, study at your own pace, and gain the ability to start and stop as you please, this is the right way to go. Plus, you can avoid sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher lecture for an entire Saturday afternoon or weekday evening.

The online version is more convenient for those with a busy schedule. It’s also a great option for any driver looking to complete the required defensive driving course without leaving their home. When you want to gain an insurance discount or get a ticket dismissed, the online defensive driving course in Mississippi is a great choice.

How do you get your traffic ticket dismissed with the defensive driving course?

As an adult, you will need to pay the citation costs and attend the Mississippi defensive driving course. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about the ticket impacting your public driving record. Those under the age of 21 will need to do the same thing, but the ticket will be considered dismissed.

How much of a discount can I get on my insurance rates?

If you voluntarily take the defensive driving course in Mississippi, you can earn an insurance discount of up to 10%. Check with your agent to ensure you know the type of discount you will earn from completing the course.

How long is the online defensive driving course in Mississippi?

The online state-approved course in Mississippi is about six hours long. This course will meet all the requirements for your ticket dismissal and your insurance discount.

What is the cost of the Mississippi defensive driving course online?

The cost of your course online will vary from one provider to another. The average cost is around $40, making it a very affordable option to complete for an insurance discount or traffic dismissal. Some courses will cost close to $50, but most are between $35 and $45.

There are several good reasons to choose an online Mississippi defensive driving course. If you want to work on your own time and at your own pace, this is the right option for you. Of course, it may also be ordered by the courts, which means you should certainly sign up and take your course as soon as possible.