Utah Defensive Driving

Utah drivers are able to complete defensive driving courses to improve driving skills, reduce points from your driving record, and clear your driving record. Some drivers may also qualify to earn an auto insurance premium discount for completing a defensive driving course.

Defensive Driving Courses in Utah

Utah operates on a points system, which assigns point values for moving traffic violations. Point values can range from 37 to 80, and drivers who earn more than 200 points within a three year period will have driving privileges suspended (drivers under the age of 21 with more than 70 points will also be suspended). Judges can vay points up or down by 10% for most violations except speeding tickets.

Points on your driving record can be reduced in two ways: one by driving without any new convictions, and the other by attending an approved defensive driving safety course. Each year you drive without being convicted of a moving traffic violation, half of the points on your driving record will be removed. After two years without a violation, all of your driving record points will be removed.

Drivers who enroll in defensive driving can also remove 50 points from their driving record once in a three year period. This is particularly helpful for drivers who are nearing 200 points (or 70 for drivers 21 and under) and potentially facing a suspension.

Utah Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Utah makes defensive driving widely available to nearly all drivers in the state. Most drivers will qualify to enroll in defensive driving to remove points from their record with few exceptions. The only exceptions to eligibility in Utah are typically:

  • drivers must hold a valid driver's license
  • drivers must not have completed a defensive driving course within the past three years

Before enrolling in your defensive driving course, be sure to double check for eligibility. Utah courts recommend that you contact the court in your area to verify eligibility. It's best to check for eligibility before enrolling in your defensive driving course, as starting before you verify eligibility could cause you to not receive credit for completing the course.

Utah Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

Utah does not have any statewide laws for traffic ticket dismissal with defensive driving. It is up to the court and sometimes the judge whether you are able to have ticket fines reduced or removed by completing defensive driving. If you're interested in dismissing your ticket using defensive driving, you'll need to speak directly with the court or the judge handling your violation.

Even drivers who are not able to have a violation dismissed can benefit from defensive driving, as completing the course offers a points reduction. This is a course that all drivers with points on their record should consider completing.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Utah

Utah's defensive driving courses are typically four to eight hours long. They may be offered in the classroom or online, and can be completed in a single session or multiple sessions. Often, online courses will allow you to log in and log out as needed.

Utah's defensive driving schools will teach you how to become a safer driver. They offer instruction in defensive driving techniques, avoiding dangerous driving habits, and more. The actual curriculum will depend on your defensive driving school, but usually, you can expect to learn about topics such as:

  • collision avoidance techniques
  • proper passing, following distance, and maintaining a safe speed
  • safe driving habits and driver expectations and responsibilities
  • how to use your vehicle's restraints and safety features
  • avoiding preventable driving dangers like drunk driving, distracted driving, drowsy driving, and road rage
  • dealing with road hazards including weather, accidents, and traffic
  • defensive driving techniques
  • Utah's current traffic laws and regulations

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Utah

Utah drivers often enroll in defensive driving to reduce driving record points and sometimes dismiss traffic tickets, but moving violations aren't the only reason to take a defensive driving course. You can enroll in defensive driving to become a safer driver, and often, insurance companies will offer you a discount on your auto insurance rates for doing so.

Utah Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Drivers who complete a defensive driving course in Utah may be eligible to earn a discount on auto insurance premiums. Typically, insurance companies will offer drivers a discount on auto insurance liability premiums between 5% and 20%. Usually, the discount is about 10% for most drivers. In most cases, the discount will be good for up to three years, after which you'll need to complete another course to renew your discount.

Utah Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

Any driver can enroll in defensive driving in Utah, and the state does not have any restrictions or requirements for who is allowed to earn a discount for completing a defensive driving course. Discounts are offered at the discretion of insurance companies, who will determine what discount, if any, you will be eligible for. Some companies will restrict their discounts to mature drivers or new drivers just starting out, but others extend the discount to all drivers with a current policy.

If you're interested in earning a discount on your auto insurance premiums with defensive driving, it's a good idea to contact your insurance company directly to learn about what discounts are available, if any. And if your insurance company doesn't offer a discount, you may want to call around to find a company that does.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Utah

All Utah drivers will take the same defensive driving course whether you're enrolling for an insurance discount or to minimize the damage from a moving violation. The defensive driving course offered in Utah provides drivers with excellent information on how to become a safer driver, avoid accidents, and avoid traffic tickets. What you learn will largely depend on the school, but generally, you can expect instruction in the following defensive driving topics:

  • defensive driving techniques
  • accident avoidance techniques
  • the importance of avoiding drunk or impaired driving
  • how to recognize and avoid road rage and aggressive driving
  • the danger of distracted or drowsy driving
  • using your vehicle's safety restraints properly
  • Utah's current traffic laws and regulations

Enroll in a Utah Defensive Driving Course

Reduce points, become a safer driver, and potentially even earn a discount on auto insurance by enrolling in a Utah defensive driving course today. View our directory to choose from state qualified schools that offer defensive driving today.

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