Vermont Defensive Driving

With Vermont's defensive driving program, drivers in the state can learn how to become safer on the road, and may earn generous discounts on auto insurance. It is, however, important to note that Vermont does not offer defensive driving as an option for dismissing a traffic citation or reducing driving record points.

Defensive Driving Courses in Vermont

Vermont does not offer the option to complete defensive driving for traffic ticket dismissal or points removal. However, you may be required by the court to enroll in a defensive driving course as a result of a citation or violation. This is typically required to avoid a suspension of your driver's license.

Vermont Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Defensive driving courses are voluntary in Vermont except for those ordered to take the course by the court. However, drivers who habitually accumulate traffic violations may want to consider enrolling to improve driving skills and knowledge in order to avoid further citations in the future, or worse, an accident.

Vermont Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

Vermont does not offer traffic ticket dismissal with defensive driving. You can, of course, make a special request with the court that may be granted. If you're taking this option, be sure to present a compelling case for dismissal, and ensure that you're prepared to follow the court's requirements if you're granted permission to dismiss your citation with defensive driving.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Vermont

In Alaska's defensive driving course, you'll learn how to develop safe driving skills and driving techniques that will reduce your risk of accidents and traffic violations. The course is usually between four to 12 hours long and an may be offered in the classroom or online. For longer courses, you'll likely have the option to complete the course in multiple sessions. Online, you can usually log in and out of the course as many times as you need.

Curriculum will vary depending on the school you enroll in, but you can expect to learn about defensive driving topics including:

  • collision avoidance techniques
  • driver control, behavior, and attitudes
  • dangerous driving situations such as drunk driving and distracted driving
  • maintaining your vehicle for safety
  • dealing with road hazards
  • managing challenging driving situations such as bad weather or construction
  • dealing with emergencies on the road
  • recognizing and avoiding road rage
  • protecting occupants with vehicle safety features
  • defensive driving techniques
  • an update on current Vermont traffic laws and regulations

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Vermont

Defensive driving courses are beneficial for all drivers, even if you're not seeking a dismissal of points or a traffic ticket. Insurance companies recognize that taking defensive driving courses can result in safer drivers, and often, Vermont insurance companies will offer drivers a discount on auto insurance rates if they complete a defensive driving course.

Vermont Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

If you complete a defensive driving course, you could save hundreds annually on your auto insurance premiums with a discount from your insurance company. You can expect to see a defensive driving discount between 5% and 20%, with most drivers earning a discount of about 10%.

Vermont Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

In Vermont, any driver can be eligible to earn a discount on auto insurance by completing a defensive driving course. Insurance companies will set their individual policies for which drivers are eligible to earn discounts, and some will offer the discount to all drivers while others may restrict the program to mature drivers, teen drivers, or drivers who have maintained a safe driving record.

Contact your insurance company directly to learn about your options for defensive driving discounts. If you're not eligible for a discount, you may want to shop around with other companies to find out if they can offer you a more competitive rate with a defensive driving discount.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Vermont

Vermont's defensive driving course for insurance rate reductions will help you to become a safer driver. Upon completion, you'll be ready to reduce your risk of accidents and traffic violations with your new driving knowledge. Curriculum will vary by school, but most Vermont defensive driving courses will offer instruction in:

  • defensive driving techniques
  • collision avoidance
  • developing safe driving habits
  • safely maintaining your vehicle
  • avoiding drunk driving, aggressive driving, and drowsy driving
  • the dangers of texting while driving and other distracted driving habits
  • proper use of vehicle safety features
  • proper technique for passing, following distance, yielding right of way, and maintaining a safe speed
  • current Vermont traffic laws and regulations

Enroll in a Vermont Defensive Driving Course

Become a safer driver and earn a discount on your auto insurance with a defensive driving course in Vermont. Check out our directory to discover a qualified defensive driving school that can meet your needs.

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