Virginia Defensive Driving

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In Virginia, drivers can use the state’s driver improvement clinics to become better, safer drivers and receive benefits, including points reduction and a reduction in insurance rates.

Defensive Driving Courses in Virginia

When Virginia drivers are convicted of a traffic violation, demerit points are added to their driving record according to the offense’s severity. Some violations will apply three points, while others have a value of four or six points. Demerit points will remain on your record for two years from the date of the offense.

Virginia drivers can reduce or offset demerit points by earning safe points or enrolling in a driver improvement clinic. Safe points are assessed for each calendar year you hold a valid Virginia driver’s license and drive without any violations or suspensions, with the ability to earn up to five safe driving points. Alternatively, drivers can enroll in a driver improvement clinic to remove points from their driving record.

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Virginia Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Driver improvement clinics are available to all drivers in Virginia, with few exceptions. This is designed to encourage safe driving and driver education within the state. Drivers who have points on their record will benefit the most from a driver improvement course, but all Virginia drivers can take advantage of the program, with few exceptions. Check with the Virginia DMV for more information. Drivers who are ineligible to take the course may include:

Before enrolling in a driver improvement clinic, you should contact your court or the Virginia DMV to verify your eligibility. This way, you can be sure that you’ll receive benefits for completing the driver improvement clinic.

Virginia Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

Virginia does not allow drivers to dismiss traffic tickets using a defensive driving course. However, the driver improvement clinic can be used to remove points from your driving record. Once every 24 months, Virginia drivers can complete a driver improvement clinic to be awarded five safe driving points. These points offset demerit points and effectively remove demerit points from your driving record.

Additionally, some drivers may be required by the court to complete a driver improvement clinic. If your driver improvement clinic enrollment is court-ordered, you will be required to complete the clinic within 90 days. Drivers who fail to complete the clinic within the time allotted will have driving privileges suspended until the requirement is met, with few exceptions for out of state college students and military members. If you’re required to take the court’s course, the court will determine whether you will be awarded safe driving points.

Drivers who are not required by the court to enroll in a driver improvement clinic can complete the course at their leisure. However, the sooner the course is completed, the sooner safe driving points will be awarded to your driving record.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Virginia

Driver improvement clinics in Virginia are eight hours long and are designed to teach defensive driving techniques that will help drivers avoid crashes. You’ll learn how to be a safer driver and avoid accidents and moving violations with the curriculum that reflects Virginia drivers’ needs today. The curriculum includes instruction in:

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Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Virginia

While driver improvement clinics are used to reduce points for Virginia drivers with moving violations, they can be used by drivers who do not have a history of tickets or accidents. Drivers can earn up to five safe points on their license by completing a driver improvement clinic. Insurance discounts are available to policyholders 55 years of age and older as well.

Virginia Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Many drivers aged 55 and older are eligible to receive a discount on insurance premiums. Typically, the discount is between 5% and 20%. Most policyholders will receive a 10% discount for safe driving and completion of an accident prevention course for mature drivers.

Virginia Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

Virginia insurance companies typically offer a premium discount to policyholders aged 55 and older upon completing a defensive driving course. However, it is important to note that if you take a driver improvement clinic to reduce your insurance premium, you lose eligibility to receive safe driving points for that course. Additionally, if you’re assigned to a driver improvement clinic by a court, you will not receive an insurance premium reduction.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Virginia

Virginia’s insurance discount defensive driving course is designed for mature drivers and specifically caters to the subject of accident prevention for drivers ages 55 and older. In this course, you’ll learn how to be a safer driver at any age, plus you’ll benefit from instruction that’s designed for older drivers, including:

Enroll in a Virginia Defensive Driving Course

Become a safer driver and benefit from taking a driver improvement course in Virginia. Find a qualified, state-approved traffic course in our directory today.

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