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In Wyoming, drivers can complete defensive driving courses to improve driving skills, dismiss a traffic ticket, or reduce auto insurance rates. Whether you have a ticket or not, it’s often a good idea to complete a Wyoming defensive driving course.

Defensive Driving Courses in Wyoming

When you’re convicted of a traffic violation in Wyoming, it usually results in serious fines and a ticket on your driving record. Typically, this will also lead to an increase in your insurance rates. But if you can take a defensive driving course, you can have your ticket dismissed, avoiding the conviction and the potential increase in insurance rates.

Wyoming Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Defensive driving dismissals are typically available to most drivers in Wyoming. Check with The state DMV offers few exceptions to defensive driving to encourage drivers to enroll in the driver improvement program. You’ll need to meet these eligibility requirements to qualify:

Before you enroll in defensive driving for ticket dismissal, you must contact the court handling your ticket to ensure eligibility and be granted permission to participate in the program. Getting started with your defensive driving course before receiving permission could cause you to be ineligible for the program or miss out on important information you may need.

Wyoming Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

If you’re enrolled in traffic ticket dismissal with defensive driving, you’ll be given specific instructions for completion. This includes your deadline for course completion as well as for instructions for turning in your certificate of completion. You’ll also be required to pass a final exam, typically involving 25 questions. Depending on the court, you may be permitted to retake the exam if you don’t pass on the first try.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Wyoming

Wyoming’s defensive driving course offers drivers instruction in safe, defensive driving. This course can teach you how to avoid collisions, traffic violations, and other incidents on the road, ultimately keeping you and others around you safer.

The course will typically last between four to eight hours and may be offered in the classroom or online. Be sure to pay attention to court requirements, as some courts will only allow you to take your course in the classroom and not online. Most courses longer than four hours will allow you to complete the course in multiple sessions, and if you’re studying online, you should be able to log in and log out until you’ve completed the course.

Each school operates using its own individual curriculum so that each course will be different. However, you can expect Wyoming’s defensive driving courses to cover the same general topics, including:

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Wyoming

Defensive driving is a great way to have your traffic tickets dismissed in Wyoming, but you don’t have to wait until you get a traffic violation to enroll in this course. In fact, it’s a great idea for all drivers to take defensive driving, as the course offers excellent instruction in safe driving habits.  Plus, many insurance companies will offer a discount on auto insurance rates to drivers who have voluntarily completed a defensive driving course.  Most will offer you a free insurance quote if you’re not a customer yet.

Wyoming Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

You can expect to earn a generous discount on auto insurance rates by completing a defensive driving course, provided your insurance company offers a discount. Usually, insurance companies will offer policyholders a discount on liability premiums between 5% and 20%. Most drivers can expect a discount of about 10%.

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Wyoming Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

Defensive driving insurance discounts are available to all drivers in Wyoming; however, not all insurance companies offer them. Some insurance companies will allow all policyholders to qualify for a discount with defensive driving, while others will only give discounts to safe drivers, elderly drivers, or new teenage drivers. It’s best to check directly with your insurance company to determine if you’re eligible and to shop around if you’re interested in the discount. Still, your current insurance company doesn’t offer it.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Wyoming

Wyoming’s insurance defensive driving course offers drivers important lessons in driving safety, including defensive driving, safe driving habits, and current Wyoming traffic laws. The course will help you become a safer driver and ultimately give you the knowledge you need to reduce your risk of accidents and traffic violations.

The curriculum will vary from school to school, but you can expect most defensive driving schools to offer instruction in the following topics:

Enroll in a Wyoming Defensive Driving Course

Dismiss a traffic ticket, earn an insurance discount, and become a safer driver with Wyoming’s defensive driving course. Get started today by finding a state qualified defensive driving school in our directory.