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Indianapolis may be famous for the Indiapolis 500 race, but don't be fooled: it's certainly not safe to take to the streets like you're on the speedway. Unfortunately, not all drivers in this city have gotten the memo, and it can be dangerous to drive in Indianapolis with not just its speed but traffic and other hazardous driving conditions.

It can be tough to drive safely in Indianapolis, but with the right training, you can stay safe on the road. With the best driving instruction in the city, you can learn how to become a safe, defensive driver, avoiding not just tickets, but fatal accidents as well.

Unfortunately, Indiana does not allow drivers to take defensive driving courses to dismiss a ticket. But it is possible for you to remove points from your record with a driver safety course up to every three years. You may also be able to get a discount on your auto insurance premiums by completing a defensive driving course.

We've highlighted the 10 best defensive driving schools in Indianapolis. At these schools, you'll find excellent driving instruction and learn how to become a safer driver. They offer education that is appropriate for all skill and experience levels to ensure that you'll be safe on the road.

Our list of the best defensive driving schools in Indianapolis is not ranked, as each of these schools offers excellent education for Indiana's drivers. We do want you to let us know which one you think is the best, though: for the next 30 days, we invite you to vote in our poll at the end of this article to share which defensive driving school you think is the best in Indianapolis.

Indiana All Star Driving School 
6959 Hillsdale Ct Indianapolis, IN 46250 
(317) 570-6941

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Indiana All Star Driving School is the premier provider of driver education not just for Indianapolis, but the entire state of Indiana. This school teaches more than 4,000 students a year statewide, offering students the ability to learn safe, defensive driving techniques anywhere in Indiana. The school offers top notch state certified instructors, multiple locations, year round instruction, flexible schedules, and more.

Coach's Driver Education 
192 Avon Ave Ste 350 Avon, IN 46123 
(317) 272-9233

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Coach's Driver Education specializes in offering students a lifetime of safe driving. This school's goal is to teach new drivers how to become skilled, responsible, and safe drivers. Each instructor at Coach's Driver Education is well trained, patient, and understanding, offering individual attention to each student. You can take advantage of online registration and education as well as in person instruction with this driving school.

A+ Driving Academy 
1614 N Lebanon St Lebanon, IN 46052 
(765) 483-1233

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A+ Driving Academy is Central Indiana's premiere driver education program. This state of the art driver education facility offers certified driver education programs, and has three convenient locations in the area. Instructors with A+ are hand picked and have extensive experience in driving instruction with a commitment to improving driver education. This school puts the best interest of students first, and it is their mission to provide the best driver's education program possible to all students.

Drive Zone Driver Education 
3652 W 16th St Indianapolis, IN 46222 
(317) 602-8497

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Drive Zone Driving Education is dedicated to saving lives with high quality driver education programs offered year round. Curriculum is modern, outstanding, and presented by experienced instructors. The school's instructors are all passionate about save driving, and help students learn how to stay in control behind the wheel with well honed skills and attitudes. Drive Zone is committed to offering the highest level of driving instruction for skilled, collision free driving.

AA Indiana Driving School 
973 Keystone Way Carmel, IN 46032 
(317) 844-5542

Established in 1945, AA Indiana Driving School has 70 years of driving education experience and was the first driving school to be licensed by the State of Indiana. This long established school has an excellent reputation for offering Indiana's best driving instruction. AA Indiana Driving School puts education at the forefront, with current and former school teachers serving the organization. Instructors are highly trained in driver education, and offer advanced training methods that have been developed and researched over many years.

Shelbyville Driving Institute 
63 E Washington St Shelbyville, IN 46176 
(317) 392-7748

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Shelbyville Driving Institute has taught students the essentials of safe driving for more than five years, and together, the school has more than 75 years of experience in driving education. Instructors with Shelbyville Driving Institute are passionate driving educators, and are always excited to prepare students for a lifetime of safe driving. Classes can be arranged to fit your schedule, and new courses start every Monday.

Old National Road Driving Institute 
1220 West Main St Ste A Greenfield, IN 46140 
(317) 318-9215

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Since 2012, Old National Road Driving Institute has provided excellent driving education to Indiana. They offer the best quality driver education and safety program to students, and promote a lifetime of learning opportunities in traffic safety. All Old National Road instruvtors are licensed Indiana teachers, well experienced not just in education, but in driving instruction. This school offers up to date technology, flexibility, and excellent customer service.

Road Skills Driving School 
2443 N Morton St Franklin, IN 46131 
(317) 736-8354

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Road Skills Driver Education is committed to offering driver education year round. It is this school's goal to make it easy for families to provide their drivers with the best in driver education and practice. Various scheduling and payment options are available, and there are a variety of locations available with Road Skills as well. Online classes as well as in person classes can be taken with Road Skills.

J&J All Pro Driving Academy 
1609 Orinoco Ave, Ste A Columbus, Indiana

(812) 614-1025 
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Since 2014, J&J All Pro Driving School has offered top quality instruction at an affordable price. Licensed instructors and owners Jerry Burton and Justin Williams have a combined experience of more than 30 years in teaching. They are dedicated to the safety of their students, teaching student drivers with the best attitude, habits, and skills. They work diligently to make a positive impact on the safety of their students and the drivers on the road with them.

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