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Looking for the best defensive driving course Miami has to offer?  You've come to the right place.  Defensive driving courses are commonly searched for in Miami, Florida.  It shouldn't come as too big of a surprise.  is one of the worst cities to drive in.  Slate named Miami the worst city for driving by a wide margin. With the most automotive fatalities, pedestrian strikes, and aggressive driving, Miami is one of the toughest places to drive safely in the USA.

With aggressive drivers on the road and a higher potential for accidents, there's no question that Miami drivers can benefit from defensive driver training.  A simple online defensive driving course can help make it easier to identify and avoid dangerous driving situations.  In this article we take a look at both the best online defensive driving courses and physical driving schools.  Each of these entities can help Miami drivers be on guard for accidents, tickets, and other incidents on the road.

Top 5 Online Defensive Driving Courses in Miami

Below are the top 5 online defensive driving schools in the Miami area.  The standard price of a defensive driving course in Florida is $25.  Each of the following online courses will do exactly what a physical school would.  Each is certified in the state of Florida to dismiss your ticket as quickly and easily as possible.  The best part?  Complete the course from the comfort of your own home!

My Improv Traffic School $19.95
IDriveSafely $29.95
Safe2Drive $24.95
NTSI $24.95
Traffic School 101 $24.97

Why Take Defensive Driving in Miami?

Wondering why to take a defensive driving course in the Miami area?  Defensive driving courses are an excellent tool for learning how to become a safer driver.  These courses are also a go to resource for dismissing tickets and/or taking advantage of better insurance rates.  Depending on insurance provider, Miami drivers are able to take defensive driving courses for traffic ticket dismissals. Many insurance companies will also offer discounted rates for policyholders that complete defensive driving courses. Discounts can range from five to 20 percent.

Top 10 Best Defensive Driving Schools in Miami

Below are the 10 best defensive driving schools in Miami. With these schools, you'll learn extensively about safe, defensive driving and find out how you can take steps to be safer on the road. These schools all have highly experienced instructors and excellent customer service.  You'll be supported every step of the way as you learn how to become a safer driver.

Metro Traffic School 
7500 NW 25th St Ste 119 Miami, FL 33122 
(305) 513-0063

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Metro Traffic School makes becoming a better driver easier. With Metro Traffic School, students are able to complete all requirements for a variety of driving needs including driving lessons, classroom traffic school, the DMV test, DUI program, workplace safety, court education programs, victim impact and awareness program, and more. Each program is designed to fit the needs of each individual with excellence in traffic safety education. Their ultimate goal is to enable students to improve their driving skills, making the streets of Miami a safer place for all drivers.

JMP Driving & Traffic School 
12039 SW 132nd Ct Unit 23 Miami, FL 33186 
(305) 865-5688

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For more than 20 years, JMP Driving & Traffic School has provided the best learning experience for drivers in South Florida. With a unique approach, JMP Driving & Traffic School's programs are interactive and tailored to the needs of each student for a lifetime of safe driving. They offer certificates for insurance discounts, driving lessons, written and driving test assistance, traffic school courses, the drug and alcohol course, and more.

Alexander Traffic School 
3501 Sw 24th St Miami, FL 33145 
(305) 298-2008

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Alexander Traffic School is on a mission to save lives by helping students become safer drivers. Their lesson plans have been confirmed with a statistically measurable reduction in the number of traffic citations and crashes experienced by Alexander Traffic School graduates. Study with Alexander Traffic School, and you'll be less likely to experience an accident or get a traffic ticket. A full service traffic and driving school, Alexander Traffic School offers traffic safety programs with engaging, easy to read curriculum that will have you laughing while you learn.

AB Auto Driving and Traffic School 
21465 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33169 
(305) 297-7361

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Established in 2006, AB Auto Driving and Traffic School is a family owned and operated business with a reputation for excellence. They offer high quality training to their driving students with a friendly staff and new cars. AB Auto Driving and Traffic School is fully licensed by the state of Florida. They take pride in serving all driving students from new drivers to experienced drivers seeking improvement. For convenience, Spanish instructors are available.

America International Driving and Traffic School 
7216 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33144 
(305) 261-1335

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Since 1995, America International Driving School has served the needs of Miami drivers. Their mission is to enable students to improve their driving skills, making Miami a safer place for all drivers. The learning process with America International Driving school is enjoyable, safe, and convenient. This school is reputable and trusted by many students for driving lessons, traffic school, and more. Bilingual Spanish courses are available.

Andina Driving School 
8580 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33144 
(305) 385-7272

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For more than 20 years, Andina Driving School has served South Florida's drivers. Students of Andina Driving School are taught effective driving skills designed to increase their confidence while operating a motor vehicle. It's the school's goal to make the learning process as enjoyable as possible for each student. Andina Driving School offers a safe, comfortable learning environment and 28 certified bilingual instructors. Testing is available in English, Spanish, and Creole.

La Escuelita de Manejar 
937 SW 87 Ave Miami, FL 
(305) 649-0999

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La Escuelita de Manejar is a one stop solution for drivers, offering new driver training as well as traffic school courses. They've served the Miami area for more than 10 years. With the finest driver training programs available, La Escuelita de Manejar is dedicated to reducing deaths and injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. They have highly dedicated instructors and excellent programs with options for both classroom and online learning. Services from La Escuelita de Manejar include drivers license exams, driver improvement courses, driving lessons, permit exams, traffic law and substance abuse education, and more. They specialize in nervous beginner drivers.

Kendall Traffic and Driving School 
11735 SW 147 Ave Ste 30 Miami, FL 33196 
(305) 383-3533

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Kendall Traffic and Driving School promotes safe driving with high safety standards and highly qualified instructors. Each of Kendall Traffic and Driving School's courses are enjoyable, safe, and educational. Students will learn how to drive in extreme weather, maintain control, and drive defensively to avoid car accidents and traffic violations. Every instructor with Kendall Traffic and Driving School is bilingual.

Palermo Driving School 
2040 NE 163 St Ste 304c Miami, FL 33162 
(786) 439-7757

For many years, Palermo Driving School has serviced Miami with driving classes and services. They offer driver education, defensive driving, and traffic school courses. Offering patience and highly qualified driver education Palermo Driving School is able to meet the needs of Miami's drivers whether they're just starting out or improving their skills. Palermo Driving School takes an interactive approach to driving education, helping students understand the importance of driving safely and getting the best performance out of their driving experience.

Sylvio's Traffic School 
7455 Collins Ave Ste 207 Miami Beach, FL 33141 (305) 865-7770 
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Sylvio's Traffic School is a full service Miami driving and traffic school. They teach traffic school courses and specialize in helping foreigners obtain their Florida driver's license. With friendly, knowledgeable instructors, all students of Sylvio's Traffic School are in good hands. Instructors speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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