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Driving in Minneapolis can be tough. Though Minnesotans are known for being nice, Minneapolis has some of the most aggressive drivers in the nation. Minneapolis drivers are more likely to overreact, lose their temper, and engage in aggressive driving including tailgating and speeding. Plus, the Twin Cities have difficult traffic, facing traffic jams and growing congestion that is only made worse with often slick roads and below zero temperatures.

With aggressive drivers, difficult traffic, and dangerous driving conditions, Minneapolis drivers need to bring their A game behind the wheel every single day. The best way to be prepared to drive safely in Minneapolis is with a defensive driving course. In a defensive driving course, you'll learn how to spot dangerous traffic conditions with enough time to avoid them, practice responsible driving, and improve your driving skills for safety. Take a defensive driving course, and you'll be a safer driver, better prepared to avoid accidents, traffic tickets, and other trouble on the road.

But Minneapolis defensive driving courses offer more than just safe driving (although that is significant). They can get Minneapolis drivers get traffic tickets dismissed. Defensive driving can even help you save on auto insurance premiums.

Our list shares the 10 best defensive driving schools serving Minneapolis. These schools will help Minneapolis drivers become safer and prepared to avoid accidents and other unpleasant incidents on the road. They're highly committed to teaching students how to be safe drivers with proven curriculum, years of experience, and an excellent local reputation.

Every defensive driving school on our list offers a great education for Minneapolis drivers, so we haven't listed them in ranking order. But we'd still like to know which one you think is the best. Vote in our poll at the end of this article to tell us which Minneapolis defensive driving school is your favorite. Don't wait to submit your vote, as the poll is only open for a limited time!

Alamo Driving School 
2109 Nicollet Ave Ste 106 Minneapolis, MN 55404 
(612) 874-0697

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With advanced teaching systems and modern equipment, Alamo Driving School offers a supportive, beneficial learning environment. Alamo Driving School's unparalleled training and educational programs deliver solid driving skills and self confidence to teen and adult drivers alike. Alamo Driving School offers a supportive, welcoming atmosphere with special attention for nervous students. Each level of driving has a different curriculum, and Alamo Driving School caters to each student's specific needs and learning styles.

Main Street Driving School 
8616 Xylon Ave N Ste B Minneapolis, MN 55445 
(763) 416-0081

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Main Street Driving School is a full service driving school serving Minneapolis. They offer courses for teens, behind the wheel instruction, and adult courses as well. Experienced, patient instructors make it easy to learn in this safe driving learning environment.

Ace Driving School 
310 E 38th St Minneapolis, MN 55409 
(612) 724-4800

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Serving the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas, Ace Driving School is one of the leading driving schools in Minneapolis. Each Ace Driving School is highly trained and provides high quality education both in the classroom and behind the wheel. Instructors are patient, courteous, and thorough. Ace Driving School offers courses for teens and adults as well as a special program for nervous students. Bilingual service in English and Somali is available.

Midway Driving Schools 
Saint Paul, MN 
(612) 623-4142

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For more than 30 years, Midway Driving School has specialized in adult driver education. Patient instructors support adults with flexible and convenient lessons. Nervous drivers are welcomed and will feel more confident after just their first lesson. Multiple locations and flexible schedules make Midway Driving School a convenient choice.

Easy Driving School 
14140 23rd Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55447 
(763) 557-6374

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Easy Driving School was founded in 1989, specializing in flexible driving lessons for students. Their instruction is comprehensive and taught by experienced, Minnesota licensed instructors. Adults and elderly drivers are welcomed, and all students are taught how to be safer drivers anywhere in Minneapolis.

Silver Lake Driving School 
151 Silver Lake Road Suite #3 New Brighton, MN 55112 
(651) 636-7050

Serving the Minneapolis area, Silver Lake Driving School is on a constant mission to deliver an in depth and cohesive driver education experience. Silver Lake Driving School instructors teach students how to drive and prepare for unseen obstacles of the road. Established in 2004, Silver Lake Driving School is committed to giving students the best tools to learn how to drive under any condition.

Safeway Driving School 
12676 Bass Lake Rd Maple Grove, MN 55369 
(763) 551-0330

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For more than 45 years, Safeway Driving School has provided Minneapolis with quality driver education. They specialize in classroom driving lessons as well as behind the wheel lessons. Safeway Driving School's goal is to educate their students to become safe and skillful drivers. Safeway offers excellent resources for students, parents, and more, as well as multiple convenient locations throughout the area.

Elite Driving School 
6603 Queen Ave S Suite 2323 C Richfield, MN 55423 
(612) 584-8458

Elite Driving School is a family owned local small business in Minneapolis. The school offers a fun, effective classroom with modern curriculum, interactive media, quizzes, games, and discussion that encourages involvement and learning. Elite Driving School's driving courses are high quality, flexible, and fun. Flexible options are available with reliable, patient, and highly trained instructors ready to work with drivers of all skill levels.

Barts Suburban Driving School 
6020 Portland Ave Minneapolis, MN 55417 
(612) 861-1337

Barts Suburban Driving School is a full service driving school located in Minneapolis. The school specializes in teen and adult programs with flexible classroom and behind the wheel classes. Students of Barts Suburban Driving School enjoy a friendly, fun, and relaxed environment as they learn how to become defensive drivers with a specially designed program. In this defensive driving program, students learn emergency maneuvers, attitude, parking, drugs and alcohol, freeway driving, and more. Adult packages, single lessons, and driving simulation are available.

A+ Driving School 
3600 Plymouth Blvd Minneapolis, MN 55446 (763) 559-5758 
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With more than 22 years of experience, A+ Driving School is proud to provide Minnesota with high quality driver training. They offer classroom and behind the wheel lessons for teens and adults. Each student learns how to become a responsible driver, understanding the rules of the road, courtesy, and more. A+ Driving School is very convenient with multiple locations throughout the Twin Cities area.

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