San Francisco Defensive Driving

by Brandon Myers | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

San Francisco is a tough city for driving. With hills, winding streets, a dense city center, pedestrians, and practically no parking, San Francisco is a true urban driving challenge. And making matters worse, San Francisco has some of the worst drivers in America with significant road rage incidents. Drivers in San Francisco are 55.6% more likely to get into an accident.

Though it’s a challenge to drive safely in San Francisco, it can be done. Drivers who take the time to complete a defensive driving course with a qualified instructor will lay the foundation to become a safer, more defensive driver. That means you’ll be less likely to be involved in an accident or receive a traffic ticket.

For drivers who have received a traffic ticket, defensive driving courses can be a dream come true. In California, you can avoid receiving a conviction for your traffic ticket if you complete a traffic violator school course. This will keep the ticket off of your record and protect you from higher insurance rates. Courses are also available for drivers who would like to reduce their auto insurance premiums.

In our list, you’ll find San Francisco’s 10 best defensive driving schools. They offer experienced instructors and excellent driving education that will make you a safer driver whether you’ve been trouble with a ticket or accident in the past, or you have a spot free record.

Our top 10 defensive driving schools in San Francisco are listed without ranking, but we all know one of them has to be the best. We’ve included a poll at the end of this article and encourage you to vote for the defensive driving school you think offers the highest level of driving education in San Francisco. But hurry: the poll will close in 30 days!

8698 Elk Grove Blvd Ste 1, 290 Elk Grove, CA 95624

(916) 837-4836

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Founded in 1996, AllGood Driving School offers defensive driving courses for all drivers in California. Instructors with AllGood Driving School have hundreds of thousands of hours in driver education experience. It is this school’s mission to make all drivers become good drivers with the use of quality education and communication.

771 Sunset Glen Dr, San Jose, CA 95123

(408) 972-1168

For nearly 40 years, Economic Driving School has served California’s drivers with driver education courses. They offer the best possible training at the most affordable rate with professional, punctual courses and the latest in teaching techniques and learning strategies. More than 100,000 California drivers have been students of this school.

550 Washington St Ste 113, Daly City, CA 94015

(650) 755-6200

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Manila Bay Area Driving School offers DMV licensed courses for California drivers. With a fun learning environment, you’ll find patient, supportive, and experienced instructors. Courses are available at competitive rates, and you can choose how you’d like to complete them. They’re broken into manageable and easy to digest lessons, and you can typically work through the program at your own pace. Courses surpass state requirements, offering a high level of instruction for safe driving.

151 87th St Ste 12, Daly City, CA 94015

(650) 224-2075

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Offering affordable driver education, Fil-Am Driving School provides California drivers with the resources needed to meet mandatory requirements. Easy to work with driving instructors will support you as you learn about safe driving in a friendly environment.

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