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Many California cities are not ideal for driving safety, and Stockton is no exception. Stockton is ranked 118th out of 200 in Allstate's America's Best Drivers Report, placing the city firmly in the bottom 50 percent of American cities.

The good news for Stockton is that it's not nearly as difficult to drive in as Los Angeles, Glendale, or San Francisco. But Stockton isn't winning any awards for safe driving, either. Drivers in Stockton are 13 percent more likely to get into an accident than the national average.

Stockton's population density isn't much of an issue for drivers, but weather is, causing often hazardous driving conditions. With these factors, drivers in Stockton typically only go an average of 8.9 years in between auto insurance claims.

While driving in Stockton is only slightly more dangerous than average, it's still important for drivers in the city to be cautious and responsible. Driving in Stockton -- or anywhere else, for that matter -- you should always be ready for trouble on the road including speeders, road rage, red light runners, and hazardous driving conditions. By staying alert and keeping an eye on conditions as well as other drivers, you can be vigilant in protecting yourself from accidents and other trouble on the road.

One of the best ways to become safer on the road in Stockton is to take a defensive driving course. This course will help you develop important and potentially life saving skills for safe driving. You'll improve your driving knowledge and learn how to drive more defensively in Stockton and beyond.

Drivers completing a defensive driving course in Stockton will learn important skills in accident avoidance, hazard prediction, and more. In defensive driving, you'll also learn about important California driving laws and regulations to help you be more responsible while driving. With a completed defensive driving course, you'll be safer and better prepared to deal with traffic and trouble on the roads of Stockton.

Learning safe driving skills is the most valuable thing you can walk away from your defensive driving school with. But that's not all defensive driving courses offer. Often, drivers are able to get a discount on auto insurance rates and may even be able to dismiss traffic tickets. Many California courts allow drivers to waive traffic tickets, provided they complete a qualified defensive driving course. And California insurance companies may offer drivers the opportunity to earn auto insurance discounts for completing defensive driving. Of course, some insurance companies only offer this discount to drivers with a safe driving record, or those with a mature age. Either way, defensive driving has the potential to save you money -- and possibly your life.

If you're ready to enroll in a defensive driving course in Stockton, you're in the right place: we have a list of the 10 best defensive driving schools in the city. These schools offer experience, a commitment to safe driving education, and caring, professional driving instructors. With any of these leading Stockton defensive driving schools, you'll be well prepared to driver safer and more defensively every day.

All of the Stockton defensive driving schools on our list are great choices for defensive driving education, so we've listed them in no particular ranking order. Of course, we know that there has to be one that's the best. But we're leaving that up to you. Please vote in our poll at the end of this article to tell us which defensive driving school you think is the best in Stockton. Just don't wait to place your vote: the poll closes in 30 days!

Delta School of Driving 
7871 N Pershing Ave Stockton, CA 95207 
(209) 478-9844 
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Since 1983, the Delta School of Driving has made the roads of Stockton safer one student at a time. They serve the San Joaquin Valley with driver education, behind the wheel training, lessons for adults, and behind the wheel drive tests. The Delta School of Driving is a member of the Driving School Association of Florida and instructors are fully licensed by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles. Students can feel comfortable and confident with Delta School of Driving instructors -- students can even designate a preference for a male or female instructor at the time of scheduling.

Davis Academy Driving School 
340 G St Davis, CA 95616 
(530) 759-0464

Established in 1996, Davis Academy Driving School is one of the leading driving schools serving Stockton. The school is owned and operated by Maria Saez, an experienced driving instructor who has been working in driving education since 1991. Students can complete driver education online and in class as well as behind the wheel training. A mature driver course and traffic school are offered by the school as well. Students completing traffic school with Davis Academy Driving School will learn about safe, defensive driving and can clear traffic violations and related points from their driving record. Driver training is available seven days of the week in day and evening classes. Driver training sessions are one on one with experienced instructors. Instructors are experienced, licensed, and background checked by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Davis Academy Driving School offers a friendly and quiet learning environment with modern teaching methods, free teaching materials, and even special courses for adults.

AllGood Driving School 
6507 Pacific Ave. #189 Stockton, CA 95207 
(209) 368-5150

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Founded in 1996, AllGood Driving School serves many locations throughout California with driver education and traffic violator school courses. The driving school believes in education as the key to safe and successful drivers and is on a mission to make all drivers good drivers through quality education and communication. They support new drivers as they learn how to become a safe driver and support existing drivers as they improve their driving skills and learn new things. AllGood Driving School supports lifelong driver education and are always working to create opportunities for all drivers to learn about safe driving. They place emphasis on communicating with drivers and discussing important safety topics and new laws. Students can participate in forums and blogs to discuss driving issues in a fun and exciting way while helping others learn as well. Flexible classes and scholarships are available to students for convenience and accessibility.

Coach's Driving School 
1330 W Robinhood Dr Ste F Stockton, CA 95207 
(209) 951-3467

Coach's Driving School is a trusted driving school serving Stockton and surrounding areas. Their course is Department of Motor Vehicles approved and fulfills mandatory California driver education requirements. Students can also enroll in behind the wheel driver training. With Coach's Driving School, students will work through 11 units, answering a quiz at the end of each unit as well as a final exam. Courses are affordable and behind the wheel driving lessons are flexible.

Love's Safe Driving School & Traffic Violator School

3524 Oakdale Rd Ste C Modesto, CA 95357 
(209) 526-5683
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For more than 23 years, Love's Safe Driving School & Traffic Violator School has served the Central Valley of California. Owned and operated by George Love, a retired California Highway Patrolman and Deputy Sheriff, Love's Safe Driving School has enjoyed an excellent reputation for quality driver education. The school offers a wide range of programs for drivers of all ages. Students can enroll in driver education, traffic violator school, or behind the wheel training. Instructors are fully trained and licensed professionals. In driver education, students learn all of the state requirements needed for minors to take the California DMV Permit test. Traffic violator school covers California driving laws, defensive driving, collision causes, road rage, and safe vehicle operation. With behind the wheel training, students benefit from one on one training designed to prepare them for the Department of Motor Vehicles driving test, and ultimately, the challenges they'll face on the roads every day. Behind the wheel training is available seven days a week with complimentary pick up and drop off at home, work, or school.

Economic Driving School 
771 Sunset Glen Dr San Jose, CA 95123 
(408) 972-1168

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Economic Driving School has educated California drivers for more than 39 years and has served more than 40,000 California residents. Economic Driving School is committed to the best possible training at the most affordable rate. They are known for their professionalism, punctuality, affordability, and modern teaching and learning strategies. Students throughout California can learn from this school's supportive, California Department of Motor Vehicles Approved online driver education course. The course was developed by educators with more than 70 years of teaching experience. Students are able to learn from videos, graphics, quizzes, and driving tips. Free practice tests are available, as well as behind the wheel driver training instruction.

Quick 2 Finish Traffic School 
7500 West Ln, Ste 103B Stockton, CA 95210 
(800) 419-0684 
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Quick 2 Finish Traffic School is a state of the art online traffic school designed to be fun and easy to complete. They offer low prices and a 100% pass rate guarantee. Students can enjoy 24/7 access and customer service, unlimited course attempts, and the flexibility to complete the course at any time in one day or over multiple days. Quick 2 Finish Traffic School is California Department of Motor Vehicles licensed and bonded. Easy payment options and express delivery options are available.

In and Out Traffic School 
7500 West Ln, Ste 104 Stockton, CA 95210

(877) 526-1280
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In and Out Traffic School offers an easy solution to traffic school. They offer the fastest way to clear a traffic ticket in California with a quick, easy online traffic school setting. Students can complete their traffic school education in one sitting or over a number of days with both desktop and mobile access. The course is guaranteed to be easy with a 100% money back guarantee and a 99.9% success rate. In and Out Traffic School offers immediate completion results and same day certificate Department of Motor Vehicles processing as well as the option to start now and pay later, only requiring payment before you take the final exam. The school is Department of Motor Vehicles licenses and bonded.

Traffic School Cheap N' Easy 
7500 West Ln, Ste 103A Stockton, CA 95210 
(800) 819-4587

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Traffic School Cheap N' Easy offers an easy to complete online traffic violator school for California drivers. With a state of the art design, traffic school is easy and fun to complete. Students also enjoy low prices, 24/7 support, and free certificates. Traffic School Cheap N' Easy is 100% guaranteed to be easy and they offer a 100% pass rate guarantee. Traffic School Cheap N' Easy is Department of Motor Vehicles licensed and bonded. Express certificate delivery options are available and students are able to sign up right away and pay later.

Lodi Traffic School 
844 W. Lodi Ave. Lodi, Ca 95240 (209) 333-1422 
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For more than 29 years, Lodi Traffic School has specialized in driver education. Lodi Traffic School teaches good driving to students, maximizing their results by teaching every student to the best of their ability and skill level. The school offers driving school, driver training, traffic school, and Department of Motor Vehicle test car rentals. Many traffic violator school sessions are taught by law enforcement professionals, offering an informative, interesting course with an insider's perspective on safe driving. The school also offers online, home study, and classroom driver training. Classes are flexible and students will be able to find a class that fits their schedule. Committed to excellent customer service, Lodi Traffic School supports students and parents as they complete driving education.

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