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There's no question that driving in Washington, D.C. can be hazardous. The nation's capital has been highlighted as having the some of the worst drivers in America by multiple sources including Allstate's Best Drivers report and WalletHub. Washington, D.C. is decidedly not driver friendly, with issues including high average gas prices, high annual traffic delays, high rates of car theft, and an average of less than five years between accidents.

It's not easy being a safe driver in Washington, D.C., but your life depends on it. You can't do anything to stop D.C.'s bad drivers, but you can improve how you respond to them with safe, defensive driving. And with a qualified defensive driving course, you can prepare yourself for a safer driving experience in D.C., avoiding accidents, tickets, and more.

With a Washington, D.C. defensive driving course, you'll also be able to dismiss points from your record. After a traffic violation with points, you may be ordered by the court to enroll in a driver improvement course. You may also be able to remove points from your driving record or receive insurance discounts by enrolling in the course.

We've found Washington, D.C.'s best defensive driving schools. They have multiple years in business, caring and patient instructors, the latest in driver education curriculum, and a great reputation for teaching students how to drive safely.

Although we've listed Washington, D.C.'s 10 best defensive driving schools without ranking order, we do want to know which one is the best. Simply let us know which Washington, D.C. defensive driving school you think offers the best education and service by voting in our poll at the end of this article. Vote today, as the poll closes in 30 days!

GMEL Driving Academy 
230 Longfellow St NW Washington, DC 20011 
(202) 722-0328

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GMEL, which stands for "great method, easy learning" offers the easiest method for learning how to be a safe and defensive driver on the road. Each instructor has more than 15 years of experience teaching students how to drive, and their goal is to teach students how to drive cars safely while paying attention and being aware of surroundings. They work carefully with students who are intimidated by driving, and are very proud to teach their students how to drive professionally. Students enjoy free consultations, award winning service, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Ethio Star Driving School 
7826 Eastern Avenue NW Suite#304 Washington, DC 20012 
(202) 280 3597

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Offering lessons seven days a week, Ethio Star Driving School is committed to helping students become confident, cautious, and courteous drivers and ultimately, safe drivers on the road. With a comprehensive course on traffic and safety regulations with extraordinary defensive driving skills, Ethio Star Driving School provides students with a superior driving education. Instructors are patient, well trained, and committed to quality service. Students appreciate a friendly, courteous service at a reasonable price with convenient scheduling seven days a week.

Abyssinia Driving School 
1414 Upshur St Washington, DC 20011 
(240) 478-8138

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For more than 10 years, Abyssiania Driving School has specialized in behind the wheel driving classes for drivers of all skills levels. They have extensive proper driving technique knowledge, and students learn about safe road habits along with how to avoid accidents and breaking traffic laws. Affordable packages are available, and instructors are patient and courteous with students, especially nervous drivers.

Dexterity Driving School 
7059 Blair Rd NW Ste 203 Washington, DC 20012 
(202) 291-6410

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Dexterity Driving School has served Washington, D.C. students with professional driving education since 2003. Their goal is to provide students with a professional, enjoyable driving education with quality service guaranteed. Students will undergo a step by step process of learning basic driving rules and techniques, including prohibited driving actions and how to practice defensive driving techniques, particularly in urban traffic. Dexterity Driving School serves the greater Washington, D.C. area including Virginia and Maryland with instructors available in English, Spanish, and French.

CAS Driving School 
Washington, DC 20090 
(202) 636-1049

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Owned and operated by Charles A. Smith, CAS Driving School has been in business since 2007, and Mr. Smith has been a licensed driving instructor since 1981 and is a former D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles road test examiner. Safe driving is CAS Driving School's passion, and students are taught to be safe, defensive drivers that can successfully avoid traffic accidents by taking safety precautions, obeying the law, and avoiding confrontations. Graduates are at ease in all driving conditions as well as responsible and respectful of pedestrians and other drivers. Courses are available for teen learners, adult learners, and lapsed drivers.

Results Driving School 
3621 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204 
(703) 892-2222

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Easy Method Driving School 
4201 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 536-5152

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One of the oldest and largest driving schools in the Washington, D.C. area, Easy Method Driving School is dedicated to teaching people how to drive. Their learning environment encourages the development of safe, confident drivers with both classroom and behind the wheel instruction. Easy Method Driving School caters to the individual needs of drivers and works to help students meet their goal of becoming a safe, confident licensed driver. Driving instructors with Easy Method are patient, committed to quality service, and well trained. Many classroom sites are available with flexible classroom schedules.

Noble Driving Academy 
5501 Cherokee Ave Ste 200 Alexandria, VA 22312 
(703) 789-3404

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With Noble Driving Academy, students learn and obey the rules of the road with defensive driving techniques as patient, courteous drivers. Instructors take their role as driving educators very seriously and place the safety of their students as their primary goal. Noble Driving academy has more than 18 years of experience and is licensed, insured, and bonded. Appointments are available at any time, and multi lingual instructors are available.

Advantage Driving School 
1880 Howard Ave Ste 307 Vienna, VA 22182 
(866) 275-8028

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Operating since 2000, Advantage Driving School teaches both teens and adults how to drive safely and defensively. This school is committed to catering to the needs of driving students and specializes in driver improvement clinics for teens and adults. Experienced, state certified instructors care about sharing their knowledge and work hard to make the roads safer for everyone. International students are welcome and flexible hours can be tailored to your instructional needs.

Alcantara Driving School 1620 Elton Rd Ste 201 Silver Spring, MD 20903 (301) 434-0036 
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Serving the greater Washington, D.C. area, Alcantara Driving School is committed to saving lives with safe driving instruction. Instructors are certified and deliver an excellent environment for learning how to drive. They offer competitive pricing, a first class classroom, well equipped vehicles, and guaranteed services. Bilingual instruction is available as well as flexible class schedules.

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