29 Unusual Road Signs

Last Updated: August 5, 2021 |
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As a driver, it’s your responsibility to observe, understand, and follow road signs. But with some signs, that’s easier said than done. It’s not always clear what they’re asking you to do or warning you about, and some are just downright strange. It’s hard to know if you should take them all seriously. We’ve found and shared the 29 most unusual road signs in the world. Encounter these signs, and they may leave you scratching your head — or laughing.

Four Way Stop Please

This stop sign asks drivers to stop politely.

Airplane Crossing

You probably expect to see signs for wildlife or pedestrian crossings, but this airplane crossing sign might catch you off guard. We’re assuming it warns drivers of low flying aircraft near the road.

Beware of Invisible Cows

This sign looks strange at first, but once you read the smaller print, it’s clear how cows can be invisible on the road.

Cars in the Water

This sign on a bridge seems to suggest that cars should drive in the water while bikes stay on the bridge.

Photo by Flickr user outofpaper

ET Buckles Up

ET reminds drivers and passengers to buckle up.

Families Crossing

Drivers in locations near the border may be familiar with these signs. They warn that immigrants may be crossing the highway.

Go Ahead, Drink and Drive

This sign warns drunk drivers of where they may end up: jail, the hospital, or the morgue.

If You Hit This, You’ll Hit Bridge

A warning sign with a printed height is easy to overlook, but this sign with a barrier is effective in warning tall truck drivers that they may hit the top of the bridge if they’re not careful.

Photo by Flickr user Matthew Rutledge

Keep Right (Left)

The sign says keep right, but the arrow says left on this contradictory road sign.

Mosquito Warning

We’re sure this sign is a joke, but it probably feels pretty real for people who live in areas heavily infested with mosquitoes.

Mystery Car Sign

It’s not clear what this sign indicates. It could mean a steep hill, flying, or some other mystery.

Mystery Man Sign

We have no idea what’s going on in this sign, except that they don’t want you to do it.

Photo by Flickr user -sel-

New Orleans One Way Street

These signs on a New Orleans neighborhood street seem to offer conflicting information. But we’re thinking it means the street is one way to the right and the other way to the left.

Photo by Flickr user Chuck Coker

Nowhere to Turn

There’s nowhere to turn from this stop sign, not even back from where you came from.

One Way Both Ways Double Take

At this T intersection, there are no two way streets, but you can go two different directions.

Salem Witch Parking

Salem, Massachusetts is the historic site of the Salem Witch Trials. The city is full of witch tourist attractions, tours, and historic sights. This painting on the street seems to indicate parking available exclusively for witches.

Photo by Flickr user Alonso Javier Torres

Secret Nuclear Bunker

What’s the point of having a secret nuclear bunker if you’re going to announce it with a sign that offers directions?

Sign Not in Use

One of the world’s most useless signs, this sign announces that it’s currently not being used. What’s the point?

Something This Way

We’re not sure what you’ll find if you turn left — and we don’t think the people who made the sign know, either.


These guys had a bad day at work.

Squirrels Have Right of Way

Squirrels can’t read road signs, so it’s up to drivers to give them the right of way.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

This normal stop sign was cleverly modified to add song lyrics.

Stunt Rider

This sign is probably warning motorcyclists about an upcoming downhill turn, but it really just looks like a kid showing off on a rainbow.

Photo by Flickr user ashevillein

Turn Right to Go Left

Turning left is usually a straightforward affair, but not at this intersection. You’ll first need to turn right and then go left. But be careful not to get confused, as you shouldn’t block the intersection, either!

Photo by Flickr user Paul Heaberlin

Warning: Air Force Bombing Range

Objects — presumably bombs — may fall from aircraft for the next 12 miles. It’s probably best just to turn around.

Warthogs and Children Have Right of Way

Warthogs and children have the right of way in this area, but hopefully they’re not crossing at the same time.

Welcome to Accident

This sign for Accident, Maryland does not offer reassurance for drivers in the area.

Photo by Flickr user sayonara

Wheelchair Alligator

This sign probably isn’t meant to be funny, but it is.

Photo by Flickr user james_michael_hill

Beware Wild Animals/Children

This sign is not clear. Should children beware of wild animals? Should we beware of wild children (and animals)? To play it safe, it’s probably best to just assume both.

Photo by Flickr user silversprite

Zombies Ahead

Electronic road signs can be hacked, and this one is no exception. Drivers are warned of zombies ahead — though we’re guessing no zombies were actually there.