Avoiding Road Rage: 12 Ways You Can Escape Aggressive Driving

Last Updated: July 31, 2023 |
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Road rage is an epidemic that has the potential to affect every driver on the road, whether you’re an aggressor or victim. Aggressive driving can lead to death or injury, but it can often be avoided. Learn more about important road rage statistics and information and what you can do to avoid aggressive driving and becoming a victim of road rage.

How to Avoid Road Rage

While aggressive drivers are everywhere, the most dangerous road rage incidents happen when two or more drivers have aggressive responses to each other. Getting cut off in traffic can quickly escalate to further aggression if you choose to honk or gesture at another driver.

Even if you’ve been subjected to rude or aggressive driving behaviors, it’s important that you don’t respond in kind. Think twice before laying on your horn or making a rude gesture, and you can avoid provoking road rage.

Use these tips to slow down, calm down, and stay safe even with aggressive drivers on the road:

Road Rage Statistics

Road rage can be dangerous, even deadly. There have been more than 1,000 deaths from road rage within the last decade, and fatal road rage accidents continue to increase significantly. Consider these statistics on road rage, including deaths, common behaviors, and factors that contribute to aggressive driving:

Road rage and aggressive driving behaviors include:

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Factors that lead to road rage and aggressive driving include: