9 Amazing Road Trip Ideas You Need to Experience

Last Updated: March 21, 2023 |
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Do you dream of going on a grand road trip? Do you want to see the sights of the country, but you’re not sure where to start? Not sure which road trip ideas are best for you?

There are a variety of different places to explore around the United States. It’s overwhelming to know where to begin planning for a road trip. If you’ve never gone on a road trip before, it’s even more confusing.

To help you, we’ve collected some of the best road trip ideas that make it easy to enjoy a stress-free vacation. Keep reading to learn all about them!

1. Explore Mount Washington

If you’re looking for some excitement in your road trip, there’s nothing quite as stunning or daring as a trip through Mount Washington Auto Road. It’s a wonderful East Coast road trip that’s bound to have your heart racing and your mouth open in awe.

The unique thing about this mountain is that it has weather patterns that change at any time. It might look sunny at one moment, but in the next, you’re in the middle of a rainstorm. Wait a little bit longer and the sun peeks out again, giving you a chance to look for rainbows.

The clouds are also an interesting point since they swirl and shift in a mosaic of different shapes. This makes it the perfect backdrop to any stunning photoshoot.

It is a one-day trip, however, since it’s not possible to stay overnight on top of the mountain. There’s also a fee to get onto the Auto Road.

While it’s not a lengthy vacation, it’s a wonderful treat that’s sure to impress. It works well as a sightseeing side trip during a longer vacation and even has educational opportunities!

2. Enjoy the Beauty of the Pacific Coast

One of the best ways to enjoy the natural beautify of the Pacific coast is to travel across California’s Route 1. This length of road goes for over 600 miles, so there’s lots of time to enjoy the sights. Plus, there are so many stops to make along the way that turns this road trip into a proper vacation retreat.

Everywhere you look, you’ll have the gorgeous crystal-blue ocean at your side, giving you ample photo opportunities. No matter if you decide to drive straight through or stop at every interesting place, you’ll always have the ocean as your traveling companion.

As you drive along this West Coast road trip, don’t forget to take the chance to go whale-watching or look for large sea lions. Take an afternoon to enjoy swimming in the warm beaches or try surfing for the first time.

There are also plenty of lighthouses and historical places to explore along this highway, so don’t miss out! 

3. Take a Scenic Route Through Northern America

Have you always wanted to explore the northern part of America? If you travel along Route 2, it’s an easy thing to accomplish.

This long stretch of highway brings you from Maine all the way to the state of Washington. This means you get to see a diverse selection of forests and wildlife along the way as you go through the country. 

Enjoy some succulent lobster, see the Colombia Plateau, and take a walk through the Glacier National Park. There are plenty of other hidden gems along this road that aren’t as well known. Keep an eye out and you’ll never know what treasure you’ll find!

For those who love to see other countries, this route has the chance to bring you to Canada for a short visit. Make sure to check on traveling restrictions beforehand, however, due to COVID-19 complications.

4. Ride Along Route 66

For this road trip, it’s best to leave the kiddos with their grandparents for a few days. When you follow through Route 66, you’ll have the opportunity to visit many unique whiskey distilleries that’ll make you want to come back for more.

You’ll start in Chicago and end up in Los Angeles by the end. Throughout this, you’ll get to try the fine spirits of well-known places like Still 630 and the Red Fork Distillery.

It’s best to plan your trip before you head out. Above all, you want to be safe, so give yourself plenty of time to recuperate before getting back behind the wheel. Always drink responsibly!

5. Drive Through Nature’s Wonders

If you’re looking for a road trip that lets you see as much of nature as possible, you’ll want to hop onto this opportunity. Starting in Utah’s Zion Natural Park gives you a chance to hike through Angel’s Landing. The massive rock formations are impossible to forget.

You’ll end up in the Grand Canyon National Park, where there’s never an end to what you can do or explore. Looking down the rim of the canyon is always a classic choice, but don’t leave without trying some white-water rafting as well.

All along this stretch of road exists plenty of other parks that you’ll get to see for yourself. Each one is unique, beautiful, and will make you appreciate nature even more.

This road trip is the perfect vacation to get your kids involved in loving nature as much as you do. Make sure to pack their car seats so that they’re able to enjoy the road trip to the fullest in the safest way possible!

6. Relive History on the Oregon Trail

When many of us hear about the Oregon Trail, we think of that classic computer game we loved to play as a kid. To ensure that your children know more about the Trail’s history and its significance, why not take them down this historic path?

It’s a great way to incorporate learning into a fun vacation. Bring books for your kids to read all about the place they’re traveling through. This makes the learning process even more immersive.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of places to take a break from all the studying!

For example, along the Oregon Trail, you’ll have the chance to visit Niagara Falls for a refreshing experience. Bring back nostalgic memories and create new ones in the Toy Hall of Fame. Kids love trying out all of the featured toys.

Plus, there’s nothing quite as marvelous as looking at Mount Rushmore with your own eyes. It’s a way to merge learning with fun all over again!

7. Visit Interesting Sites Along the East Coast

If you’re up for a road trip with a long list of sightseeing opportunities, then going from Maine to the Florida Keys is your perfect vacation.

Highway 1 stretches across the entire East Coast, with over 2,300 miles for you and your family to enjoy. It’s the ultimate road trip that gives you everything you could ever hope to experience.

Since you’ll travel through 15 different states, there’s time to explore the scenic places of each one. Visit the Statue of Liberty when you pass through New York or go to Disney World when you reach Florida. Keep going past Florida to reach its Keys and you’ll get to enjoy a tropical getaway.

There’s always something for everyone in the family on this extravagant road trip!

8. Gaze Upon Glistening Waterfalls

Anyone who loves the sight of sturdy mountains needs to travel through the Blue Ridge Parkway at least once. You’ll get a beautiful view of the Appalachian Mountains in all their glory.

There are a lot of hiking opportunities as well, giving you a chance to stretch your legs and get a bit of exercise at the same time. After sitting in the car for a while, it’ll be a fun adventure that’ll reward you with special scenery. You won’t see the unique wildlife, plants, and trees by sitting in the car the whole time!

There are also lots of waterfalls to enjoy. Some are small while others are quite large. Don’t miss the chance to get to see them all!

9. Gallivant Across the Appalachian Trail

If you find that the Blue Ridge Parkway isn’t long enough for your liking, why not lengthen the trip by going through the whole Appalachian Trail? Although it’s well-known as a hiking extravaganza, there’s also a road that follows along most of the Trail. You’ll get to experience it without needing to break a sweat.

It’s a great compromise for families with young children. This way, you get to experience this iconic trail without tiring out the little ones.

Along the way, don’t forget to enjoy some of the interesting sights. For example, there’s the Crayola Factory, the Cascade Waterfalls, and the Boulder Caverns.

It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your family!

Make Sure to Polish Your Driving Skills Before Indulging in Any Road Trip Ideas

No matter which of these road trip ideas you love most, every single one involves a lot of driving. That’s why you must ensure the safety of everyone on board before you set out.

Brushing up on your driving skills not only keeps you safe on your dream road trip but also helps you every day you get behind the wheel.