The 14 Best Car Maintenance Apps Available

Last Updated: April 20, 2021 |
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Keeping your vehicle properly maintained is essential for safe driving. Without an adequate working vehicle, you’ll be at risk for hazards and breakdowns that can interfere with your ability to safely drive. But it’s not always easy to remember to stay on top of your vehicle maintenance. And that’s where car maintenance apps come in.

With car maintenance apps, you’re able to get regular reminders for oil changes, tire rotations, scheduled service, and more, so you’ll always know what you need to take care of to safely maintain your vehicle. Some apps will even help you track your fuel consumption and miles per gallon, get help with repairs, and order auto parts. Check out our list of the 10 best car maintenance apps available to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance today.

Car Care offers an easy, automatic way to track your car’s fuel economy and service maintenance every time you fill up. You’ll get service reminders, get updates for tire rotations and oil changes, and even car wax reminders so that you can keep your car running smoothly and looking good.

Available on: iOS $2.99

myCARFAX helps reduce the hassle of servicing your vehicle. Using this app, you’ll stay in tune with your vehicle’s maintenance needs, seamlessly combining previous service records from other owners. You’ll even be alerted to important safety and recall information with reminders for future maintenance checks, and you can use the app to locate a convenient auto repair shop in your area.

Available on: iOS, Android

Log everything about your vehicle on Car Pros so you don’t forget what you did — and what’s waiting up next. You’ll be able to manage your vehicles, track mileage and services, and more. You’ll also be able to visualize the estimated remaining life span of car parts. With an OBD adapter, you can also monitor your vehicle’s operating state and clear trouble codes.

Available on: Android Free

Detect potential problems and stay on top of maintenance using the Car Minder app. This app will help youΒ manage all of your car’s maintenance needs as you log repairs and track fuel economy. Log services, fill ups, and repairs in seconds, and find out when services are due instantly.

Available on: iOS $2.99

Get the maximum performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency available for your car with the Auto Care car maintenance service and gas log. You can track service and gas fill ups, monitor service reminders for multiple vehicles, and look at charts, cost per mile, and miles per month for every vehicle you own. This app connects with AirPrint and Dropbox for printing, backup, and restore as well as import and export of Excel compatible CSV files.

Available on: iOS $4.99

With a clean, modern, and user friendly interface, aCar makes it easy to record fill ups, services, expenses, and trips. You can track gas mileage and keep records of your cars, trucks, and bikes using this app with powerful searching and filtering.

Available on: Android

RepairPal is an award winning auto repair and maintenance service app for repairing and maintaining your vehicle. You’ll get an estimate for the right price to pay for your repair as well as recommendations for great mechanics in the area. The app will track all of your repairs, as well as offer one touch access for roadside assistance. The app syncs and can be viewed and updated online at, so you’ll always have access to your vehicle repair and maintenance information.

Available on: iOS

Need car repair or maintenance? Get help from Openbay. With this app, you can compare and schedule service with ease, getting instant quotes for repair and maintenance from local shops. You can even book and pay for your service through Openbay’s safe and secure payment system and earn rewards on completed service. You can rest assured that your needs will be met effectively with the Openbay guarantee, and the app even maintains an online repair diary for your vehicle maintenance records.

Available on: iOS

Using BitKar, you’ll be able to manage your vehicle maintenance from reminders to finding a mechanic. Diagnose car repair problems, estimate auto maintenance costs, even buy auto repair parts, all from the BitKar app. You’ll also be able to manage your maintenance service history records.

Available on: iOS Free

Gas Tracker+ is the ultimate app for tracking gas consumption and mileage. You can monitor your driving style, calculate how much you’ve spent on gas, and see how your driving pattern has an impact on your MPG. You can even add notes at every fill up to compare the fuel efficiency of different grades of gas or gas stations.

Available on: iOS, Android Free

Using Vehicle Logbook, you’ll track fuel mileage and maintenance for cars, trucks, and other vehicles with a separate logbook for each. You’ll get a quick overview of the current status of each vehicle including MPG, recent history, and any upcoming services that are due. You can even look at a vehicle’s history and schedule future services.

Available on: iOS $3.99

Fuel Monitor is a fuel economy, MPG, car maintenance, and service log that can help you keep an eye on your car costs. Calculate fuel consumption, set intervals for services, and track every service and repair you make for your vehicle. You can also manage basic information for your car such as your VIN, plate, tire size, and engine type. Plus, generate reports including costs, fuel statistics and consumption, and the cost of service and repairs. This app works with the Apple Watch.

Available on: iOS $1.99

Quickly and easily log your fuel usage to stay on top of expenses and gas mileage with Gas Cubby. You’ll get reminders to change the oil, charts for stats, gas prices, services, and more. Plus, Gas Cubby is plugged into the Fuelly community so you can compare your vehicle’s performance to that of other vehicles.

Available on: iOS $1.99

Road Trip is one of the fastest, easiest, and slickest solutions for tracking fuel economy, maintenance history, and expenses. It is comprehensive, allowing you to input data and even export it to CSV. Its excellent reporting tools make it easy for you to see a quick summary of your vehicle’s stats and generate reports such as fuel costs and MPG over time. You’ll also be able to calculate how much it costs you to drive per day and see how much money you spend on your car.

Available on: iOS $6.99

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