What Teens Need to Know About Safe Driving

by Brandon Myers | Last Updated: November 28, 2020

Driving as a teen is exhilarating. After years of being driven around, it’s finally your turn to take the wheel and be in charge of where you want to go and when. This independence is incredible for new drivers — but it also comes with serious responsibility.

While teen driving is the most exciting time to be behind the wheel, it’s also the most dangerous. Motor vehicle accidents are more fatal for 15 to 20 year olds than any other cause of death. Driver inexperience is often to blame.

As a new teen driver, it is your responsibility to know just how dangerous it is to drive — and take heed in developing safe driving habits. In this guide, you’ll learn important facts about teen drivers, why teen drivers are so at risk of injury and death in motor vehicle crashes, and of course, what you can do as a teen driver to make your driving experience safer for yourself and everyone on the road.

Teen Driving Facts

Just how dangerous is it for teen drivers on the road? These facts share how many teens die in motor vehicle crashes each year, their disproportionate amount of accidents, and the increased crash risks faced by teen drivers.

Why Teen Drivers are at Risk

What makes it so dangerous to be a teenage driver? Even if you feel you’re a responsible teen driver, you’re at risk. According to the CDC, there are a number of factors that make teen drivers especially prone to accidents. These risk factors include:

Teen Driving Safety Tips

Don’t become a statistic. Beat the odds and practice safe driving as a new teen driver. You’ll be safer and make the roads you’re on safer for other drivers as well. With these tips, you can become a safer, more defensive driver every day.


Brandon Myers is a Drivers Education and Safe Driving enthusiast. After a rollover vehicle crash and DUI, Myers has dedicated his life and career to the Drivers Education industry. Believing safe driving techniques save lives, Myers has spent over 5 years improving the industry with IDriveSafely, Aceable, and DriversEd.com.