What to do if You Hit an Animal with Your Car

Last Updated: March 23, 2021 |
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Every accident is upsetting, but hitting an animal is especially traumatizing, especially if it involves someone’s pet. But animal accidents do, unfortunately, happen.

You can take steps to prevent animal accidents and do your best to minimize damage and injuries. If you hit an animal despite your best efforts, you can help by calling authorities for help and getting the animal to a veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitation center if possible. Read on to find out how the best way to deal with animal accidents.

How to Avoid Animal Accidents

Some animal accidents are inevitable. A squirrel or cat may dash out from underneath a car before you even notice they’re on the street. Or you turn down a dark road at night, and there’s a deer right in front of you without enough room to stop. But there are some steps you can take to do your best to avoid having an accident with an animal and minimize the damage.

If You Hit an Animal

After hitting an animal, you may be upset and worried about the animal. You may even have serious damage to your vehicle or have injuries from the accident. Here’s how to react after an accident with an animal.