How Many Questions are on the Texas Permit Test

Last Updated: July 31, 2023 |
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If you’re headed to the Texas DPS to try and get your provisional Learners License, you might be wondering how many questions are on the Texas permit test.  The written test consists of 30 total questions.  Of these 30 questions, 21 need to be answered correctly to pass your exam.  

Texas permit written exams are given both in class with drivers education providers and with the DPS.  You may not need to take the written permit exam if you’ve already passed it as part of your classroom course.  

How Much Does the TX Permit Test Cost?

The permit test in Texas doesn’t cost anything and can also be taken as part of a driver’s education course.  The fee for your state permit costs $16 and is payable when you arrive at the DPS to complete your paperwork/exam.

How to Pass Your TX Permit Test

Make sure to prepare for your test.  Texas Drivers Education is massively helpful for anyone trying to pass their exam, but a written practice test with a great company like DMV-written-test is also a really helpful option.  In Texas, DMV Written test takes questions from the actual exam and runs you through them before you arrive at the DPS.  Seeing questions beforehand can be massively helpful and DMV-written-test does just that in the state of Texas.

One of the other things that DMV-Written-test provides is access to a “Texas DMV Cheat Sheet.”  This is essentially a pdf.  It has all of the questions and answers you will see on the DPS exam.  It’s extremely helpful for making sure you pass.  It’s advertised on the DMV-written-test website that people who secure this option pass at a rate of 99.2%.