Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies for College Students

Last Updated: June 27, 2021 |
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Car insurance can feel very inconvenient and is much more expensive when you’re younger. Insurance companies tend to charge a higher amount for higher risk customers. Because of our age, prices are high. That doesn’t mean that car insurance has to be expensive for us as college students though.

It turns out that insurance companies take a vested interest in our education. Because of this, the best car insurance company for college students isn’t something that is the same for everyone, but rather depends on each personal case. Each car insurance company changes its rates by time of year to compete for your business. That means that getting a quote today will give you the most current picture of the insurance landscape.

Because of the nature of the beast, quotes are something you should get from as many companies as possible. Don’t fret. The process is easier than it looks. If you don’t want to read any further, get a free quote from Gabi insurance. They do all of the insurance shopping for you and save customers an average of over $900 per year. The best part is that they’ll never make an outbound sales call to you. It’s the easiest process in the world and the top way to get the best rate on your insurance.

Gabi Insurance

Our top company for insurance coverage in the United States can be found over at Gabi is a licensed insurance broker and they quite literally do all of the insurance shopping for you. The main philosophy at Gabi is that customers should have the power. They buy policies in bulk and are thus able to pass the best savings back on to their customers.

There are two ways people can use Gabi to get a better view on what they’re looking at for car insurance options. If you have an existing auto insurance policy, Gabi will take your exact coverage and search apples to apples for providers that will give you exactly the same level of service. By utilizing this approach, Gabi customers save an average of $961 per year.

The other method you can use is simply shopping for a policy. If you do not currently have auto insurance, we highly recommend still using Gabi. They’ll ask what coverage you need based on your state’s minimum insurance laws, and you’ll get a breakdown of what everyone in the industry can offer you.

At the end of the day there’s no pressure with Gabi. There are no sales calls or annoying outbound spam emails. This company takes care of its people and cares about their experience. If you don’t like Gabi and what it offers you, you can walk away with 0 obligation. There’s no pressure, and that’s what makes this our top insurance provider for college students.

Liberty Mutual

The Liberty Mutual insurance company is all about students and rewarding them for applying themselves. The company offers a discount for good grades and you’ll receive a break in price if you’re under 25 and attaining over a 3.0 GPA. If you’re under the age of 21, you can also take an approved Defensive Driving course with a certified provider to further slash your rates.

Liberty Mutual also has deep roots in the alumni community of many universities. If you’re part of one of 14,000 alumni associations that partner with Liberty Mutual, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your car insurance rates.

Get a free quote with Liberty Mutual today to see how much you’ll save!


Our top insurance provider overall is AAA. They provide unmatched customer service, top level roadside assistance, and ultimately just make the insurance process a breeze. Did you know that AAA offers a good student discount for college kids?

The good student discount at AAA applies to both High school and college students. You are eligible to save up to 14% on your auto insurance rates when you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

You can earn other discounts for AAA, but the good student discount is really one of the top offers AAA has for savings. The only other discounts AAA is known to give are the $10 auto renewal discount, $20 when you refer a friend, or $20 off renewal fees when you are gifting a car insurance policy.

Get a free quote for AAA auto insurance here.


The AllState car insurance program offers a college student discount if you’re going to be attending your university a long way from home. If a student is travelling at least 100 miles from his or her primary residence, they’re eligible to save up to 35% on car insurance.

AllState also offers a good student discount. This will lower your insurance rates as much as 9%. AllState offers all sorts of insurance policies from home owners to renters. When you combine the 9% good student discount, 35% long distance discount, and any savings from bundling it really adds up to an affordable price.


The final company on our top 5 best car insurance company’s list is Insurify. Much like Gabi above, Insurify vets auto insurance policies with the best providers in your area. Getting a quote from them is free and they’re not out to make your process an upsell filled hassle. In many cases this means they’re getting quotes for you from 50-60 different auto insurance brokers. Getting all of these numbers and figures isn’t easy, but Insurify puts it all into one place.

According to Insurify, insurance companies believe responsible students translate into better drivers who are more attentive on the roadways. Students with 3.0 GPA’s receive discounts by leveraging their platform. The best part is that Insurify also offers discounts for students who aren’t of the 3.0 variety, like me. Make sure you check them out regardless of how much you’re applying yourself in the classroom.