What is Gabi?

Last Updated: June 27, 2021 |
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The Gabi Insurance brand compares home and auto insurance rates from all of the major providers both in a national and regional manner. They are an online insurance broker that actually purchases policies from over 40 different vendors for you. They are available in all 50 US States. They are a must use when it comes to saving on your auto or home insurance.

How Much Do Gabi Customers Save on Average with a Free Quote?

On average, Gabi customers save $961 per year on their auto insurance. We have verified these numbers with the insurance company. These are real average numbers that most customers can expect to see for little to no effort. The process is a few clicks and takes just minutes.

A New Face in an Old Space

Because Gabi is a certified broker, they receive bulk discounts due to the amount of insurance offers they negotiate. This makes them very different from normal insurance comparison sites you are used to. The sites you’ve probably used in the past see you as a lead and sell you to all of the top vendors for a bounty. It’s not a fun process and it’s rather intrusive. Gabi just isn’t like that. They’re out to disrupt the entire insurance industry. Think of them as your Robin Hood from the old tales, they’re a bit richer but they sure do fight for us who are made poor by auto insurance.

Gabi was in 2016 and possessing some $39 million in venture capital funding, Gabi possesses technological capabilities that no other insurance provider has at this time. Their systems and technological stack are top notch. Not only can you rely on them for the security and encryption of your personal data, they can also offer you the best market price on auto and home insurance in real time. Your free quote will be the best offers possible at the very best rates. That’s something they guarantee.