What is the DMV?

Last Updated: July 31, 2023 |
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The DMV is where most things that happen around driving a car are regulated.  It is also known as the Department of Motor Vehicles.  This is the government agency that is in charge of regulating and managing vehicles, driver’s licenses, and registration.  The DMV is known to administer behind-the-wheel testing and permit testing for drivers of motor vehicles.  It is also known for managing cars and the paper trails that go with them.  Vehicle title rights, as well as voter registration, happen at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The DMV is known to be by a different name in many states.  Some states call it the Division of Motor Vehicles while others know it as we define it: the Department of Motor vehicles.  In Alabama, it’s called the Motor Vehicle Division.  In Georgia, it’s regulated by the Department of Driver Services.  Make sure you’re going to the right place with our handy list of managing departments for driving and driver’s licenses in every state.  Wondering what the DMV website is in your state?  You’ll also find a link directly to it below!



Managing Department for Driving
Alabama AL MVD – Alabama Motor Vehicle Divison
Alaska AK DMV – Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles
Arizona AZ MVD – Arizona Motor Vehicle Division
Arkansas AK DMV – Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles
California CA DMV – California Department of Motor Vehicles
Colorado CO DMV – Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles
Connecticut CT DMV – Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
Delaware DE DMV – Deleware Division of Motor Vehicles
Florida FL HSMV – Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Georgia GA DDS – Georgia Department of Driver Services
Hawaii HI DMV – Hawaii Division of Motor Vehicles
Idaho ID DMV – Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles
Illinois IL DSD – Illinois Driver Services Department
Indiana IN BMV – Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Iowa IA MVD – Iowa Motor Vehicle Division
Kansas KS DOV – Kansas Division of Vehicles
Kentucky KY DS & VS – Kentucky Driver Services & Vehicle Services
Louisiana LA OMV – Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles
Maine ME BMV – Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Maryland MD MVA – Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
Massachusetts MA RMV – Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
Michigan MI SOS – Michigan Secretary of State
Minnesota MN DVS – Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services
Mississippi MS DSB – Mississippi Driver Service Bureau
Missouri MO DMV – Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles
Montana MT MVD – Montana Motor Vehicle Division
Nebraska NE DMV – Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
Nevada NV DMV – Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
New Hampshire NH DMV – New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles
New Jersey NJ MVC – New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
New Mexico NM MVD – New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division
New York NY DMV – New York Department of Motor Vehicles
North Carolina NC DMV – North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
North Dakota ND DoT – North Dakota Department of Transportation
Ohio OH BMV – Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Oklahoma OK DPS – Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
Oregon OR DMV – Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles
Pennsylvania PA DMV – Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles
Rhode Island RI DMV – Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles
South Carolina SC DMV – South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
South Dakota SD DPS – South Dakota Department of Public Safety
Tennessee TN DS – Tennessee Driver Services
Texas TX DMV – Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
Utah UT DMV – Utah Division of Motor Vehicles
Vermont VT DMV – Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
Virginia VA DMV – Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Washington DC WADC DMV – Washington DC Department of Motor Vehicles
Washington DC WA DOL – Washington Department of Licensing
West Virginia WV DMV – West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Wisconsin WI DMV – Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles
Wyoming WY DOT – Wyoming Department of Transportation