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IDriveSafely Defensive Driving - Mobile Phone and Tablet Defensive Driving - Review
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IDriveSafely is one of the oldest online defensive driving schools in the business.  It’s been around since 1998 and has stood the test of time. It has educated millions of happy customers since it was founded.  You can access the full list of courses IDriveSafely offers here. This IDriveSafely Review focuses primarily on defensive driving.  I Drive Safely really shines as one of the top defensive driving providers.

Due to its age, IDriveSafely has often been one of the first providers in many of the states where it is accepted.  It is responsible for having lobbied for government legislation which led to the approval of the online drivers education and defensive driving courses we have come to love.  Along with, this is considered one of online education’s most historic brands.

Price:  ★★★★★
Tech: ★★★★★

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Is IDriveSafely DMV Approved?

If you’ve arrived on this page, you may be asking, “Is IDriveSafely DMV Approved in my state?”  The answer is: probably. I Drive Safely has more courses than any other online defensive driving and ticket dismissal provider.  If it’s not approved and offered on, it’s likely not available at all. IDriveSafely Defensive Driving DMV approvals include:

  • Alabama Defensive Driving - $28.00
  • California Defensive Driving - $24.95 - $19.95
  • Colorado Traffic School - $27.95
  • Delaware Defensive Driving - $11.95
  • Florida 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course - $5.94
  • Florida 8 hour Intermediate Driver Improvement Course - $55.00 (DDS, ADV, DDC)
  • Florida 12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course - $63.00
  • Idaho Traffic School - $14.50
  • Kansas Defensive Driving - $19.95
  • Louisiana Defensive Driving - $29.95
  • Michigan Driver Improvement  -$29.95
  • Missouri Driver improvement - $19.95
  • Nevada Traffic School - $13.95
  • New Jersey Defensive Driving - $24.90
  • New York Defensive Driving - $24.95
  • North Carolina 4 Hour Defensive Driving - $50.00
  • North Carolina 8 Hour Defensive Driving - $60.00
  • North Dakota Defensive Driving - $24.95
  • Ohio Defensive Driving - $38.00
  • Oklahoma Defensive Driving -$24.95
  • Oregon Traffic School  - $39.95
  • South Carolina Defensive Driving - $35.00
  • Tennessee Traffic School - $39.00
  • Texas Defensive Driving - $25.00
  • Texas Seat Belt Course - $35.00
  • Washington Level 1 Defensive Driving - $47.95
  • Washington Level 2 Defensive Driving - $47.95
  • Washington Voluntary Defensive Driving - $39.95

Note: Arizona used to be approved with IDriveSafely but is no longer available.  For a list of approved providers in Arizona who also provide a top level of service, click here.

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    IDriveSafely Reputation

    The website has a terrific reputation no matter where you look.  They are well liked on facebook and have a good social presence with followers on Instagram and LinkedIn.  The company has an A+ rating with the BBB. If you’re looking for customers, this one historically has millions.  IDriveSafely trust pilot reviews show the company has a lot to be proud of. You can trust IDriveSafely to handle your defensive driving experience with class.

    Free Trial of Courses

    Most IDriveSafely courses allow you try the first few chapters without paying.  This can be a double edged sword. If you choose you don’t want to continue your free trial, you will not be allowed to save your work.  We recommend paying for IDriveSafely from the beginning. It’s just easier!

    IDriveSafely Defensive Driving - Mobile Phone and Tablet Defensive Driving - Review

    Customer Service

    IDriveSafely is known for having a capable customer service team.  They’ll take care of you during what can be a confusing process. Call or live chat with the team should things go astray and you need assistance.  They’re US based and available 24 hours a day and never close.

    IDriveSafely Money Back Guarantee

    More than 5 million drivers have trusted the course.  Should you need more reassurance, the IDriveSafely Money Back Guarantee ensures that you get your money back if you don’t complete the final (as long as it’s within the 2 year course time period).

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