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Arizona Defensive Driving

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Getting your ticket dismissed requires Arizona traffic school. There are two types of traffic school courses in Arizona: Defensive Driving and Traffic Survival School. When you get a moving violation, you can use this course to keep the points off your driver’s license.

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If you get a minor violation, you can use online defensive driving in Arizona to keep the ticket off your driving record. This course will help you keep your record clean and your insurance rates from going up.

Getting eight or more points in any 12-month period could make it a required course. Arizona traffic school could keep you from getting your license suspended.

Some of the types of violations requiring you to complete traffic survival school include:

In these cases, Arizona traffic school will become required.

Along with traffic survival school, you can also take online defensive driving in Arizona. When you receive a minor traffic citation, you’ll need to use defensive driving to get the ticket dismissed.

Traffic Survival School vs. Defensive Driving in Arizona

When you need to get a traffic ticket dismissed or you get in trouble for a major violation, you might need to take defensive driving or traffic survival school online. These two courses are different and used for different reasons.

Traffic Survival School is the mandated choice of the courts. When you get in trouble for a major traffic violation, you will probably have to complete this course. It’s used to give you an option to keep your license from getting suspended and for other reasons.

Defensive driving, on the other hand, is used for dismissing a minor traffic ticket. This course is the most common and offered in both the classroom and online.

If you receive a corrective action letter from the MVD, you will need to complete Traffic Survival School. Typically, the defensive driving course is voluntary but will allow you to keep points off your license from a current ticket.

Both courses are available online now. You can take the Traffic Survival course through Zoom by attending virtual classes. With defensive driving, you can work at your own pace. The Traffic Survival School course has to be done on the schedule set for you as you will meet online for this course.

Defensive driving is much cheaper than Traffic Survival School, as well. Taking the TSS course will cost well over $100. However, defensive driving in Arizona will only cost between $30 and $40.

Eligibility for Arizona Traffic School Courses

Traffic Survival School will be mandated, which means there is no true eligibility requirement. This specific course will not be voluntary. You’ll be required by the court to complete it by the date on the letter.

If you want to use defensive driving to remove one traffic violation from your record, you will need to meet the following requirements:

If you’re eligible, you’ll need to complete the defensive driving course at least seven days before your court date. Once you’ve completed the course, the citation will be dismissed and you won’t have any points added to your driver’s license. This will ensure your insurance rates don’t go up.

Using Traffic School in Arizona for an Insurance Discount

You can voluntarily take the defensive driving course online for an insurance discount. If you choose this option, you can still use the course to dismiss a citation. Make sure you check with your insurance agent to find out what type of discount you’ll receive.

Even if you have teenage drivers in your family, you can use an online Arizona traffic school for a discount. It can also help make your teenage drivers safer by teaching them traffic laws and defensive driving techniques.

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3 Benefits of Online Arizona Defensive Driving

1. Available 24/7

Choosing an online version of Arizona traffic school means you gain access to the materials 24/7. You can work on the course whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s a self-paced option allowing you to work at night, in the morning, or any other time of day.

2. Work at Your Pace

The pace you choose for your defensive driving course is up to you. With an in-person option, you will have to complete the course all in one sitting. The online version allows you to split it up however you want. Work at your own pace and complete the course in smaller pieces or all at once.

3. Use Any Device You Want

Online traffic schools in Arizona will allow you to work on any device with a connection to the internet. You can work from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s even possible to start and stop as you please and the program will keep your place.

The Main Benefits of Taking Defensive Driving in Arizona

While there are many benefits to attending traffic school in Arizona, the main benefit is becoming a safer driver. Yes, keeping the traffic violation off your record is important. Getting an insurance discount is nice, too. Both will save you money, but the main benefit of defensive driving can save you even more.

The biggest benefit will be the new driving techniques you gain. The knowledge and driving tips you receive can make you a safer driver. As a safer driver, you can avoid future tickets and accidents. Both can save you plenty of cash in the future.

You may not even realize you stayed out of an accident. It’s even possible you won’t realize you’re driving safer. However, after going many years without a ticket or an accident, you might notice a difference. You’ll likely pay less for insurance and you won’t need to pay for a traffic accident or ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arizona Traffic School

How long is Arizona traffic school?

If you take the defensive driving course, the state requires the class to be four hours long. It doesn’t matter if you take the in-person or the online defensive driving course in Arizona, it will be four hours long.

Those mandated to take the Traffic Survival School course will be in for an eight-hour course. This course is required by the DMV in some circumstances.

When will I need to complete Arizona Traffic School by?

The defensive driving course and the Traffic Survival School options both will come with completion dates. If you’re taking Traffic Survival School, your corrective action letter will tell you the date you need to complete the course by.

Will I need to pass a final exam?

You will not need to take a final exam with an online Arizona traffic school. However, there will be quizzes throughout the course you’ll need to pass. If you don’t pass these quizzes, you can retake them until you do.

How often can I use Arizona defensive driving to remove a ticket from your driving record?

You’re allowed to use Arizona traffic school once every 12 months to dismiss a ticket. If you have taken the course in the past 12 months, you won’t be eligible to use it again.

Is the online course the same as the in-person course?

When you attend Arizona traffic school, the materials of the course will be the same as the in-person option. It doesn’t matter which way you go, the material you will cover will be the same. However, it may be presented in a different way. Most online traffic school courses are more entertaining and easier to complete.

How big of an insurance discount will I receive?

The insurance discount you can get for attending Arizona traffic school depends on your provider. It’s always a good idea to contact your agent before voluntarily taking the course. They can let you know what type of discount to expect.

Will I need to contact the court?

Before you attend Arizona traffic school, you don’t need to contact the course. The defensive driving course provider will handle it for you. They will notify the court that you have registered and again when you finish the course.

However, if you need to take the Traffic Survival School course, you will receive correspondence from the court.

Arizona traffic school will help you get the right course for your specific needs. Whether you need to take defensive driving or Traffic survival school, you can do it online. Make sure you choose the right course for your specific needs before you sign up.

With the many benefits of taking your course online, you’ll be able to get your ticket dismissed. If you need to take the Traffic survival school course, it will keep you from getting your license suspended. Register with one of the online providers and start today.

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