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Did you recently get a traffic ticket in Texas? Have you been told you can take Texas defensive driving to get the ticket dismissed? If this is the case, you have several choices to consider when it comes to your Texas defensive driving course.

Online Defensive Driving Course for $25.00

Our course helps you learn quickly and easily, using state-specific questions and easy-to-understand answers.

  • Dismiss your ticket online, on your schedule
  • Upgrade and print your certificate from home
  • Approved by all Texas courts

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Are you Eligible for Texas Defensive Driving?

Before you pay for a course and start taking it, make sure you’re eligible to use a Texas defensive driving course to dismiss your traffic ticket. Most minor citations will allow you to use a defensive driving course in Texas to dismiss the ticket. However, you cannot dismiss a ticket with a Texas defensive driving course for the following:

These types of tickets will not allow you to use a defensive driving course to remove them from your driving record.

If you meet the following conditions, you can take a defensive driving course in Texas to remove your ticket:

As long as you meet these requirements, you can choose one of the many online defensive driving courses offered in Texas to get your ticket dismissed.

Top Options for an Online Texas Defensive Driving Course

There are several choices to consider when it comes to taking your defensive driving course online. You can choose from multiple approved providers at different price points. Let’s look at a few of the top options and what they offer.

Note: All of the following courses are TDLR Approved and will work to dismiss a traffic violation in the state of Texas.


The shortest course allowed for Texas defensive driving; DefensiveDrivingCourse.com comes in at a cost of $25. There is no final exam and it has an option for a 100% video course. The course is designed to be entertaining, easy, and educational all at the same time.

While there won’t be a final exam, you will have to pass quizzes throughout the course. However, if you fail a quiz, you can simply retake it. Upgrade to instant certificate of completion and you can print your certificate from home.


Known as the most trusted source for online defensive driving courses in Texas, DefensiveDriving.com has been around since 2000. They offer the lowest price possible at $25 for the course and guarantee you will get your ticket dismissed.

With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, you can’t go wrong with the leader in defensive driving courses in Texas. Enjoy a 100% online course with instant delivery for your certificate of completion. You can even take the course on your mobile device.

With the DefensiveDriving.com course, you get the choice between video and text. There are no time restrictions and you can work at the pace you like best.

I Drive Safely

I Drive Safely offers a Texas traffic ticket dismissal course and an insurance discount course. They also offer a Texas seat belt safety course for $35 and an option for a defensive driving course with a copy of your driving record for $45.

When you need to dismiss a traffic violation the Texas online defensive driving course from, I Drive Safely will provide just what you need. It’s the right course and is offered in both text and video formats.

The Texas seat belt violation course will help you if you have received a citation for not wearing your seatbelt. This six-hour course allows you to work at your own pace on any device with an internet connection.


The six-hour defensive driving course from Aceable is a great option for removing a ticket in Texas. It’s $25 for the course and it will offer the fastest completion certificate in Texas.

Aceable allows you to take the entire course from an app, which makes it very simple. They even offer a free month of Allstate Roadside Services with the course.

The Texas defensive driving course from Aceable allows you to swipe through bite-sized amounts of content and stop whenever you’d like. You can switch from one device to another without losing your progress, too.


Another more entertaining option, MyImprov offers defensive driving courses for Texas for a cost of $25. This course can be taken online and comes with all kinds of extras including four tickets to IMPROV Comedy Club, Concierge customer service, printable cheat sheets for the final exam, and more. They even offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

The final quiz is just 20 questions. They also deliver your certificate within 30 minutes and provide the lowest price allowed by the state.

Traditional Texas Defensive Driving Courses

Before the internet, you didn’t have a choice. When you wanted to dismiss a ticket, you had to go sit in a classroom with strangers and take a defensive driving course. Depending on the options in your area, this could take up an entire Saturday afternoon or several weeknights.

For most people, sitting in a classroom is boring and not something you really want to do. This option might fit for a few drivers, but it can infringe on your schedule or even cause you to miss work.

The traditional option for taking a defensive driving course in Texas is no longer the only choice. Many companies offer online defensive driving courses approved by the State of Texas and the local courts throughout the state.

Choosing the Right Texas Defensive Driving Course

There is no one right choice for drivers. All of the courses listed above will help you achieve the same end results. Some deliver the certificate of completion faster, while others offer more entertaining courses. They are all the same cost (for the most part) and will provide an easier way to dismiss your traffic ticket.

If you prefer a little bit of comedy with your learning, maybe one of the comedy courses is for you. However, if you want to go with the most trusted option, DefensiveDriving.com might offer the right choice for you.

Before you decide on the right Texas defensive driving course for your needs, read some of the customer reviews online. All of these options have good ratings, but you might pick up on something from a past student that you really like or don’t care for with one of the courses.

You will be spending six hours taking any Texas defensive driving course, so it’s best to choose an option you feel comfortable with. If you plan to take the course on your mobile device, consider choosing a provider with this option. You might also want to make sure you can start and stop without losing your place.

FAQs About Texas Defensive Driving Courses Online

It can also be helpful to look at some of the common questions and the answers before choosing the right course for you. Here are some of the top questions asked about Texas defensive driving courses and the answers you seek.

Which Texas defensive driving course is approved by Texas?

Many options are approved by the state of Texas including all the choices mentioned on this page.

Here is the complete list.

How long is the Texas defensive driving course?

The state of Texas requires a minimum course length of six hours. Most of the courses above actually provide five hours of materials with one hour of breaks, which meets the requirements of the state of Texas.

Will online defensive driving courses dismiss my ticket in Texas?

Yes. For most minor citations, you can dismiss your traffic violation with a defensive driving course online in Texas. However, if you were speeding at 25 MPH or more over the posted limit, driving without insurance, or received another major violation, no defensive driving course will dismiss your ticket.

How often can I take a defensive driving course in Texas?

Technically, you can take the course as often as you would like. However, Texas defensive driving courses can only be used to dismiss one ticket in any 12-month period.

Will defensive driving in Texas take away points?

Yes. When you successfully complete an online defensive driving course approved by the state of Texas, it will eliminate any points received from your moving violation.

Will defensive driving impact my insurance rates?

Depending on the insurance company you use, you may enjoy up to a 10% discount by completing a defensive driving course in Texas. If you received a traffic ticket, using defensive driving to remove the ticket will also keep your rates from going up.

Which Texas defensive driving course is the best choice?

There are several great choices. Here are the top five based on online customer reviews and research.

  1. DefensiveDrivingCourse.com
  2. DefensiveDriving.com
  3. I Drive Safely
  4. Aceable
  5. MyImprov

Which Texas defensive driving course is the fastest option?

There isn’t one course that you will finish faster than the other. They are all going to hit the state minimum of 6 hours long. However, many students have noted that the Aceable course seems fast and was one of the easiest to take.

How long will points stay on my Texas driver’s license?

If you don’t take a Texas defensive driving course to remove points, they will remain on your license for three years. You will receive either two or three points for your traffic violation.

How many tickets can you get in Texas before your license gets suspended?

After getting four violations or a total of 8 or more points on your license in Texas, you will face a suspension of up to one year. If you end up with seven or more violations, the suspension can be up to two years.

Texas defensive driving courses allow you to avoid license suspension by removing the points from your most recent ticket. If you haven’t used this option in the past 12 months, you can use an online defensive driving course to keep your license from getting suspended.

Texas Defensive Driving Course for Ticket Dismissal

The main reason any driver in Texas chooses one of the options above for an online defensive driving course is ticket dismissal. By logging in and completing one of the Texas defensive driving courses, you can remove points, avoid license suspension, and dismiss a traffic violation in Texas.

When you need a Texas defensive driving course for ticket dismissal, you can choose from the options listed above. They all have the same price (the lowest allowed by the state) and they all meet the legal requirements no matter where you live in Texas.

If you’ve recently received a minor traffic violation for any reason, use one of the Texas defensive driving courses above to avoid sitting in a classroom with strangers to get your ticket dismissed. You don’t have to give up an entire Saturday afternoon or go to a classroom multiple times during the week. Just choose an online course, log in, work at your pace, and complete the course on your schedule.

Whether you choose DefensiveDrivingCourse.com, DefensiveDriving.com, I Drive Safely, or one of the other top options, you’ll be able to get your ticket dismissed. Texas defensive driving courses are perfect for ticket dismissal, insurance discounts, and for brushing up on your driving skills.