Texas Defensive Driving

by Brandon Myers | Last Updated: January 13, 2021

Drivers in Texas can benefit from enrolling in a driving safety course, commonly known as defensive driving courses. These courses enable drivers to learn more about driving safely in Texas and may offer eligibility for dismissing a traffic ticket or saving on car insurance premiums.

Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Texas

If you happen to get a traffic ticket in Texas, defensive driving can help you out.  In most cases, Texas drivers can have their tickets dismissed by completing a state-approved defensive driving course.  It can even be done online.  Check out these top 10 defensive driving providers.  Every court in the state approves all.  There’s nothing better than an online defensive driving course.  It allows you to avoid a hefty penalty without leaving the confines of your home.  We think that’s a pretty sweet deal.

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Defensive Driving Courses in Texas

Texas drivers who have been charged with a traffic offense may be eligible to have the citation dismissed by completing a driving safety course. Courses are also available for motorcycle operators, known as the motorcycle operator training course. Drivers who were charged with transporting a child who is not secured properly may take the child safety seat system instruction course as well.

By taking one of these courses, Texas drivers charged with a traffic offense can typically have the ticket dismissed. The violation will not be added to your driving record, and your insurance rates will not be affected.

Texas Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Most Texas drivers faced with a traffic citation will be able to dismiss their ticket by completing a driver safety course or motorcycle operator training. There are, however, several exceptions that can make a driver ineligible for the right to complete a driving safety course. It’s always good to check with the Texas DMV. Offenses and drivers who are ineligible include:

Before enrolling in a defensive driving safety course, you must verify your eligibility and request permission from the court to take the course. This is the only way to ensure that you will be able to dismiss your traffic ticket successfully.

Texas Traffic Ticket Dismissal with Defensive Driving

Texas drivers can enroll in a defensive driving safety course by requesting training course dismissal with the court. You will be required to enter a plea of guilty or no contest on or before the appearance date on your citation. You must request your right to dismissal before your arraignment setting, or you will lose the right to elect it later. You can request to take a driver safety course in person at the court, by mail, or online. You will be required to wait at least 10 days after your citation is issued. A court fee is required and is in addition to the cost of the course. You will also be required to pay to have your driving record sent to the court along with your certificate of course completion and driving safety course affidavit.

It’s important to note that you waive the right to a trial by jury if you dismiss your ticket with a driving safety course. If you go to trial for your ticket and lose, you will not be able to elect to dismiss the ticket with a driving safety course. (Of course, if you go to trial and win, you will not need to take a defensive driving safety course for dismissal.) It may be more financially prudent for some drivers to simply dismiss the citation with defensive driving than it is to plead not guilty and pursue a trial.

Drivers eligible for dismissal with a driving safety course approved by the court will be given 90 days to complete the course. Before this deadline, you must present a certificate of course completion, your driving record, and a driving safety course affidavit to the court. With this complete, your violation will be dismissed.

If you fail to complete the course or do not comply with the dismissal requirements, you will be notified to appear and show cause for not submitting the evidence to the court in time. If you do not appear or show cause, your ticket will not be dismissed. If you show good cause, the court may extend the amount of time you have to present the required documents.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in Texas

Drivers who take a defensive driving safety course will learn important lessons in driving safety, laws and driving performance. The course is six hours long and may be offered in a single day or multiple sessions. Texas defensive driving courses are designed to make you a safer, more prepared, and responsible driver. The curriculum in Texas driving safety courses includes:

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in Texas

While many drivers take a defensive driving safety course to dismiss a ticket, that’s not the only reason why you might want to enroll in a defensive driving course. Texas defensive driving courses teach important safety lessons and driving skills that can help you prevent accidents and may even save your life. If you enroll in a defensive driving safety course voluntarily, you may be eligible for a discount on your car insurance premiums.

Texas Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies in Texas will provide drivers with a discount on liability insurance premiums between 1-10% for three years. The defensive driving course is six hours long and includes essential driver safety and defensive driving information.

Defensive Driving TX -Insurance Discount Eligibility

In Texas, drivers of all ages are eligible to complete a defensive driving safety course for insurance discounts. Your discount will apply for three years from the submission of proof of course completion. After three years, drivers are eligible to retake the course and extend the discount for another three years. Note, however, that discounts are exclusively at the discretion of the individual insurance company. It’s important to verify the availability and eligibility of defensive driving insurance discounts with your insurance company before enrolling in or completing a driving safety course.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in Texas

In Texas, voluntary defensive driving courses are offered alongside defensive driving safety courses for traffic violations. You will learn the same curriculum as those with traffic citations. These courses include instruction in:

Enroll in a Texas Defensive Driving Safety Course

Sign up for a defensive driving course in Texas today. In our directory, you’ll be able to find the right school for your needs.


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