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North Carolina Defensive Driving

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North Carolina drivers can take advantage of driver improvement clinics and defensive driving courses for several benefits. Most often, North Carolina drivers enroll in defensive driving courses for traffic ticket dismissal, removal of points on a driving record, insurance discounts, and personal driving improvement.

Defensive Driving Courses in North Carolina

North Carolina drivers charged with a traffic violation may be able to have the ticket dismissed by completing a defensive driving school course. The course is optional for most drivers; however, it is mandatory for drivers ages 18 and younger. Courses are available to most drivers; however, some exceptions may apply.

With a defensive driving course, North Carolina drivers charged with a traffic violation will generally be able to have their ticket dismissed, provided they meet all of the requirements. With a dismissal, the traffic violation will not affect your insurance rates or your driving record.

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(Check Eligibility With Local Court)

North Carolina Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Most North Carolina drivers will be eligible to have a traffic violation dismissed with completing a driver safety program. There are exceptions, and each exception is unique to the court handling your case. In general, drivers who are ineligible to complete the course may include:

Prior to enrolling in a defensive driving course, you should verify your eligibility and obtain permission to take the course from the court. Without permission or eligibility, you may not be able to dismiss your traffic ticket successfully.

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North Carolina Traffic Ticket Dismissal and Points Reduction with Defensive Driving

North Carolina Drivers who are eligible for ticket dismissal with defensive driving education should request dismissal from the court. You will be required to pay court fees and fines, as well as a fee to enroll in the course. If you are approved to complete the course, you will be given a deadline and required to enroll, complete the course, and submit a certificate of completion before the deadline to have your violation dismissed.

In addition to ticket dismissal, North Carolina drivers may reduce driver’s license points by enrolling in a defensive driving course. In some cases, drivers who have accumulated too many points will be assigned to a driver improvement clinic. If you enroll in defensive driving and complete the course with satisfaction, you will have three points deducted from your driving record. Drivers are able to attend a driver improvement clinic once every five years to reduce driver’s license points. To receive credit for your points, you must qualify and have a conference with a driver’s license hearing officer. Contact the North Carolina Department of Transportation to arrange for your conference.

If you do not complete your defensive driving course, you will not receive the benefits of completion. Your ticket will not be dismissed, and it will be added to your driving record. As a result, your insurance premiums may rise, and you may have points added to your driver’s license. If you are completing the defensive driving course for points reduction but fail to finish the course, you will not receive a reduction in driver’s license points. Remember that it is essential to send your certificate of completion to the court or Department of Transportation to ensure that you receive credit for completing the course.

Defensive Driving Courses Available in North Carolina

North Carolina’s defensive driving courses offer live-saving instruction in driver attitudes and behaviors, driver safety, North Carolina traffic laws, and defensive driving. Most courses are four hours long; however, some more serious offenses will require an eight-hour course. The courses are typically offered in single or multiple sessions and can be taken online or in a classroom. North Carolina’s defensive driving curriculum typically includes:

Defensive Driving for Car Insurance Discounts in North Carolina

North Carolina drivers often enroll in defensive driving courses for ticket dismissal and points reduction. Still, defensive driving courses are also useful for personal driving improvement and a reduction in insurance premiums. Most insurance companies in North Carolina will offer a discount for safe drivers who have voluntarily completed a defensive driving course.

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North Carolina Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

OftNorth Carolina insurance companieslina wofferfers safe drivers a discount on auto insurance premiums for up to 10%. This discount typically lasts for three years, after which the driver can renew by enrolling in another defensive driving course.

North Carolina Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Eligibility

North Carolina drivers of all ages are eligible to complete defensive driving courses and receive an auto insurance discount. However, keep in mind that many insurance companies only offer defensive driving course discounts to elderly or teen drivers. Additionally, your level of discount will depend on the individual insurance company. It’s essential that you contact your insurance company to verify eligibility and the amount of discount available before enrolling in a defensive driving course for an insurance rate reduction.

Insurance Defensive Driving Courses Available in North Carolina

North Carolina defensive driving courses for insurance discounts are available alongside defensive driving courses for traffic violators. This curriculum includes the same safety information that those with traffic citations learn. Defensive driving courses in North Carolina typically include:

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Enroll in a North Carolina Defensive Driving Safety Course

Start your defensive driving course in North Carolina today. Please choose a course from our directory of traffic schools to find the right one for your needs.


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