Top 5 Wisconsin Failure to Yield Courses Online

Best Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course Online

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Did you receive a moving violation of Wisconsin Act 173?  Don’t worry! Failure to Yield Violations in the state of Wisconsin are quite common.  Statute 346.18 addresses this violation. You are now required to take a 2 hour Failure to Yield Course.  In the year 2020, this Failure to Yield Course can be completed online. There’s no need to leave the comfort of your own home.  You can even complete the course on your mobile device! Here are our Top 5 Wisconsin Failure to Yield Courses and their prices!

The IDriveSafely course is more expensive than the rest.  As they say though, you get what you pay for. is known to have top notch customer service that is US based.  With some of the other providers on this list it is not clear if that is the case. The price is what get’s ¾ of the providers on the list here. is the brand to go with if you don’t want a hassle and you want things done easily. It’s worth the extra cost.


GoToTrafficSchool has a long history in the space and is a serviceable provider.  It doesn’t have quite the reputation that an IDriveSafely has, but it’s close. The price on this one is significantly less than IDriveSafely.  If you want to save some money, go with this one. Just don’t expect the same experience that the premium price and course will provide above.

Cheap Traffic School

Cheap Traffic School has been around since 1996.  It is one of the older online drivers education experiences. This one isn’t as technologically advanced as listing 1 or 2 on here, but they still work.  You can dismiss your ticket in 2 hours and for an affordable price. We haven’t heard too many things about this one other that the fact it’s outdated.

TooCool Traffic School

Too Cool Traffic School is an affordable and technologically limited option.  If you don’t care about bells and whistles and are into watching paint dry, this course will give you the same feeling.  This one is bland but will dismiss your ticket as all of the rest will on this list.

1AAA All American Driver Training

All American Driver Training operates a brick and mortar storefront location in Wisconsin.  Online courses aren’t their forte. We think this course may be somewhat outsourced. While this one is cheap, that’s the best thing we can say about the experience.  This one is outdated. Again, it is still certified by the state. This course will dismiss your ticket and thus makes our top 5 Wisonconsin Failure to Yield Online Courses.

Thanks for reading and drive safely out there!

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