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New Mexico drivers are among the worst in America. In a ranking of all 50 states, New Mexico was ranked 44th for state safety, with the report highlighting driving safety as a major negative factor.

New Mexico drivers are often seen running red lights, cutting corners too close, and turning from the wrong lanes. Deadly crashes, DWI violations, and pedestrian fatalities are also a problem throughout the state of New Mexico and in Albuquerque.

While it can be dangerous to drive in Albuquerque, drivers new and experienced can get an advantage on the road with a defensive driving course. Enrolling in an Albuquerque defensive driving or driver improvement course is a great way to learn defensive driving skills, improve driving ability, and reduce the risk of death or injury from an accident.

In an Albuquerque defensive driving course, students will learn about DWI, defensive driving, and driver improvement. This can be used to dismiss tickets, avoid accidents, and even get a discount on auto insurance.

In our list of Albuquerque's 10 best defensive driving schools, you'll find experienced, trusted schools that can teach you potentially life saving skills for New Mexico's roads. They offer the highest quality of driver education in the area.

Our list of Albuquerque's best defensive driving schools is not ranked, as they all offer excellent driving education. But we'd like to know which one you think is the best. Please vote in our poll at the end of this article to tell us which Albuquerque defensive driving school is your pick for the best. Don't wait, though: the poll will close in 30 days!

McGinnis School of Driving 
2745 San Mateo Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 
(505) 881-6466

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McGinnis School of Driving was founded in 1964 as a family business. Now more than 50 years later, McGinnis School of Driving is still family owned and operated with three generations of the McGinnis family. With extensive education and expertise, McGinnis School of Driving offers a high level of quality in driving education. This school is proud to be the oldest, largest, and finest driving school in the Albuquerque area, and takes pride in removing the anxiety from driver's education with certified and trained instructors.

Best Price Driving School 
Albuquerque, NM 
(505) 990-2575

Save money while getting a superior driver education with Best Price Driving School. This school is licensed by the New Mexico Traffic Safety Bureau. They offer an excellent driver education program for new drivers and experienced drivers alike. Best Price Driving School produces students with dynamic multi media curriculum and highly competent instructors. New driver classes are available, as are DWI, driver improvement, and aggressive driving courses. Instructors with Best Price Driving School have a combined 105 years of teaching, counseling, and administration experience.

Turner's School of Driving 
3750 Juan Tabo Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 
(505) 291-8368

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Since 1995, Turner's School of Driving has served the Albuquerque area as a family owned and operated driving education business. The school is certified, bonded, and insured with the State of New Mexico, as are all of their instructors. Turner's School of Driving has a kind, patient, and experienced team available to support every student, and they demonstrate a passion for training safe, responsible drivers. A full time staff is available Monday through Saturday. Turner's School of Driving offers a driver education program, private driving lessons, MVD exams, and driver improvement programs.

Coach Al's Driving School 
1776 Montano Rd NW Albuquerque, NM 87107 
(505) 771-8334

Coach Al's Driving School is committed to building a community of safe drivers. Owned and operated by Coach Al Guadagnoli, the primary instructor has 26 years of experience coaching athletics in public and private schools as well as 14 years as a property and casualty insurance agent. Today, he is a New Mexico State Traffic Safety Bureau driving instructor, defensive driving specialist, National Safety Council certified instructor, and manager of driver's education curriculum for several high schools. Coach Al offers education for new drivers as well as a driving safety course. Two locations are available in the Albuquerque area including Unser Racing Museum and Bernalillo High School.

Premier School of Driving 
333 Montano Rd NW Ste D Albuquerque, NM 87107 
(505) 503-8468

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Premier School of Driving has a great reputation, and that's no accident. The school's number one goal is safety, and they take the privilege of obtaining a driver's license seriously. Premier School of Driving is committed to helping students develop good driving habits with excellent training and experience. They are working to reduce teen traffic death statistics one students at a time and work with students, parents, and guardians to give teens practice and real life experience in driving before hitting the road independently. Classroom training and behind the wheel training are part of Premier School of Driving's curriculum.

Duke City Driver Education 
7120 Wyoming Blvd NE Ste 3A Albuquerque, NM 87109 
(505) 821-0900

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Duke City Driver Education offers teen and adult driver education with quality, integrity, and excellence. They have built their reputation on family and safety first. Starting with safety and quality, Duke City Driver Education takes to heart the needs of their students. Instructors with Duke City Driver Education are patient, high quality, licensed, bonded, and insured. They have more than 20 years of instructional experience, and complete annual continuing education to maintain certification. Curriculum includes managing risk, sharing the road, alcohol and drug education, as well as the effects of distractions, drowsiness, and emotions while driving.

Driving to Independence 
1414 W Broadway Rd Tempe, Arizona 
(480) 449-3331

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Specializing in mobility training for individuals with physical and cognitive difficulties with driving, Driving to Independence provides an invaluable service to students who need assistance behind the wheel. They serve individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities as well as medical changes with adaptive driving assessments and training. Programs offered by Driving to Independence include bioptic driving assessments, potential to drive assessments, senior safety evaluations, and comprehensive driver assessments.

TLC Driving School 
Albuquerque 4000 Louisiana NE Ste F corner of Louisiana & Montgomery 
(505) 883-0798

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TLC Driving School has been in operation for more than 22 years and under current ownership for more than 15 years. The school takes pride in offering a high quality driver education experience. It's their goal to make sure students can feel confident in becoming responsible drivers. TLC Driving School emphasizes that driving is a privilege and not a right. TLC offers tender loving care and attention for every student, ensuring that each new or improving driver's needs are met and they leave the school a better, more experienced, and well prepared driver.

Chamisa School of Driving 
812 N Paseo de Onate Espanola, New Mexico 

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Chamisa School of Driving is dedicated to meeting every student's driver education needs. They stive to make every student a safe, responsible, and courteous driver. Safety is their number one goal. Instructors are certified professionals trained to work with different learning styles and needs. Each instructor is also bilingual for convenient instruction in English and Spanish. Chamisa School of Driving's curriculum includes classroom instruction, behind the wheel training, DWI prevention, defensive driving, as well as the written and road tests.

Advanced School of Driving 
3601 Princeton NE Albuquerque, NM 87107 (505) 888-8825 
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Specializing in first time driver training, Advanced School of Driving is an excellent choice. This school's goal is to provide students with the highest quality in driver and safety education, creating safe, defensive, and collision free drivers. They offer classroom study, behind the wheel driving, and state written and driving tests. Online registration and advanced learning are available, as are bilingual education options.

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